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Can someone talk to me about dental sedation? I have a problem.

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Does the sedative stop you feeling it? Or do they still numb?

I have just been the the emergency dentist due to a swollen gum and while I was there he mentioned that I have a small hole in a back tooth and will need a filling to stop it getting worse, I also need the cleaning thing done to get rid of some tartar and smoke deposits from when I smoked. sad

I have dentalphobia and he said that I should have it done under sedation but I am now thinking, does the sedative do all of the pain relieving work, or do they still numb it. And here is the problem, I am completely insensitive to local anasthetic. It doesn't work on me and I am terrified of dental pain. confused

Please help!

Sedative doesn't replace anesthetic - I had wisdom teeth out under sedation last year and they did the local anesthetic after the sedation had kicked in.

If local doesn't work this isn't a solution - I seem to need larger than normal doses and I kind of "woke up" from the sedative yelling because I could feel it.

The other two will be coming out under general!

I also have dental phobia so I do understand. Cleaning is ok generally - I manage to have that done too with some topical anesthetic on my gums. I'm pretty sure that would be fine under sedation. Do you know how deep the cavity is? If it's small it might be that anesthetic isn't needed, I've had one like that.

It's pretty small, the dentist has put some cement over it and it is not big at all, I don't know how deep though but he used the hook thing to clear anything out of it today and it wasn't and is not painful. I think I need a good bit of deep cleaning, I really neglected my teeth while I was pregnant with DS1.

I'm sure they wont let me have a GA for a filling and cleaning, would they? LA doesn't work on me because of another medical condition that I have, it's recognised in my medical records. Even epidurals don't work so local really isn't an option. sad

headoverheels Mon 21-Jul-14 19:37:58

I've had an impacted wisdom tooth out under sedation. I felt no pain and don't remember it at all - so I got the benefit of anaesthetic, without the side effects. Would recommend.

But were you given local anasthetic injections? This is my problem, as without them I guess I wont be numb and they don't work on me so I can't have them.

TheLibraryIsOpen Mon 21-Jul-14 19:44:41

My dentist prescribes Diazepam which I take two hours before my appointment and then wear noise reduction headphones as my phobia is the noise. I have had a general and the sedation which were both good. Speak to the dentist and see if this is an option.

headoverheels Mon 21-Jul-14 19:45:49

No, I don't think I was - I think it was just the effect of the sedative. It was about 15 years ago though, so I may be remembering incorrectly.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 21-Jul-14 19:46:14

Dental anasthesia is ineffective on me too, so I understand where you are coming from and I was worried about the same thing.

They still use the dental anasthesia, but I was worried I would feel the pain and not be able to signal them to stop.I spoke to a nurse about this, and she told me that they monitor your body's reactions, and pain would be picked up on, and more anasthesia used.

I have had 2 teeth out under sedation now, including a wisdom tooth and I can honestly say that I felt no pain during the procedure and remember nothing.Its certainly something I would recommend.

However, it probably is worth discussing with your dentist why the injections aren't working.Before my extractions, we found out with fillings (which I could tolerate if they were small) that I had to have additional injections in certain places to give anasthetic cover.

Make sure you talk it through before you go ahead, and ask these questions.

I had a completely acceptable experience with sedation, so I hope it all goes well for you.

TheLibrary Did you have local anasthetic injections to your gum?

My problem isn't actually the sedation, or not wanting the injections. It's that they don't work. sad

ThatBloodyWoman I already know why. smile I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and a symptom of this is insensitivity to local anasthetic. I have never had one that worked and I've had a few to test it out. I have never had a dental LA injections though, this is my first time needing a filling.

The anaesthatist (sp?) who was at DS1's birth to give me an epidural didn't believe me, so tried it on my hand before taking blood with me not looking to test it, I felt it and he said that the epidural would be fine as it's stronger. Epidural didn't work either, it just completely fails on me.

I take it they wouldn't do this under GA?

Thanks everyone though. I might just go and have the sedation, if I don't remember it I guess it will be okay?

Actually, would they stop once they see I'm in pain? Might not work then. sad

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 21-Jul-14 20:03:50

Sorry Schro,I missed that.

I have additional nerve endings, plus I was told that the adrenaline produced when you're scared of the dentist can effectively 'push' the dental anasthesia away.I too spent years being rubbished, disbelieved and ridiculed so I sympathise.

My situation, I can see, is quite different from yours since I have had a couple of non-dental surgeries under la, so that isn't a problem for me.

All I can think is that perhaps dental anasthesia may possibly offer different drugs that may be effective (total guess though).

Failing that I wonder if you could be offered some sort of valium type thing that may help you with the dental phobia, and possibly the things that need doing may be tolerable pain-wise without numbing.

If thats not an option, perhaps ga would be considered since your problem with la is documented.

You're really going to have to ask more questions.

Good luck -I feel for you xx

Thank you.

Feeling for you too as it's an awful thing to be scared of the dentist, especially if there is added complications!

I will go to the dentist and see what they can tell me, I'm sure there will be something. I just hope they believe me about the LA and I don't have to get my GP to pester them! grin

I've had sedation and it was fine (massive dental phobe) - they give you local as well. If local anaesthetics don't work for you though you should push for a GA. It's not that uncommon for dental work.

Not surprised you developed dental phobia if the anaesthetic doesn't work for you flowers

I've never actually had to have a dental anasthetic before, it was a bad experience with a horrid dentist when I was younger that caused the phobia, loved the dentist before that! grin

I'll speak to them about GA and see what they say.

Thanks for the advice everyone. smile

HermionesAunt Mon 21-Jul-14 21:05:36

They can put anaesthetic into the jaw (intraosseous anesthesia) to get past the problem with normal injections not working. It rejoices in the name "Stabident" but it works! Talk to a few different dentists, phone beforehand to ask if they do Stabident, though. Dentists who bother to use Stabident usually have experience of phobic patients and tend to be very helpful.

Hermione Unfortunately it's not a problem with where the injections go, it's just a total local anasthetic thing. I had to have placenta after DS2 removed under GA as they didn't want to risk a spinal failing and it's already known that I fail 2 types of epidural drug and anasthetics used in things like having stitches put in or the contraceptive implant.

I think my body just wont accept any of them, wish it would though, would make everything much easier!

Thank you for the suggestion though, I will mention it to the dentist and ask if it acts differently to normal la.

thesortingtwat Mon 21-Jul-14 21:29:52

I don't know that this is a useful thing to say actually, but the sedation drugs they usually give are amnesiacs ao even if it hurts, you won't remember. Apparently I wasn't properly anaesthetised during my last extraction under sedation and I yelped and told them they were all fuckers but I don't remember any of it.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 21-Jul-14 21:30:21

I wonder if that's what happens with me Hermoine - it sounds likely.

I'm a bit willing to go with that actually, if it gets me the filling and means I avoid a GA! But would they not stop if they knew I was in pain? Scared to go with the sedation in case they decide they can't do it anyway once they get started.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 21-Jul-14 21:36:35

Ask them Shro.

Its worth a phone call.

I know I got in such a tizz before my first one that I phoned nhs direct the night before and spoke to a lovely nurse who was quite happy to talk to me!

MillyMollyMardy Mon 21-Jul-14 22:04:48

Talk to them about your Ehlers-Danlos and the effect it has on local anaesthetic, make sure they are aware of it's effects.
I have manged to use local anaesthetic successfully with it; lots of anaesthetic, using two slightly different types that act together and giving it LOTS of time to work. The sedation also tends to act to raise your pain threshold as well.

BaldricksTurnip Mon 21-Jul-14 22:13:33

I have this exact same problem with local anaesthetic. My dentist now uses something called articane instead of lidocaine which is the standard for local anaesthetics. Ask your dentist about it.

ThatBloodyWoman I need to register at a dentist tomorrow blush so I will ask them then. smile

Milly Did you actually get it to work? Was it dental anasthetic? So there is hope? I will see what they say when I speak to them tomorrow, fingers crossed! I always get loopy looks when I tell HCP's that I'm insensitive, they never believe me until they actually see it.

MillyMollyMardy Mon 21-Jul-14 22:19:11

Yes dental. I usually use Articane and Scandonest as they will work together it gives a very intense anaesthetic.

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