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If you had 2 days in York

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With DC's aged 13, 7 and 5, no car and hopefully nice weather what would you do?

Looking for some inspiration :D

Ooops grin

WhoDaresWins Tue 29-Jul-14 14:33:00

The chocolate exhibition place

WhoDaresWins Tue 29-Jul-14 14:34:06

York's Chocolate Story, is it's proper name!

DinoSnores Tue 29-Jul-14 14:35:29

When we were in York last year (admittedly with a 3yo and 6mo!), we went to and enjoyed:

York's Chocolate Story
National Railway Museum
North Yorkshire Moors Railway (one of the stations featured in Harry Potter)
The York Roast Company for lunch

tuttiandabitfrutti Tue 29-Jul-14 14:40:53

also the public park is massive and has a large lake, 2 playgrounds, open spaces for games and is lovely to walk through in the evening. The railway museum is massive too.

tryingtocatchthewind Tue 29-Jul-14 14:46:14

The railway museum is a must, it's huge and free!

pearlgirl Tue 29-Jul-14 14:46:17

Rowntrees park, may be a trip on a river boat or hire a small boat, Castle museum, licc ice cream parlour ( behind Brown's dept store in town centre), mine love the minster, Dig could be ok, walking the walls - you see loads of hidden bits from them., museum Gardens and the Yorkshire museum.

pearlgirl Tue 29-Jul-14 14:47:36

Meant to add the National RailwAy Museum.

Thurlow Tue 29-Jul-14 14:50:59

Well Betty's, obviously. You can't go to York or Harrogate and not go to Betty's for tea!

The Railway Museum is great, and nearby is the York Museum Gardens. Jorvik slightly less so, but it's still something to do. I always quite liked York Castle Museum too.

I remember Oscars being a good place for burgers etc for dinner.

The good thing about York is its very small and easy to navigate in a way (the Shambles is confusing but you'll stumble out soon enough). Depending on how many of you there are, it would be easy to split up and arrange a meeting place. You can't miss the Minster at all, so you just arrange to meet there.

LoblollyBoy Tue 29-Jul-14 14:54:33

The National Railway Museum is extremely impressive. Take a pocketful of change - the museum entry is so cheap that you have to pay for things like tickets for the wee train, activity sheets and so on and there are quite a few pound-coin powered machines and gadgets.

The Museum Gardens are nice - like a small scale botanical gardens but with various ruined and functional buildings to see in them. I bought a treasure trail from [ these people] for the museum gardens area which had a good clutch of clues for the gardens.

The exhibition under the Minster about the continual battle to save it from collapse is very interesting, all mounted on the concrete piers that are doing the job.

You can hire a motor boat and go on the river, DH was shy about this so we went on a big river-cruise instead, depends how confident you are on the water.

Betty's Tearooms are a must - you can have an evening meal there as well as afternoon tea.

We never made it to the Castle Museum, but you should no doubt check it out - 2 days isn't going to be enough.

tuttiandabitfrutti Tue 29-Jul-14 14:54:45

Jorvik Viking centre was also good, usual museum pieces then u get in a car type thing and go around a 3d exhibit showing people living in the time.

Plus there is fossilised poo on display smile

Clutterbugsmum Tue 29-Jul-14 15:48:08

I'm booking marking for later so I can steel borrow some of these Ideas as we going to Yorkshire for week next month grin.

Callani Tue 29-Jul-14 16:06:54

If you fancy a stroll through the Shambles (shops place) then I recommend the Fudge Kitchen - absolutely fantastic fudge but it IS a bit pricey.

ouryve Tue 29-Jul-14 16:12:04

We're going for a few hours, next week (4 hours is about DS1's and my collective ability to tolerate being Out without getting tired or restless) and will most likely be going into the national railway museum. If he fancies another museum, we'll probably visit the Yorkshire museum, which is behind the museum gardens. If there's coins there, in the history bits, he'll be happy!

fairnotfair Tue 29-Jul-14 16:20:55

Oh, Betty's, in a heartbeat!

fairnotfair Tue 29-Jul-14 16:22:56

...and the Picture House is very nice if the weather's bad and you fancy a film!

Also the Castle Museum and the Railway Museum.

OnlyLovers Tue 29-Jul-14 16:27:05

Was going to suggest the Picture House. I haven't been for years, but when I did they had nice outdoor decking and tables overlooking the river. I think they have brunch and all-day food, and coffees etc obviously.

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 29-Jul-14 16:29:12

We like the Castle Museum and the Railway Museum (free) and the Yorkshire Museum in the Museum gardens, which are great.

Walking round the walls is good fun if it's a nice day and there are several geocaches up there to find.

Went to "Dig" recently and my boys really enjoyed it, as you get to dig about in stuff looking for things. (not a great description sorry!)

Haven't been to Yorvik for years as can't deal with the queue.

Minster is interesting but expensive to get in I think, and we didn't pay the extra to go up to the top.

I can recommend this cafe in a church, very reasonable and great for families:

friendface Tue 29-Jul-14 16:32:01

The cafe in the Picture House is lovely and has a huge balcony overlooking the river which is nice on a sunny day. I'd also recommend the cat trail (which you pick up from a shop called the Cat Gallery) as a fun way of exploring the city.

To be honest I wouldn't bother with Jorvic unless the weather is awful - it will be rammed, queuing takes ages and it's not the best museum in York. Good free things are, as already mentioned, walking the walls, the cat trail, Rowntree Park and the Railway Museum. I would also pay to go and to the Minster and the Yorkshire Museum.

LisaMed Tue 29-Jul-14 16:33:21

The chocolate museum rocks (went a couple of weeks ago) but the loos are really, really narrow. You breathe in while sat down and you set off the hand dryer!

friendface Tue 29-Jul-14 16:33:22

Also, if you fancy a trip to Betty's but can't face the queue I would also check out Little Betty's - just as nice but often far quieter.

Do a Ghost tour in the evening!

Do a Ghost tour in the evening!

My 5 year old would be beside herself with fear, so maybe not!

Thanks for all your suggestions - it might be a packed couple of days!

Whattheduck Tue 29-Jul-14 16:53:45

We were in york last week for 2 days we did
Ghost walk in the evening
York dungeon the following morning which was brilliant and there are some great offers about.we had a 2for1 voucher which we picked up in the hotel
In the afternoon we went to york minster although we didn't look around it as we thought it would have been a waste of money as dd would have got bored.we just went inside and lit a candle.
We then went on a river boat cruise followed by a visit to the terrys chocolate shop where dd made her own lollipop whilst myself and dh ate heavenly chocolate desserts
Hope you have a great time

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