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Lacking inspiration - teacher present ideas

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SmileAndNod Mon 21-Jul-14 07:17:17

Completely lacking in ideas and quite frankly I have other (bigger) things I need to worry about this week but I need presents for teachers - one leaving nursery for school and end of year. Both have been fabulous teachers so I was going to write a note to say thank you but don't know what to buy with a fairly limited budget. I ended up buying wine at Christmas.

I have run out of time haven't I? What did you buy and did it go down well?

BikeRunSki Mon 21-Jul-14 07:22:16

I bought a little tin a filled it with cheap and cheerful stationary for ds' Reception teacher lady week. Star shaped post its, 4 colour biros in traditional and "fashion" colours, star stickers etc.

Found some very nice notebooks and pens in Home Bargains. Wrote a thank you from the children in the front and from us for DD1s teacher who has been incredibly supportive this year. Books were in several colours so each teacher got something different and were all of £1.50 each. Pens were covered in glitter/beads/mirrors and were 60p each.
I'm a teacher. I love note books and stationery but sadly am a secondary teacher and we don't get presents cos it's just so embarrassing to be nice you know!

TheLeftovermonster Mon 21-Jul-14 07:31:59


ImBrian Mon 21-Jul-14 07:39:19

£5 voucher for Starbucks/costa etc or just a nice card. I'm a teacher and we really don't expect you to get us anything. A card with a nice message in is lovely though.

Chocolateteabag Mon 21-Jul-14 07:41:24

There is a £10 for £5 offer on Groupon for a Starbucks gift card

calzone Mon 21-Jul-14 07:44:49

Next sale would have been the answer!!!!!smile


I got Costa voucher for ds1 tutor.

Candle for TA.

Nothing for ds2 teacher as she was so awful........

Eebahgum Mon 21-Jul-14 08:20:10

Brilliant ideas already so nothing useful to add except it really is the thought that counts so don't stress about it. Grab something quick and hassle free (sainsburys had some lovely candles reduced to £4 last week but not sure if they still are now) then write a nice note in a card and they will be thrilled.
Ps don't feel bad about resorting to wine - that's one of my favourite presents!

ScarlettDarling Mon 21-Jul-14 08:26:20

A lovely beach towel,4 quid in primark , with a cocktail pouch tucked inside wrapped in a ribbon!

bakingnovice Mon 21-Jul-14 09:14:15

Re the Starbucks gift card do you have to print off the e voucher or the email once you've paid? I'd like to get this but thinking about what I would hand over to the teacher as I'm assuming there is no actual gift card??

SmileAndNod Mon 21-Jul-14 15:59:12

Thanks for the suggestions. Still not sure what to go with, will have to have a look in town in the morning. I think that the teacher likes wine I would too if I had to teach 30 children like DS so I may go with that again. Just need to persuade DS to write something meaningful now!

MyGoldenNotebook Mon 21-Jul-14 16:20:41

Not something to worry about at all. My favourite thing to receive (not that I expect anything at all and if don't get much teaching at an all boys school) is a card with a personal message in. Keep then forever. If you really want to make her day then send an email to the head saying how fab she's been. Priceless!! X

MyGoldenNotebook Mon 21-Jul-14 16:21:19

That should have been 'I don't get much' obvs x

blueskiesandflowers Mon 21-Jul-14 16:27:06

I bought a cuddly turtle each

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