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idris Elba, have you seen this pics?

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mumatron Sat 09-Aug-14 00:56:28
FrankSpencer Sat 09-Aug-14 01:00:30

I just licked the screen.

thornrose Sat 09-Aug-14 01:03:16

OOh er shock grin blush wink

mumatron Sat 09-Aug-14 01:04:26

How is that possible?

I mean my Dp is blessed in that dept but Idris is just on another level.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Sat 09-Aug-14 01:06:53

Oh my

Suzannewithaplan Sat 09-Aug-14 01:07:43

(never heard of him though)

valrhona Sat 09-Aug-14 01:09:23

Ummmmm.... Mmmm.

Hand torch??
Mini Telescope??

<Giant willie emoticon>

D0oinMeCleanin Sat 09-Aug-14 01:09:54

It's a sock or summat?

It can't be real, surely?


mumatron Sat 09-Aug-14 01:11:52

You've never heard of Idris Elba??

You poor thing. He is on my 'List'

McFox Sat 09-Aug-14 01:21:04

Just wow. I just looked at this in bed and I talk in my sleep. Should I apologise to my DH in advance? smile

TinyPawz Sat 09-Aug-14 01:21:10

That would certainly bring a tear to your eye. He is perfection personified.

Prelude Sat 09-Aug-14 01:31:45


What's going on with his shoes?

Suzannewithaplan Sat 09-Aug-14 01:32:19

does he work you think?

Username12345 Sat 09-Aug-14 01:34:14

Surely is a crease or something.

AlleyCat11 Sat 09-Aug-14 01:39:38

I think it's a crease too. His willy is on the other side. Although that could just be his balls...

Mandy2003 Sat 09-Aug-14 01:41:29

That sort of exposure shouldn't happen with an expensive suit should it?

Mandy This isn't Style & Beauty grin

IdrisElbaIsMyHusband Sat 09-Aug-14 01:53:48

I saw it earlier,my god he is just gorgeous.

SecretWitch Sat 09-Aug-14 01:53:53

Why is he wearing flip flops with that expensive suit?

GroupieGirl Sat 09-Aug-14 02:06:02

This is the second time in five minutes that MN has given me 'Idris' and 'list' in the same thread.

Solo Sat 09-Aug-14 02:30:03

That last picture does not look like a penis...and how on earth would it stay erect for so long without some sort of stimulation? and wouldn't somebody mention it to him? "Ahem, erm, excuse me Mr Elba, but do we have a trouser malfunction or do you need a little alone time?"
I would say..."Can I help you sort out your trouser malfunction Mr Elba?! pleeeeaaase" grin

Floop Sat 09-Aug-14 03:34:44

Thats absolutely something cylindrical in his pocket, sorry ladies.

Picture seven shows his massive penis as something in his pocket, and his real bulge nice and tight where it is supposed to be.

Strokethefurrywall Sat 09-Aug-14 03:50:43

He makes that suit look goooood..... (Licks lips)

Icelollycraving Sat 09-Aug-14 07:32:49

That's something in his pocket!

CheeseBored Sat 09-Aug-14 07:39:22

sadly it looks like it might a be lighter in his right pocket

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