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Am I being completely mad to be worried DH isn't home?

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Ber2291 Sat 09-Aug-14 03:30:45

He went out for some after work drinks. He usually has to be forced into going out by me and even at big occasions usually gets the last tube home (he would never dream of paying for a cab). I haven't heard from him since about eight. If I was out I think I'd mention that it was going to be a late one. Im also 39 weeks prgnant and we have other DC (not that that bit matters particularly, but we arent care free Groovy young professionals!). His phone is off of course.

I'm probably being so melodramatic but I honestly can't remember when he last went out this late and it seems a bit odd that these
Drinks would turn into that (with colleagues who he isn't particularly close with). So I have a sinking feeling that something has happened and can't sleep.

Greyhound Sat 09-Aug-14 03:34:06

Oh hope he comes home soon - thoughtless of him not to contact you, but perhaps he thought you would be asleep?

BOFster Sat 09-Aug-14 03:36:57

You'd have heard if there was a problem- he has got a bit pissed, that's all.

Ber2291 Sat 09-Aug-14 03:37:13

Thanks for replying! Yes am sure you're right.I'm not usually a worrier but seems wildly out of character!

Ber2291 Sat 09-Aug-14 03:39:13

Also am slightly annoyed as have told him he always needs to be contactable as doc said at last exam he thinks it's likely the baby will be early (all my others were).

purplishclouds Sat 09-Aug-14 04:09:44

Try and stay calm OP and get some rest . Hopefully he'll come in soon .

Singsongmama Sat 09-Aug-14 04:17:30

Poor you, stress is the very last thing you need. Is he home yet? I'd be worried to but I'm sure he's fine.

LoxleyBarrett Sat 09-Aug-14 04:17:57

I hope he's home soon with a good explanation.

WeAreEternal Sat 09-Aug-14 04:23:11

Do you have the collegues number?
If not I would be trying to contact them via Facebook.

With it being so out of character I don't think you would be at all unreasonable to make attempts to contact him.
I would be doing exactly the same in your position.

mashpot Sat 09-Aug-14 04:53:06

I hate these situations, DH has done this to me a couple of times. He's always just got a bit drunk and crashed out at someone's house with no phone battery.

Naughty of your DH to be out of contact when you're 39 weeks but chances are he's fine and will have some making up to do in the morning! Let us know.

I would also agree about contacting anyone you can to track him down so you can try and find him to be able to get some rest.

wishmynamewasdave Sat 09-Aug-14 04:56:12

I'm sure he'll be home soon. He'll have just got a bit drunk and run out of phone battery.

Make sure you give him the full force of your hormonal rage when he does get back though gringrin

HungryHorace Sat 09-Aug-14 05:01:42

It's not mad. I'd be worried too at 39 weeks' pregnant, especially as it's out of character for him.

I hope he's home how and you have him what for!

Is he home yet?

ftmsoon Sat 09-Aug-14 06:22:50

I hope he is home now and you are both in bed & asleep.

Icelollycraving Sat 09-Aug-14 07:13:18

Hope he's home & is own breakfast duty this morning.

ZenGardener Sat 09-Aug-14 07:30:01

I was going to say crashed at a friend's house with flat battery.

Someone said on MN that no contact is a good sign. If he'd been hurt or in an accident the police would have contacted you by now.

Ber2291 Sat 09-Aug-14 07:30:35

Thanks everyone for messages. Update: in early labour! Still haven't found DH but luckily have some really good friends.

charlietangoteakettlebarbeque Sat 09-Aug-14 07:32:40

Oh my.

I'm glad you have your friends. I hope he comes back safe and sound before you deliver. Good luck.

SolomanDaisy Sat 09-Aug-14 07:32:49

Wow, you are being very calm! I hope your DH is in contact soon and able to be there for the birth.

PossumPoo Sat 09-Aug-14 07:34:25

Oh I hope you find DH soon! I bet after this he's always contactable grin

Good luck with the birth!

Ber2291 Sat 09-Aug-14 07:36:59

At this stage I think fuck him quite frankly. It'll serve him
Right if he does Miss it.

Good luck - if he has passed out drunk somewhere this will be a lesson he never forgets.

Icelollycraving Sat 09-Aug-14 07:37:48

Blimey,you are calm! He will feel awful when he finds out (quite rightly). Good luck!

EmpireBiscuit Sat 09-Aug-14 07:39:45

Good luck with the birth.

mrselizabethdarcy Sat 09-Aug-14 07:39:46

Oh my. Good luck ber2291.

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