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Anyone here with Dreadlocks?

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My DD1 20, is planning to get her hair (done properly not DIY) dreaded. She is caucasian with very thick blonde spiral curled long hair. While not my favourite look, I can see that it would suit her (and her personality) very well and she assures me that in her field of nursing ( MH/Learning Disability she is just starting her final year) it's unlikely to affect her job prospects!

However I'm a bit worried that she will find them hard to maintain nicely..she is used to washing her hair daily and I believe that would wreck dreads. Also... eventual removal.. she has always had long hair...

She is going to look into it seriously, not dash in, but I just wondered what the general experience is!?

SoleSource Wed 06-Aug-14 22:39:46

Watching with interest, people suggest that my DS's hair would look good dreaded. Not happy with the not being able to wash it often though. I know nothing about the maintenance of dreadlocks.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 06-Aug-14 22:41:53

Do they look nice on Caucasian hair? I'm not so sure.

cowscantfly Wed 06-Aug-14 22:44:39

I used to have them, and had them for years.

They do require a lot of work and attention at the start. I did however wash mine throughout. It's a very common myth that you can't wash dreadlocks. You just need to take extra care.

When she first gets them, they'll be very big and 'puffy'. Possibly sticking up everywhere. Once they start to knot up the volume will drop down.

She will need to regularly wax and roll them to keep them looking tidy. Failure to do so will result in them looking messy and that will happen quite quickly.

Once they are fully knotted up tight, it's very, very unlikely she'll be able to 'undo' them. Cutting the main quantity of them off is mainly the only way. It doesn't however necessarily mean she'll end up with a buzz cut though. My dreadlocks were just longer than shoulder length. I had to cut the majority of the length off but I still had a bob-style haircut at the end.

People will judge her for having dreadlocks. Fact.

17leftfeet Wed 06-Aug-14 22:49:59

A friend of mine had them and took them out after 8 months without needing to cut them -took a week and several bottles of conditioner

Lagoonablue Wed 06-Aug-14 22:52:45

Friends sis has them. Also white. Looks daft. Also she gets stared at a lot.

Thank you cowscantfly... that's just the sort of info we are after!

I'm sure she will be judged, but she has spent the last 7 years being constantly called 'Dolly' because she naturally has Dolly Parton's figure.. people see this tiny girl with masses of white blonde hair and enormous boobs and assume she can't have a brain or personality (she's on track for a first class honours degree and she's feisty as hell grin) and I can perfectly understand how, as she stands out anyway, she'd rather be her quirky self and not seen as a bimbo :/ She has a little nose piercing with a ring, and her favourite Elizabeth Browning Sonnet on her ribs but is dressed very nicely due to her weekend job in fat face lol.. so she slightly confuses people anyway .

One of my DS1's friend had hers dreaded last year..white girl.. and I think they look amazing, and personally think, well if you can't be yourself at 20 when can you... but the hair washing and maintenance is her (and my) main concern smile

I have a couple of false ones woven into my hair at the moment. They're made of wool and have been washed when my hair has been washed - so far so good.

OP depending on what area you are in, I may know someone who can advise on maintenance as she 'does' dreadlocks.

ColdTeaAgain Wed 06-Aug-14 22:55:29

Would of loved to of had blonde dreads at her age! I think when they are done well they can look great but if done badly, a complete awful skanky mess! Sounds like she is doing some research so I'm sure if she gets hers done it will be the former.

LEMmingaround Wed 06-Aug-14 23:03:32

How do they do dreadlocks?

Shia Wed 06-Aug-14 23:14:43

My daughter is 16, she's had dreads for a few years now, although she has started to grow them out.

I hate them.

She is Caucasian.

She did have fair hair, now it's more of a reddy brown but she has dyed the hair different colours over the years.

She has added a few dreads made of artificial hair, but you can't tell what is ones they are.

They are very easy to do yourself. Look for tutorials on youtube.

At first she used to spend a bit of time on them but she doesn't now.

She reminds me of Boy George when he first came on the scene, only with fair hair!

Shia Wed 06-Aug-14 23:18:24

Anna Aprilla, is the girl I think my daughter for tips from when she first got her dreads

FrankSaysNo Wed 06-Aug-14 23:18:26

Dreds on whites just looks grubby, dirty and fleabaggy.

Minging is the word you are looking for.

I wouldnt want anyone with the appearance of dirty looking after my mum. Sorry.

RetroHippy Wed 06-Aug-14 23:21:14

My mum did my brothers for him years ago. He had gorgeous blond hair with a slight wave and it looked good on him. He bought a kit online which had the little rubber bands in (Cause it's hard to get hold of them these days!), a metal fine-tooth comb, wax and special shampoo.

It took over 10 hours all the Die Hard movies and was very fluffy to begin with. He wore a hat and spent hours rubbing it to get it to flatten. He had it for several years, didn't wash it very often but it didn't smell much. I guess that was more due to him being a teenager than not being able to. I do know he had special shampoo.

When his gf eventually cut them out for his new job he was left with a couple of inches of utterly filthy hair. Once again, teenage boy.

RetroHippy Wed 06-Aug-14 23:25:29

this is the kit my brother had. If you have someone willing to rub their fingers raw for several hours it's a lot cheaper than getting a hairdresser to do it.

LOL Frank.. unless your mum has a severe learning disability and/or is sectioned for severe metal health problems and has committed a severe criminal act...the area in which my DD2 is planning to work.. you probably don't need to worry.

My DD2 most definitely is not 'minging' (vile word btw) or grubby or flea baggy in any way whatsoever.. more Cameron's home counties :P
I don't see how a hairstyle makes her that? Judgy pants?

RockinHippy Thu 07-Aug-14 00:00:32

I had them when I was a similar age to your DD, for similar reasons too - in my case, knee length, both blonde & black & multi coloured at various times & that was pre George O'Dowd or Hazee Fantazee, so yes IME people will judge, though far less likely these days & in my case, generally not by people whose opinion I cared 2 hoots for anyway - I was happier being judged as altern

ColdTeaAgain Thu 07-Aug-14 00:01:42

Frank, you seem to suggest that only white people with dreads are grubby. So I assume you don't take the same view of black or caribbean people with dreads? What's the difference? Or are all people with dreads just hippies who only have their yearly bath after every glastonbury? grin

DogCalledRudis Thu 07-Aug-14 00:07:00

A matter of taste really, but dreadlocks are rather unhygienic.

RockinHippy Thu 07-Aug-14 00:13:44

Continued... (rubbish jumpy connection tonight)

As alternative, creative, barking mad, than a bimbo Barbie doll & harassed none stop by asshole blokes & bitchy insecure women grin

They are very easy to care for, easy to do yourself & if they are stitched in & wrapped, rather glued in, no need to lose all your hair when they are removed - I used to mix up shampoo with water as a rinse & rinse thoroughly with it followed by clear water - shake the thick of the water out & spin your hair to get rid of more - as they were mostly synthetic hair, they dried quickly - didn't need wax or any of the other stuff mentioned above & they didn't fluff up etc.

I did feel about 6" taller for several days after having them removed as without realising it, they were pretty heavy

I did once get treat as a heroine addict after collapsing in the street & rushed in via A&E, as I had just been released & had marks from the drips still on my arms & looked "weird" - that was fun - but it was a short lived response & I ended up making the same Doctors wedding dress grin

It didn't get in the way for me career wise & that was way back when it really was out of the ordinary - these days it's no real big deal, bar for a small handful who will find reasons to judge everyone anyway & who cares what those sorts think wink

meltedmonterayjack Thu 07-Aug-14 01:33:43

I think if dd has thick, curly hair they should look fine. I think they only look not great when hair is really thin and fine and you can see lots of bare scalp between the dreads.

dd did her teacher training with dreads in (so she had them when she did her school placements) and didn't find it a problem in terms of comments/looks.

I wouldn't have any problem with a MH nurse with dreadlocks looking after my relatives. As long as they were good at their job, compassionate and kind, that's all I'd care about.

If dd is prepared to look after them, I reckon she should go for it. My dd's flirtation with them was short-lived as her hair was so fine, she found them painful and not great a look on her. She ended up with a shortish bob afterwards but was glad she'd tried them. If I had the right sort of hair, I'd definitely have tried them as think they look great.

OP, I long for the time when people are not so stupidly judgemental about someone because of how they look! I have no problems with people wearing dreadlocks (whatever colour the person or the dreadlocks are). Similarly I am not bothered about whether someone has tattoos, piercings, is overweight, thin, tall, short, male, female, transgender, straight or gay, or anywhere in between. What I am bothered about is whether someone is an arsehole or not.

Rather get the dreadlocks and decide in a few years to get rid again than forever wait 'for the right time'. As melted said, I would have no problem with someone with dreadlocks looking after a relative, for exactly the same reason.

Marylou62 Thu 07-Aug-14 09:42:49

I have absolutely no problem and would not judge anyone...dreds or otherwise...but what about NITS!!! At a course there was a Nursery nurse with dreds...blond...she denied there was a problem...behind her watching a DVD I watched the nits crawling in and and out....

Missunreasonable Thu 07-Aug-14 09:43:06

I don't personally like dreadlocks regardless of the colour of the person who has them but I have several family members with dreadlocks and they work in a professional capacity and it has no effect in their jobs.

If dreadlocks are done well they can be styled to look good.
If the link doesn't work just google dreadlock styles

Washing is a problem regardless of what people say because you can only shampoo the outside of the lock and not the matter hair that sits between the lock (if that makes sense). Regular washing is vital to stop them smelling.

Doubtfuldaphne Thu 07-Aug-14 10:13:32

I had them put in and it took a few days of just sitting there bored. Two days later I hated it and sat and unpicked them all.

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