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I stood up to a drunk man on the train and it was awesome!

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QueenBean Thu 07-Aug-14 00:37:06

Now firstly, I was not in any danger, drunk or any kind of antagonistic issue to anyone else.

I got on the train home, and then guard announced "welcome....". The guy sitting next to me (across the aisle) said "ok... suck me off... fucking suck me hard..." and all manor of swearing, horrible, unnecessary things to the guard's announcement.

There was a pre-teen boy with his parents in front so I leaned across and said "watch your mouth, there are children around". He said "I don't fucking care what you think or what you're saying" (to which the whole carriage was quiet about). So we repeated that convo and then finally he said "could I repeat it nicely?" To which I said "could you please be quiet, there are children around and it isn't nice to swear in front of them". So he said "ooh, check you out, speaking out on behalf of everyone" (Cue an absolutely silent carriage) "well I don't think anyone actually cares what I say", and I said "actually I think if you asked anyone they would care and would want you to keep it down". Then there was a second of silence, and we glared at each other, and then one by one, about 10 people piped up and said "actually I care!", "yea pack it in", "keep the noise down", "stop swearing" etc.

So he did, and the family thanked me, and after that 3 burly men came over to see if I was ok / situation has calmed down.

Yes I know this is me bigging myself up but sometimes, we just need to look after each other and it just takes one person to start it!

Feeling all warm and glowy now

Auriga Thu 07-Aug-14 00:40:29

Well done. thanks

CuttedUpPear Thu 07-Aug-14 00:40:31

Hi five from me smile

scousadelic Thu 07-Aug-14 00:40:34

Well done. It takes a lot of courage to do that

footballagain Thu 07-Aug-14 00:40:37

Good on you!

NoMontagues Thu 07-Aug-14 01:08:13

Fair fucks to you mrs. As we say round here.

Muppets like him are relying on no one speaking up to him so he'll think twice next time.

ophiotaurus Thu 07-Aug-14 01:11:18

Good for you!

DioneTheDiabolist Thu 07-Aug-14 01:21:11

Well done

BillyJoel Thu 07-Aug-14 01:41:35

Well done to you! On behalf of all mums.

FavaBeanPyramidScheme Thu 07-Aug-14 01:49:39

Bloody well done. grin wine grin I've been close to doing this before but have never had the nerve.

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 07-Aug-14 02:33:41

Round of applause from me smile he sounds like a total knob you sound quite awesome smile

GarlicAugustus Thu 07-Aug-14 02:39:56

flowers flowers grin grin flowers flowers

Floop Thu 07-Aug-14 02:51:46

Excellent Queen! So impressed!

ChristianGreysSkiddyGruts Thu 07-Aug-14 02:52:02

Awesome and brave of you. Shame no one chipped in before that though.

Euphemia Thu 07-Aug-14 03:45:29


BabCNesbitt Thu 07-Aug-14 03:56:11

Yay! And well done on staying so calm, too - I think I'd have had the red mists descending by the end!

RaisinGirls Thu 07-Aug-14 04:32:22

Fabulous! Well done, you thanks

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Thu 07-Aug-14 06:01:36

Wahoo - awesome!

ShutTheFuckUpBarbara Thu 07-Aug-14 06:38:51

So the 3 burly men only turned up after you had sorted it out? Chivalrous or what?

Good job you can look after yourself OP!

PurpleWithRed Thu 07-Aug-14 06:48:12

Respect! Especially for keeping it up till he stopped.

GertieFinkle Thu 07-Aug-14 06:48:14

Well done Queen Bean!thanks
Also laughing at the burly men arriving after the event grin TBH though, better then than during or it could have turned into something unpleasant. Love everyone else piping up.

My mum's friend used to commute into London and every day the same loud, obnoxious bloke would sit yakking really loudly into his mobile all the way there. One day another commuter just got up, took the mobile out of his hand and threw it out of window. Apparently the whole carriage burst into applause grin <technically theft, blah blah but I would have applauded too, selfish git>

TobyZiegler Thu 07-Aug-14 06:52:23

Well done.

Actually I was on a train once with my 4 year old. A group of teenage boys got on and started with loudness and swearing. I was going to say something I was thinking about saying something when one of the boys noticed my DS and said 'Shut up with the swearing there's a kid over there' and they looked over and one of them apologised to me and they didn't swear at all for the entire journey. My faith in teenage boys was restored.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Thu 07-Aug-14 06:55:41

Well done Queen, you rock!

JohnFarleysRuskin Thu 07-Aug-14 07:02:08

Good work!

PedantMarina Thu 07-Aug-14 07:06:21

Well done! Here's some thanks

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