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Really cool things to do in London?

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TchaikovskyForTea Thu 31-Jul-14 03:11:22

Hi, I'm heading off to London with my 16yr old. Going to see museums, parks and shows. We've done most of the sights when he was younger but it's been a while and looking for some 'really cool' or different things to do, see or places to eat. Any ideas?

gimcrack Thu 31-Jul-14 05:58:59

Go to a gig. The Timeout website will list loads.

Guitargirl Thu 31-Jul-14 06:24:48

Book to have breakfast up the Shard.

Cable car?

Go and stick your feet in the new fountains at Kings cross in the evening when they are all lit up.

mysteryfairy Thu 31-Jul-14 06:38:46

My DSs liked Spitalfields market/brick lane at weekends

Summer opening of parliament or Churchill War Rooms would be cool museum type options.

JeanSeberg Thu 31-Jul-14 06:53:44
curiousuze Thu 31-Jul-14 07:02:22

Go to Spitalfields, Brick Lane and the area around the Truman Brewery. The market is good, especially on Sunday:

Shoreditch is full of pop up shops and places to eat. Street Food is the new thing in London - look here for venues:

It depends what your dd is into though?

curiousuze Thu 31-Jul-14 07:07:18

Whoops sorry, DS!

Andcake Thu 31-Jul-14 07:13:55

Camden, brick lane curry, is he into football some of the stadiums do yours, small quirky comedy nights, fringe theatre, gig, borough market for food, one of the walking tours
Time outs a great place to start

Borough market or the market behind Southbank centre for street food.

FrontForward Thu 31-Jul-14 07:30:32
BreeVDKamp Thu 31-Jul-14 07:36:06

Ghost bus tours!

wafflyversatile Thu 31-Jul-14 07:39:17

Street art tour round Shoreditch.

grumblepuss Thu 31-Jul-14 07:40:34

South bank skateboard park?

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Thu 31-Jul-14 07:41:12
tshirtsuntan Thu 31-Jul-14 08:12:25

If you go to brick lane/spitalfields on a Sunday check out Columbia road flower market (e2) in the morning, it's just up the road. All star lanes bowling in brick lane is pretty cool. They do Jack the ripper tours in the evening in that area, I think they meet at aldgate east tube.

SourSweets Thu 31-Jul-14 08:14:14

There's a place in Euston called Hint Hunt. You get locked in a room and have one hour to work out the clues and solve a mystery. It's really fun!

FruVikingessOla Thu 31-Jul-14 08:20:46

If he's into plants/gardens, the Chelsea Physic Garden is an amazing place to visit

Cool place to eat, try one of the branches of Bodean's

catsofa Thu 31-Jul-14 15:12:43

Camden Market!

Shia Thu 31-Jul-14 15:18:12

Ripley's Believe it or not at the Trocadero, if you haven't been before.

The Shard, definitely.

LindaMcCartneySausage Thu 31-Jul-14 15:32:23

God not Camden Market. It's grim these days.

I don't have time to post links but try googling the following

Brunch at The Duck & Waffle at the top of the Heron Tower or dinner at Sushi Samba (booking essential)

Street art tour around Shoreditch and checking out the unusual shops at Spitalfields and Brick Lane

I'd second getting up early and going to Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning - aim to get there before 8 and enjoy the buskers, coffee and bagels street food etc and the cool shops.

Dinner on the roof at Boundary.

London Eye, not very novel but really worth doing, and followed by a walk along the south bank

Borough Market on a Saturday early evening is lovely and buzzy

She might be a bit young for cocktails, but they do amazing mock tails and live music at Nightjar nr the Old Street roundabout or The Worship Street Whistling Shop. Very cool.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 31-Jul-14 15:34:03

Swimming at Hampstead Ponds.
YY to Camden Market.

There is a rooftop restaurant in selfridges over the summer and it actually has a topshop and primark concessions so can also do some bargainous shopping there.

duck and waffle or sushi samba is an excellent idea

there is the boxpark in shoreditch as well (basically loads of trendy shops in old transportation containers) - so hip, it hurts!

a trip to liberty might appeal to a certain kind of teenager!

open air theatre is regents park over the summer is not exactly cool but might be fun.

most of the hip things do involve alcohol in my experience...

campocaro Thu 31-Jul-14 17:05:40

The new Black Cultural Archive would be my choice and loads to do in Brixton itself that is cool cool Brixton.

TchaikovskyForTea Fri 01-Aug-14 10:49:11

These are really great ideas, thank you. We're going to the Harry Potter studios today and going to get Time Out to see what's on.

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