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Quick - what present can I get from a supermarket or local shop (not alcohol)0

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splodgeness Fri 18-Jul-14 14:07:09

Just realised I have not got my BIL a prezzie and they are coming round later. Need to get a present locally i.e. supermarket. He doesn't drink, otherwise it would be easy.

What can I get from a supermarket, any ideas before I traipse off down there in this 30 degree heat!!

Lucked Fri 18-Jul-14 14:08:11

DVD, book. Depending on size aftershave.

traviata Fri 18-Jul-14 14:08:40

selection of magazines/ book/ dvd/ plant/ chocs/ biscuits/ cheese selection & crackers

traviata Fri 18-Jul-14 14:09:23

nice soft drinks eg ginger beer, elderflower fizz

sweetheart Fri 18-Jul-14 14:09:31

flowers / choccies / nice biscuits

Laquila Fri 18-Jul-14 14:11:51

Does he like nice coffee? Or depending on size of supermarket maybe clothes/slippers etc. Alternatively DVD box set? Gardening stuff? Cheese, chutney and crackers is a good idea. Some supermarkets have those magazine gift subscriptions too.

splodgeness Fri 18-Jul-14 14:14:41

Ah yes I forgot about the gift card voucher thingies!

He has LOADS of DVDs so didn't want to take a guess on that.

But a magazine, plant, chocs is good idea. Like the posh coffee idea. Personally I would blinking love a massive load of cheese!

OK, loads of ideas, better get the air con on in the car and get down there.

CulturalBear Fri 18-Jul-14 14:32:33

Gift card or photo frames are my go tos. Be grateful for aircon.

Namechangearoonie123 Fri 18-Jul-14 14:37:18

3 boxes of Crunchie Nut Cornflakes

Most people like them. No one buys them as they're too expensive.

I buy gift vouchers, even if people use them towards shopping and then have spare cash for something elsewhere, they are a no lose gift.

splodgeness Fri 18-Jul-14 17:05:53

Thanks all, super helpful suggestions, was going for the gift card, but in fact got a massive box of green and blacks chocolates, a book and a cycling magazine. Doesn't look as if it has come at the last minute from the supermarket! Although the licking on the card may still be wet when he arrives in a minute!

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