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What is this card game called?

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fridayfreedom Thu 31-Jul-14 23:36:36

Trying to remember the name of a card game so I can look the rules up.
It's played with two packs, four plus players.
You have some cards you can see, some you can't. Take turns to put cards down, pick up cards from a central pile etc.
I think if you put a two down you change direction, and ten the next person misses a turn?
Can be getting rid of all cards but then end up picking up loads. Use the turned over cards blind when all other cards have been put down.
Any ideas? The name is just one word, beginning with ? C or s?

MrsSpudHead Thu 31-Jul-14 23:39:42

Sounds like a game we used to call Switch

YaMasYaDaWithAWigOn Thu 31-Jul-14 23:42:14

My friends play a game like this called Shit Head*.

They've tried several times to explain the rules to me but I just can't get it. But it does sound like what you're describing.

*they tell me that is the official name hmm

Creatureofthenight Thu 31-Jul-14 23:46:48

Yep that sounds like Shit Head to me too.

fridayfreedom Thu 31-Jul-14 23:47:00

Thanks for replying. I don't think it's any of those. Sure I'll recognise the name if someone comes up with it.

steppemum Thu 31-Jul-14 23:50:17

sounds similar to cheat?
but in cheat the point is to ...well...cheat!

YaMasYaDaWithAWigOn Thu 31-Jul-14 23:50:18

Is it an actual thing creature?! I always thought they were having me on! They have a cardboard dunce hat crown saying Shit Head for the loser and some ear muffs for the winner called Winner Muffs naturally.

Fluffyears Thu 31-Jul-14 23:50:23

We used to play this at college it was called switch, couldn't tell you the rules now.


I've just read your OP properly and I don't think it sounds like Canasta, sorry.

Bifauxnen Thu 31-Jul-14 23:57:31

Sounds like Arab, but I think that only needed one pack.

KatherinaMinola Thu 31-Jul-14 23:58:40

It's got various names and several variations. It is called Shithead. Also Blackjack.

CointreauVersial Thu 31-Jul-14 23:59:09

Sounds very like Shit Head to me.

KatherinaMinola Fri 01-Aug-14 00:01:40

It's called Switch too. Are these the rules you remember? Scroll down to 'Power Cards'.

Bifauxnen Fri 01-Aug-14 00:02:56

I know the shithead and blackjack versions, but they don't have the blind cards at the end. (Or not the versions I played. I'm aware there are probably hundreds of versions depending on where you live, what pub you go to, which way the wind was blowing when you were born etc)

aturtlenamedmack Fri 01-Aug-14 00:05:59


TheFallenMadonna Fri 01-Aug-14 00:14:25

Sounds similar to the Shit Head game we play, but not quite the same. We call it Shed though, when we play with the kids. Mocking the losers is still a big part though...

Yes ShitHead

It's fantastically complicated

Bifauxnen Fri 01-Aug-14 00:19:54

Never mind card games, some blokes got his nob out and is courting hmm mners on another thread. grin

ghostmous3 Fri 01-Aug-14 00:20:46

Crazy eights? I knew it as something else but cant remember. Will google

BikeRunSki Fri 01-Aug-14 00:23:41


<drifts off into nostalgic dreams of snakebite and unsuitable boyfriends>

Bifauxnen Fri 01-Aug-14 00:24:24

I was sure it was Arab but according to Google there's no games called that in the world. Didn't realise how much of a backwater I grew up in.

42andcounting Fri 01-Aug-14 11:23:06

Sounds like Sevens... 2s pick up 2, 7 change direction, 8 miss a go... can't remember all of them, not played it in years.

Prizepudding Fri 01-Aug-14 11:46:14
TeeBee Fri 01-Aug-14 12:16:09

That sounds very like shithead, but you don't change direction or muss turns with shithead. The 2 let's you start from the lowest number, 10 let's you turn the pack. The changing direction and missing turns is Uno I think. Do you have two games merged together in your head?

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