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What can we do for a week near whitby in the rain?

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stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 10:10:12

sad we are going to stay in Robin Hoods Bay for a week in a caravan with ds1 who is 5yo and ds2 who is 3yo. Weather forecast is pretty grim (sods law) - rain, sometimes heavy with thunder!
I would really appreciate any ideas so we can make the best of it - our original plan of messing about all day on the beach is not looking likely!

Thanks in advance smile

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 10:11:34

Be back in a bit - off to buy some raincoats!

MagratsHair Thu 31-Jul-14 10:13:45

We're going to Whitby in August & we are going to do the castle, Eden Camp, the abbey & the steam railway.

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 10:19:18

Eden camp - is that the millitary museum? Will check that out! We also planned to go to Scarborough castle and Goathland for the steam trains.

Eebahgum Thu 31-Jul-14 10:24:43

Yeah, Eden camp is a ww2 museum - set out in a series of prisoner of war huts. Very good if dcs are into that type of thing. Steam railway is definitely worth a trip - runs from Whitby to Pickering, goathland, grosmont (1 of which was used in a Harry potter film but can't remember which. Scarborough has a good sea life centre.

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 31-Jul-14 10:26:06

My children liked the soft play in Ruswarp (Mini Monsters) which is not far away.

Whitby Museum is good, and if the rain stops there is a great play park next to it in Pannett Park.

If you go to Scarborough the Rotunda museum has a dinosaur exhibition at the moment.
Pannett Park is nice and there is a mini railway from there if it's not too rainy - I wouldn't bother with the Sea Life unless you can get some hefty discount codes.

In RHB itself there is a tiny museum that my boys enjoyed one rainy day, particularly the old lady where you could lift up her skirt and find the smuggled goods (!)

There are always the 2p machines!

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 10:45:57

Thanks - great suggestions! smile the boys are most definitely interested in anything dinosaur and tanks!

I'm from the area. I used to just take my kids on the beach in the rain! They loved it! Go into Whitby. Undercover, theres the arcades, lifeboat museum, Pannett Park museum and the leisure centre which has a swimming pool and a full range of children's activities over the summer hols. Same for Scarborough, just a half hour drive away. If it does stay fine, get out into the surrounding countryside, its glorious! Dalby Forest, Goathland, Ravenscar, Danby. York Maze is absolutely fabulous, about an hour away though, but if you're prepared to drive it and you only get one fine day, then thats what I'd do!! Ruswarp has Mini Monsters that's indoors and the boating lake thats outdoors. The area is beautiful and theres lots to do. Enjoy!!

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Thu 31-Jul-14 10:57:05

We've had some brilliant holidays in Whitby, and the weather always seems to move pretty quickly there so it might rain hard but not for that long! I'd definitely second the museum, which is one of those fabulously old fashioned ones with thousands of amazing things crammed into glass cases (including The Hand of Glory - a shrivelled human hand, which my kids loved!) Also, take waterproofs and go down to Ruswarp beach to hunt for fossils. They're easy to find in the grey slate that litters the beach; just prise apart the layers and see what you can see. There's a lovely beach cafe there too, where you can shelter if it gets too wet.

Have fun!

tobiasfunke Thu 31-Jul-14 11:10:15

We spent a wet week in Pickering a few years ago. We went to Flamingoland when DS was 2- he loved it. You have to pay for over 2's but VisitYorkshire has an offer of 3 for the price of 2. There is also a discount voucher abour for 2 icecreams for the price of 1.
Eden Park is a bit dull for wee ones as it's a lot of huts with a lot of writing.
Playdale farm near Cayton had a big indoor playarea.

LexieSinclair Thu 31-Jul-14 11:14:07

Place marking with interest...

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Thu 31-Jul-14 11:36:00

Also, your kids are probably at the age where they'd enjoy crabbing. You can do it off the harbour in Whitby, but we never caught anything there. The best place we found was in Staithes, which is a really pretty place to visit (bit of a car ride, as I recall, but lovely.)

There's a cafe called Swell in Robin Hood's Bay that's definitely worth seeking out - it's a bit tucked away above the main road through the village.

laurenamium Thu 31-Jul-14 12:12:52

Definitely mini monsters! Adults can go in too! Also, the sea life centre is at Scarborough not too far from Whitby if you have a car

Admiraltea Thu 31-Jul-14 12:26:08

If you are there on 6th August then Thornton-le-Dale show is a great day out, lots of animals, vintage tractors, food stalls, magici etc and this year "The Devil's Horsemen" equestrian stunt team.
Am still quaking from a few years ago when 7yo dd2 volunteered to lie on the ground while stunt rider jumped over her! very exciting.
Is Jamie Squibb stunt motorbike rider this year, check out his website def a show your kids will love.

iseenodust Thu 31-Jul-14 12:27:09

Check out whsat is on at the theatre in Scarborough, they often do afternoon short shows for young DC.

If it's not absolutely pouring down the Nunnington Hall is good. It has a dressing up corner, games on the top floor, the miniatures collection, homemade cakes in the tea shop, a potting shed area specifically for DC to get muddy, croquet on the lawn, peacocks to admire.

Eden Camp is scarily loud for some young DC.

Admiraltea Thu 31-Jul-14 12:29:52

magician even!!! "Uncle Mal's Crazy World of Magic"

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Thu 31-Jul-14 13:08:31

Oops - sorry - in my post above I meant Runswick Bay for fossils, not Ruswarp which is inland! (Good place for boating on the river if it's not too wet though...)

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 13:18:51

Oh wow thank you so much everybody! Sounds like there's loads of brilliant stuff to do! Runswick bay is a must for fossiling I think and am intrigued to know where this withered hand is - is it n the museum in RHB?

We will aim to go to the Thornton -le- Dale day too. Fantastic! Thank you thanks thanks thanks

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 31-Jul-14 13:36:52

The Hand of Glory is in the Whitby museum:

ObfusKate Thu 31-Jul-14 13:42:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMikeDelfino Thu 31-Jul-14 13:48:57

Steam railway is definitely worth a trip - runs from Whitby to Pickering, goathland, grosmont (1 of which was used in a Harry potter film but can't remember which

That would be Goathland train station. Goathland train station was where they filmed Harry Potter - it doubles as Hogsmead train station in the films so if you're a Harry Potter fan it will look very familiar! smile

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Thu 31-Jul-14 13:56:17

There's a cool 50s style diner in Flowergate that your dcs might like too (even though they're not at the 'Instagram-everything' age like mine!)

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 16:36:19

Brilliant! The steam train is a definite and I am most intrigued by this withered hand! I had no idea there is so much to do! We are going to Staithes as well to see where Old Jack lives and there's a lifeboat weekend happening there on the 9th and 10th I think!

stottiecake Thu 31-Jul-14 16:37:37

Is flowergate part of Whitby? Sounds like a fun thing to do smile

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 31-Jul-14 17:23:11

Oh will you be there on 9th and 10th? You're sorted then.

Red Arrows and everything.

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