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Has anyone got a storm yet

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blueskiesandflowers Fri 18-Jul-14 23:26:06

Nothing here yet I am south east

justmuddlingalong Fri 18-Jul-14 23:28:05

North east Scotland. Diddly squat here. I'm feeling a bit neglected and left out, I want a storm.

VerucaInTheNutRoom Fri 18-Jul-14 23:28:52

NI here. Feeling envious of all the thunder and lightning happening over the water.

TheCunkOfPhilomena Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:13

Oh yes! It's been and gone (in Hastings). Was pretty amazing!

MrsPresley Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:15

Nothing in Edinburgh either sad

Had a wee so it of rain at tea time, nothing since angry

EatShitDerek Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:20

Leeds here and nothing

goandshowdaddy Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:28

Cambridgeshire here and some amazing lightening going on at the min - love it!

MrsPresley Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:45

That should be a wee spit of rain!

HeeHiles Fri 18-Jul-14 23:29:54

Slept through all the the thunder and lightening last night, was hoping for a bit of drama tonight but nothing so far :-(

I'm in London

misstiredbuthappy Fri 18-Jul-14 23:30:30

Not in wales!

Strange as its normaly pissing down here grin

BreeVDKamp Fri 18-Jul-14 23:31:33

You're south east.... Me too (SE London) and had a big storm last night and one this evening too! Love them, was at an outdoor cinema this evening watching the lightening smile

ExcuseTypos Fri 18-Jul-14 23:34:44

Not yet, it's all quiet.
Our dog woke us up last night, crying by the bedroom door. She was really scared poor thing.

MrsHoolie Fri 18-Jul-14 23:36:23

Been and gone,SE London

HeeHiles Fri 18-Jul-14 23:38:30

Not Fair!! Why didn't we get one?? Did it look like it was travelling west? Bree and Hoolie

Allsosad Fri 18-Jul-14 23:38:32

storm map it's coming towards london

Sabrinnnnnnnna Fri 18-Jul-14 23:40:14

My part of Kent had it about 9pm - quite amazing thunder and lightning. The dog was barking, lightning was flashing, we were watching out the back door. DD was crying because she saw forked lightning ("big lines of lightning") and it really scared her [bless] she recovered quite quickly.

It's all moved on now.

stayingdry Fri 18-Jul-14 23:40:25

thunder and lightning in Nottinghamshireshock

ThisIsBULLSHIT Fri 18-Jul-14 23:40:47

goansshow where in cambs are you! we are kind of south of cambs and had a few blasts of minor lightening but nothing else... Hoping it comes this way soonish!

Daddypigsgusset Fri 18-Jul-14 23:44:18

North West is still scorching as usual grin
It must be the first time ever that we've had better weather than. . Errrr....well.... anyone???

beanful Fri 18-Jul-14 23:46:59

Spectacular storm just finished here in essex- thunder so loud it shook the house!

themonsteratemyspacebaragain Fri 18-Jul-14 23:48:48

Nope nothing in the north west. Its bloody boiling and been waiting all day for a spot of rain at the least but nothing.

MrsLeonard Fri 18-Jul-14 23:49:19

i slept right through it last night. as did my scared of everything dopey hound.

Amazing in NE Kent from 9.30-11. Unless you were at Rochester castle watching ub40 of course.

Best lightning show I have seen in years! smile

allisgood1 Fri 18-Jul-14 23:50:35

Nothing in surrey except a bit of rain. Why do I feel like the unexpected storm last night was probably bigger than this one is going to be?? Usually is the way with snow!! Never happens the way they predict it will confused

We had them in Cornwall all last night. Lasted from about 9pm until well after I went to bed at 11pm. Very surprised DS, 3, slept through it.

It was pretty cool though, haven't seen a storm like that for years!

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