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Dysons and smelly dogs, anyone?

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creekyknees Fri 01-Aug-14 11:30:51

Just a quick question about vacuums and smelly dogs because my Henry hoover absolutely stinks even when i change the bag and use those fragrance drop ins blush

I've been looking at the Dyson animal range and thinking of getting the DC25 animal which appears to have better reviews than the DC50 and 40.

Does a dyson still chuck out the awful dog smell when you hoover or do the filters prevent it?

Its a huge amount of money to spend so i dont want to invest if i will have the same issue as i do with the Henry.

Are dyson worth the money?

HermioneSnape02 Fri 01-Aug-14 12:07:05

We have the DC50 animal.

I would definitely recommend. We have a German shepherd who's constantly moulting and I would be lost without ours tbh.

You do get a musty smell from time to time but that's my reminder to clean it out! Once you've cleaned it out and the filters it's fine again. Ours goes about a month before we need to clean it all. But again it could be because of how often it's used I vacuum about 3 times a day unfortunately.

beachywaves Fri 01-Aug-14 12:47:33

Dysons will still smell doggy if you don't clean them out very regularly. I have a cleaning business and use many dysons in doggy homes and without exception, they all smell. I would recommend emptying after each use and thoroughly brushing the cylinder out. I am wary about washing the cylinder as if you don't allow them to dry really really well, it stinks of wet dog.

creekyknees Fri 01-Aug-14 12:55:40

I'm constantly changing my Henry bags and buying new filters and its made no difference to the smell so i'm going to go for it and get the Dyson.

I'm another one who constantly hoovers so cleaning it out frequently doesnt faze me.

Stratter5 Fri 01-Aug-14 13:09:27

I have 4 dogs and 2 cats, and a Dyson Animal; it's brilliant, best hoover I've ever used, but you do need to keep it clean to avoid animally whiffs.

creekyknees Fri 01-Aug-14 13:14:06

Has anyone tried the different animal models and had a preference?

Shonajay Fri 01-Aug-14 17:00:33

Best model I've had is the newish ball dyson. Gets everywhere picks up hairs, and I bought three spare filters so one in, one drying one in wash.

Best model I've ever had, even better than the animal.

Change of subject: what do you use to bath your dog? I've tried everything and nothing works except the Pethead products. Expensive but totally worth it.

creekyknees Fri 01-Aug-14 18:40:43

Thats the strange thing, the dogs are professionally groomed frequently and dont smell too bad or maybe i just cant smell it !

I havent tried pethead so will have a look.

Ask your groomers what they use? My dog is exceptionally smelly (needs a weekly bath) unless I use Pethead. My Dyson Animal is also a Godsend, O have a house rabbit. Woodshavings + fur!

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