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I'm a disorganised mum whose eldest starts school soon. How do I change into an organised mum?!

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450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 08:49:20

Im worried I'll forget something - like a school closure day. I try to become more organised by listing things on a calendar but then I forget to check the calendar often enough.

Would love to hear from you if you were similar and turned over a new leaf.

My own mum was organised and timetabled her week - always the same days for laundry, shopping etc. But not me!

silverten Tue 05-Aug-14 08:58:06

Ask your mum? wink

I read Getting Things Done and now put everything into my phone.

Grey48 Tue 05-Aug-14 08:59:31

I was so disorganised before having children!

I find that lists of items to organise the day before is helpful and I also bought a blackboard for my kitchen to write important messages on.

It's by the kettle so I always read it!

Fav Tue 05-Aug-14 09:00:53

I have an organised mum life book.
I have a list of everything that needs to be ready for the morning.
Any trips/days off/holidays go straight into the diary.

I'm not 100% organised yet, but you can make yourself do it.

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:02:22

Thanks for the book recommendation Silverten, I will look it up on amazon. Maybe it will inspire me!

Mum would LOVE the opportunity to talk to me about it ( focussing on the long list of things I'm Doing Wrong) smile

CountBapula Tue 05-Aug-14 09:04:57

Do you have a DH/DP and is he organised? My eldest is only a preschooler but DH makes his packed lunches, labels his clothes, makes him costumes for World Book Day etc... Neither of us are super-organised but we manage between us with a family calendar and setting lots of phone reminders smile

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:06:00

FAV - I think I will copy uYour idea re having a list of things to remember in the morning. Maybe pin it on the fridge. I bought the organised mum life book last year with good intentions and it has remained completely unused Hopeless!

Branleuse Tue 05-Aug-14 09:06:04

i have 3 children and am still disorganised and have certainly taken them and then walked home again embarrassed on non pupil days, and forgotten to return slips etc. I have improved since pre-children - a lot, but it doesnt come naturally and im not organised enough to stick to any sort of plan

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:07:31

Gray - I have never tried having a list by the kettle before. That might work for me. I always have tea in the morning

Groovester Tue 05-Aug-14 09:08:02

Writing lists, a kitchen noticeboard and packing school bags/ lunches and laying out clothes the night before. Annoying at times but worth it to reduce morning panic!

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:09:12

countbapula - you are so lucky with your DH! There's no chance of that happening here sadly!

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:10:32

branluse - how did you change your ways?

expectingnumber3 Tue 05-Aug-14 09:12:23

I need to get organised too! Pregnant with dc4 and have decided enough is enough, sick of being late, constantly panicking that I've forgot something etc. Ordered the Organized Mum Life Book yesterday and am reading the Flylady threads over on Good Housekeeping too. All tips from you organised mums will be very welcome!

TedAndEd Tue 05-Aug-14 09:12:39

Just wake up an hour earlier and start your day an hour earlier. Things will naturally fall into place more easily smile

Itmustbelove Tue 05-Aug-14 09:13:35

I put everything on the calendar on my mobile, check it regularly and set an alert half an hour before school eg take trip money/non-uniform day.

You will soon learn because you don't want your child to be the only one without their costume or their reading book or whatever. These things are important to them and there is a major fallout when you forget! Or the teacher guilt trips you anyway, 'Your ds was the only one without their .... today and they spent the whole day crying.'

450fromPaddington Tue 05-Aug-14 09:13:41

groovester- I'm just going to have to force myself to get things ready the night before. It sounds so simple and yet it will take such willpower for me to do that because it goes against the grain so much with me blush

Madrigals Tue 05-Aug-14 09:13:53

I need to know this too as i am the same and DS starts preschool in a few weeks - will read all tips!

CountBapula Tue 05-Aug-14 09:14:50

You need to get training him then ;)

I did read on here about a super-organised lady who has a meeting every Sunday night. They pour a glass of wine, get the calendar down and go through it, look at bills etc. A step too far for me but might work for you? Even if it's just you having a meeting with yourself grin

It was on a brilliant thread called something like 'Those of you who are together and organised, how do you do it?' Will try and find it for you...

pootlebug Tue 05-Aug-14 09:15:20

I am still disorganised....but try to improve with:

- Calendar on the kitchen wall with everything written on it
- Kitchen memo board or set phone reminder for some one-off events
- When we get the school newsletter, which has dates of things coming up on it, I go straight to the calendar and write in anything that includes them (before I lose said newsletter....)

I have still run to the nearby M&S to buy a packed lunch when I'd forgotten she had a school trip. But it was a situation that could be sorted and wasn't the end of the world.

Also my kids are quite good at reminding me now about trips, non-uniform days etc.

PepperMallow Tue 05-Aug-14 09:15:22

Ditto Groovster. I write everything in my Organised Mum diary (small one so I can carry it in my bag) as soon as I am notified ie dates in the school newsletter. I've then created a 'week by person' chart on a smallish blackboard by the door. On Sat or Sun morning I write out the activities for each person by day from my OM diary. I also do as much as possible the night before.

I found the first term of Reception incredibly busy. Sooo many things to remember! It did get easier but I did remember a crucial activity only whilst sitting at my desk mid-morning. I think I was more mortified than DC though!

Heels99 Tue 05-Aug-14 09:15:43

It is a choice, you can choose to be organised for example you say you write things on a calendar but then don't check the calendar. So check the calendar daily for anything happening the following day. Or weekly for the week ahead. Set a phone reminder if necessary. One thing that works for me, for example of kids have to take a cereal box/ shoe box/ flower bulbs/ dress in green/ wear a hat or whatever it is, I write it on the calendar but also put a reminder for 2 weeks befor to organise the item so that there is not a last minute scramble on the day for the shoe box etc. when mine started school the amount of organisation of stuff to take in on different days was a bit of a culture shock compared to nursery where it was all organised for us! Every week there is something to remember. Lists, calendars and reminders are great tools but obviously only of you use them consistently.

CountBapula Tue 05-Aug-14 09:17:14

A meeting with her DH, that was meant to say.

Great ideas on this thread and this one.

Heels99 Tue 05-Aug-14 09:17:18

Good tips above from pp re put dates from school newsletters into your calendar and phone straight away. Reply to party invites straight away and put on calendar. Put note on 2 weeks before to get present and card. Have stock of cards in house and buy presents on amazon

ballstoit Tue 05-Aug-14 09:18:32

Start as you mean to go and get your Ds to organise himself! My 3 (9,7 & 5) sort out their uniforms and any extras the night before. We have a family organiser calendar and they empty letters from their bags as soon as they get in and we write any dates on their section of the calendar. We have a look on a Sunday morning and plan the week together, work out how everyone's getting to where they need to be etc.

I find their memories are much better than mine and have been complimented by the dcs teachers on how good they are at sorting themselves out (Eg fold their clothes and put them on a chair together when changing for PE, don't lose jumpers, reading books etc).

I like to tell myself I'm preparing them for adulthood not that I'm to piss poorly organised to sort it out for them

Ludways Tue 05-Aug-14 09:20:28

Mine are going into Y8 and Y4, I've managed to resist being organised by being fast, lol

I rush around on a morning, not frantically but it's a rush, they're never late and always have packed lunches (Y4) and PE kits etc.

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