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Is £50 enough for a weeding gift? (asked for cash)

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GoMe Fri 01-Aug-14 08:34:02

I feel mean and would like to give £100 instead, but we have a holiday coming up (booked before the invitation for the wedding) and as I am self employed, my work always dry out in the summer, so not much coming in.
I have had to spend a lot (to my standards) on the hen-do. Had to buy shoes for me and DD and a clutch bag (luckily have dresses and H's outfit already), will spend some more doing nails/hair/make up etc...and I am very worried about the costs at the bar on the day as H likes to drink.

Will the couple think we are mean by giving only £50.
It is the 3 of us to the whole shebang (ceremony/dinner and party).

I know they are spending a lot of money on this wedding and paid for us btw, but I was never asked for cash at wedding before so I have no clue how much to give.

Littleturkish Fri 01-Aug-14 08:34:50

Depends on how bigger patch they need to weed.

Nah, seriously, that's plenty.

beccajoh Fri 01-Aug-14 08:37:02

That's what I usually give.

GoMe Fri 01-Aug-14 08:38:52

So you are assuring me that £50 from a couple with a child, all invited, is ok?
Just double checking ;)

PamBagnallsGotACollage Fri 01-Aug-14 08:39:42

Whatever you can afford is plenty. I give £30-£50 depending on how much spare cash we have at the time of a given wedding.

TobyLerone Fri 01-Aug-14 08:42:12

That's what we gave at the last wedding we went to. We would have given more, I think, but the bride and groom came to our wedding last year with his parents and gave us £50 in vouchers as a joint gift from the 4 of them so we figured that's what they'd expect from us.

Lovethebubbles Fri 01-Aug-14 08:42:25

£50 is more than enough I think. We give £30-£50 normally depending how close we are to B&G. That was the average amount we got from our own wedding guests too.

Shia Fri 01-Aug-14 08:44:03

You give what you can reasonably afford.

It's ridiculous that anyone should be worrying about how much to give when the whole point of the day is about happiness and enjoyment.

The request for cash can often, sadly bring about this scenario.

I went to wedding recently (not close friends or family) and decided I didn't want to give cash, there's no law to say you have to. I bought two lovely photo frames in Boots that were half price and it cost me a tender for the two.

If you can afford £50 then do so. If you can't, then give less. At the end of the day the main goal is for them to united by marriage, and spend the day celebrating it with friends and family, no more no less.

Seriouslyffs Fri 01-Aug-14 08:49:12

I would forgo nails and hair to give more for 3 people.

TobyLerone Fri 01-Aug-14 08:54:20

Also, tell your H not to be such a knob. If money us that tight, it's tough shit if he 'likes to drink'. Agree on a reasonable amount for him to spend at the bar and take that with you in cash. Once it's gone, tough.

psychicpaper Fri 01-Aug-14 09:06:10

We received between £10 and £100 from family groups at our wedding.

We were so grateful that people had given us anything.

Shia Fri 01-Aug-14 09:08:52

I also think it's selfish of your husband if you are worrying about his bar bill.

No need for him to drink to excess in front of his wife and child is there?

halfwildlingwoman Fri 01-Aug-14 09:09:09

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and giving them £30. Can't really afford more, especially as the hen do cost me the best part of £300. Thing is, she's a really good friend and I know she won't complain or bitch or judge.

MTWTFSS Fri 01-Aug-14 09:10:09

Sounds fine to me smile

StrawberryMouse Fri 01-Aug-14 09:12:27

That's what I usually give, sure it will be fine!

Lucylouby Fri 01-Aug-14 09:13:12

We would only give £50 for a family of five if we went to a wedding, maybe not even that, depends who it was getting married. £50 is a sizeable chunk of our monthly spending money, so it would leave us short to give more than that. They have chosen to spend as much as they have on their wedding, that doesn't mean you have to give more a present though.

firstchoice Fri 01-Aug-14 09:18:35

£50 is quite acceptable.
Don't worry.
Enjoy yourself and give your H £20 for his bar bill.
He'll manage!
Can you economise on your hair/nails costs too so you have a bit more for your hols?

FoxyHarlow123 Fri 01-Aug-14 09:20:03

Do your own hair, nails and make up. You're Side Show Bob, not the star turn.

Sundaedelight Fri 01-Aug-14 09:20:12

I would go for £40 instead of £50 if money is tight. They won't notice an extra tenner but you might. This is the awkward part of giving money as a gift.

PrincessOfChina Fri 01-Aug-14 09:21:14

£50 is what we usually give unless we're "involved" in the wedding, eg. Best Man, Usher, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, when I would give more.

£30 for an evening do.

Notso Fri 01-Aug-14 09:37:38

I think it's fine.
I am chuckling at you having to spend on a clutch bag and hair,nails and make up. Shoes I suppose, and hen night you do sometimes feel pressured to going on, but the rest are because you want them and want to look nice, you could make it through the wedding without them if you were really strapped for cash.

PeppermintInfusion Fri 01-Aug-14 09:41:26

I don't think it is necessary for a wedding guest to get their makeup done professionally. Plus getting that done is at least £20 a person... £50 is fine, but if you genuinely want to give more there are economies to be made elsewhere.

Thegreatunslept Fri 01-Aug-14 09:44:24

I'm getting married next year and would love a gift of £50! I would love to receive any gift from my friends/family that I have invited to spend my wedding day with.

CateBlanket Fri 01-Aug-14 09:56:40

It's very generous.

That is very generous.

I am getting married in a few days and would feel quite embarrassed if someone gave us £50 as a present! But then I feel guilty when people spend money on me, so we have requested no presents.

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