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Threads you wonder about afterwards.

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Icelollycraving Fri 01-Aug-14 17:50:07

I have a few that I do wonder what happened.
One was the woman with a swimming pool,her neighbour used to let herself in to use it.
Another was the op who took in her sisters children as she was so concerned for their welfare,the sister just let her take them. I think they'd both inherited money.
Does anyone remember them?
Any others that you think about?

WeeClype Fri 01-Aug-14 18:01:33

The one where the OP's partner kept all the money and she was starving.... she did update and said she had married him shock shock

Olbas Fri 01-Aug-14 18:10:06

Wasn't that one a lie weeclype?
I wondered about the poster and her sister's children as well. I'm also wondering how monkeyface got with re decorating her sitting room/dining room. She posted each staged with photo's and it was really uplifting to see them... she transformed her house in a matter of hours! She stopped, I think because, understandably, she was knackered. There was also another poster who was trying to sell her house and posted pictures. There was a debate over whether she should try and put a table in the sitting room...Did you sell in the end?

BitchPeas Fri 01-Aug-14 18:11:11

Oh no WeeClype did she really! shock I missed that update! That thread stayed with me for ages I felt so bad for her.

I want to know if the poster who had a holiday booked to Sierra Leone but was worried about Ebola went or cancelled

Icelollycraving Fri 01-Aug-14 19:08:36

There was an op recently who had been volunteering & had got offered a job. I was really really thrilled for her. Wonder if she's started yet?

beccajoh Fri 01-Aug-14 19:10:09

The lady who had four sacs at an early pregnancy scan.

Swimming pool cheeky neighbour was fab! <wonders what happened after>

Rafanderpants Fri 01-Aug-14 19:11:51

The one who thought her neighbour was watching her through a hole in the wall.

Im sure its happening to me too!

AlpacaLypse Fri 01-Aug-14 19:12:29

The lady with the sister's children moved the whole thing to Special Needs or Fostering or Adoption or a similar semi-hidden area I think.

Was there ever a baby Blanche?, best thread ever grin

basgetti Fri 01-Aug-14 19:14:38

A recent one about a woman who wanted to evict her lodgers because the male of the couple was nasty and aggressive. I hope she managed to get them out.

Barbie1 Fri 01-Aug-14 19:15:12

beccajoh I have wondered about that thread too. It disappeared without a trace! In the time it took for me to travel back to the uk from South Korea it had vanished hmm I'm guessing a troll?

NatashaBee Fri 01-Aug-14 19:20:24

I was also wondering about the lady with 4 pregnancy sacs... would love to hear how that's turning out.

icelolly I'm wondering if that was me? Been volunteering to gain experience in childcare, starting college in September and I just started a new part time job on Monday smile

If it was, I'm really enjoying the job so far, and am off on two days training next week smile

strawberrybonbons Fri 01-Aug-14 19:28:26

When I just joined mumsnet last year there was a thread in relationships about a woman who's husband just up and left one night. I couldn't believe how strong she was during it all unfolding. I always wondered how she got on and if she ever heard from him/ found out where he had went.

Itsfab Fri 01-Aug-14 19:38:13

I was thinking about the poster who took her nieces in only yesterday.

I wonder about GettingBigger iirc her poster name.

Itsfab Fri 01-Aug-14 19:41:09

Just to clarify - swimming pool lady was not me!

Elllimam Fri 01-Aug-14 19:42:31

I always think about the lady whose neighbour had refused to help her after a fall when she was heavily pregnant and she lost the baby. She was thinking of moving away to get away from her.

Ilovenewts Fri 01-Aug-14 19:42:45

The one with the really abusive husband living in South Africa. Her name was something like overtheshoulderboulderholder. It was so sad

roundtoit Fri 01-Aug-14 19:48:29

The poor lady who lost her husband within a couple of days of going into hospital. She had one little one and was pregnant with her second. I wonder how she is getting on.

Justfivemoreminutesplease Fri 01-Aug-14 19:49:14

I was also just wondering earlier today about the lady with the 4 pregnancy sacs.

I seem to recall that she asked for her thread to be removed as she was getting some questionable postings; in a way I really hope that was the real reason and not because she was a troll.

caramelwaffle Fri 01-Aug-14 19:49:18

I always wonder about the woman who bought a house which had the freehold to the passageway that joined both houses to the back gardens:
the forceful nasty neighbour was doing their best to get them to hand over the freehold to them.

I wonder quite often how the woman is getting on who had the baby with the man from the US and her friend was posting asking for advice because there was concerns he was going to keep the baby over there but the friend was blind to it all

Layl77 Fri 01-Aug-14 19:54:58

I wonder about the lady who found a bag containing dress up stuff lube condoms and soiled knickers in her attic

Wishyouwould Fri 01-Aug-14 19:56:19

The lady who had feelings for her BIL. He was staying over at hers that weekend while her DH was away - she never came back.

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