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friday night drinking thread!

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evening all is anyone joining me in a drink (or ten!) I know I'm early I just can't wait to get drinking! cheers!!wine

Skivvywoman Fri 08-Aug-14 19:03:01

Yip I will be shortly I'm lying on sofa relaxing before I crack the wine open wink

Sparklingbrook Fri 08-Aug-14 19:03:07

Hello. Had a bit of an up and down kind of day. Cheers!

oh no sparkling things can only get better! wine

enjoy skivvy cheers!

just noticed I do rather over use the exclamation mark sorry about me grin

Sparklingbrook Fri 08-Aug-14 19:09:15

That's ok!!!!! grin

MrsDavidBowie Fri 08-Aug-14 19:11:52

Having a v and t ( complimentary) in first class on train. Lovely

Sparklingbrook Fri 08-Aug-14 19:12:54

Sounds very civilised MrsDB where are you off to?

Ooh very posh mrs Bowie grin

MrsDavidBowie Fri 08-Aug-14 19:13:47

Sadly home after a couple of days away with friend. Free meal too

Sparklingbrook Fri 08-Aug-14 19:14:34

We need to know about the meal now. grin

JammyDodger1 Fri 08-Aug-14 19:14:56

<runs in>

hello, hello, been a crap week, but wine open half way down tbh
Is it thunder and lightening with you?

poorbuthappy Fri 08-Aug-14 19:17:40

Hello all!
Back from hold yesterday doing the ironing, started at 4.30. Finished at 7.
Started 2nd bottle (ahem with dh helping) and of course it's all French and cheap so doesn't count.
Work Monday but until then it's still hols!!!!

MeganChips Fri 08-Aug-14 19:18:53

I have opened the wine, am about to make green chilli.

Later, I will listen to music and possibly jump DH as I have tomorrow's lie in grin I am that easy to please.

JammyDodger1 Fri 08-Aug-14 19:24:40

Poor is it in bottles? I remember going to France and filling up 5 litre plastic containers with what was like a petrol pump, for about 20p a litre!!

poorbuthappy Fri 08-Aug-14 19:29:21

Yes bottles.
I have standards. ������

Wolfiefan Fri 08-Aug-14 19:29:57

Help me make a critical decision....
Whole jug of Pimms or open wine????

ThursdayLast Fri 08-Aug-14 19:32:03


ThursdayLast Fri 08-Aug-14 19:32:14

Hello btw

JammyDodger1 Fri 08-Aug-14 19:33:17

Pimms!!!! then wine

<no standards here either> grin

Yummy pimms I love pimms can I come round?

ThursdayLast Fri 08-Aug-14 19:35:30

Yes, jammy the dilemma is not which?
But which FIRST?

Alice! Alice where the f is Alice!?

ThursdayLast Fri 08-Aug-14 19:36:22

I have an enormous spot right on my lip and I have to go to a wedding tomorrow. I'm in my 30s FFS. It's not faaaaiiiirrr

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