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Anyone got a Volvo XC90?

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JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 17:51:25

If so what's the reality of running it? Diesel, services, tyres etc? We'd be looking at a 2003-2005 model.

We're getting a new car in the next few months and can't decide between the Volvo and S-Max.

TweetPetite Sat 12-Jul-14 17:59:18

Watching with interest Jazzy as we are deciding between the same!

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 18:05:12

Ah really. I keep going back to the S-Max as the sensible, cheap option. But I love the Volvo!

headlesslambrini Sat 12-Jul-14 18:09:14

Phone your local dealership and ask how much a interim and full service is. Should give you some idea.

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 18:10:05

That's a good idea, thanks headless. I just don't want to be left with a car we can't afford to run.

Theresadogonyourballs Sat 12-Jul-14 18:18:02

Not the 90, but I drive the very similar xc60 for work, and I'm also responsible for fuelling it, and repairs. No getting around it - it's a very expensive car to run. Tyres cost a fortune, if you have it serviced at Volvo they will pretty much expect you to have a bottomless wallet too. Insurance and tax are steep. But the upsides - I love driving it, (it's an automatic, so practically drives itself), you feel very safe, it has lots of lovely gadgets, (Bluetooth, digital radio etc), lots of room in the boot, and if you get the family model it has built in booster seats. So, yes it's a lovely car, but not a cheap option smile.

EricIsMine Sat 12-Jul-14 18:18:16

I have a Volvo, not the XC90 but a 2009 model C70 with the 2.4 D5 engine if that's the same engine as in the car you're looking at? Volvo dealers charge a fortune for services, but I take mine to a local independent Volvo specialist...service is around £100 to £150.

Mpg is between 28 to 35 around town ... 45 to 60+ on the motorway - not great but I love the car so much I put up with it grin

This is my second Volvo ... I absolutely love them! Go Swedish, you won't regret it!

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 19:01:18

This is what I was worried about.

We walk to school and will only use it in the week and weekends to nip across town with the occasional trip away.

I'm 30 this year and I've always wanted a big 4x4 type car, but with 3 dc we need 7 seats and this one is perfect in every way with the exception of the cost to run.

I'm guessing that as we'll be getting an older model which will no doubt have done 100k plus miles, it's going to be even more expense isn't it?

PoppyAmex Sat 12-Jul-14 19:08:06

I drive an XC90 from 2004 and love it.

Have had faster and flashier cara but never loved a car as much as my Volvo.

My MPG is probably on the 30s region but I run around villages and small rural roads. It would be better in motorway.

It's a brilliant machine and has sailed through MOTs but to be fair it did have a great service history.

Drives as if you're sitting in an armchair and the boot space is amazing. Have a double bugaboo with two seats, a trike and a massive boot box with spare children's clothes etc and still have space for shopping. Adore it

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 19:11:37

Oh poppy I think I love you!

I've got a bugaboo buffalo so I must get this car, it's a match made in heaven grin.

How many miles has yours done if you don't mind me asking?

PandasRock Sat 12-Jul-14 19:14:17

I have one. Only got it (second hand) this year, so no service costs yet. Just changed all 4 tyres -£650.

I drive a lot (dd is at a SN school in the next county) and I spend £80 a week+ on diesel. I average just under 30mpg on mixed A road and lanes driving.

It is spacious, and can fit 3 children across the middle row, which is a bonus as it can be a faff getting in/out of the rear seats if your children use car seats.

Loads of space, though - currently I have ds'pram, all of dd2's considerable school kit (books, bags, sports kit, swim kit) and a cello in the boot, plus coats/hats assorted jumpers etc. and can still easily fit a full weekly shop in.

I had a Honda CRV before - also fits 3 children in well (depending on car seat configuration) and had better mileage (av around 40mpg), and had a good spacious boot too.

Dh has a Discovery - fits 3 children no problem across the middle row, and good boot room. I prefer the driving position and feel of the XC90 though.

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 19:19:35

Thank you pandas, you're also selling it to me.

PandasRock Sat 12-Jul-14 20:12:48

It is a great car. I had one new 10 years ago, and always regretted getting rid of it. I am really pleased to have one again.

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 20:16:37

Thanks panda. How far does the £80 per week go on diesel? How many miles roughly?

reallyneedmoresleep Sat 12-Jul-14 20:19:35

If you can wait a little while, they are bringing out a new model in 2015, which is likely to push down the cost of the current model, even 2nd hand. We looked at one last year, but I didn't think it handled that well.

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 20:26:42

That's good to know, thanks. But we've been carless for nearly a year and have been saving every spare penny and September is our goal, so I don't really want to wait much longer than that. It's bloody awful having 3 dc without a car!

MrsLion Sat 12-Jul-14 20:28:03

We have a 2004 xc90 abdolutely love it. Has done high mileage, but no problems. Expensive to service and repair but offset IMO by the reliability, safety, comfort etc.
3 dc across the back including car seats, room for friends and a huge boot.
Perfect family car.

PoppyAmex Sat 12-Jul-14 20:31:30

Jazzy will ask DH when he comes back, but I'm pretty sure it's well over 100,000.

I fit SO MUCH in the boot and there's still space to change nappies with DD and/or DS lying on the back grin

It also has two little silly things I really like;

- The driving seat is completely electronic, so you can do little adjustments like change the head rest, leg position etc. with the touch of a button while driving.

- The boot has a false floor near the door that lifts and creates a barrier for your shopping bags. It's silly but I love it grin

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 20:34:17

Thanks Mrs, I think I'll just have to put a bit aside each month for emergencies like tyres etc and then for the service and mot.

I just told dh we are getting one and he rolled his eyes and said 'yes dear'. I think I'm on to a winner!

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 20:36:11

I've seen those boots in the photos on autotrader poppy, I got a bit excited about them as when I used to open my zafira boot all my shopping would fall on he floor!

Do any of yours have the built in booster seats or is that just in the newer models?

PoppyAmex Sat 12-Jul-14 20:38:21

Mine does have at least one, the middle back seat I think (haven't used yet as DC are still very small).

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 20:40:27

Ok thanks. That was just another little gadget that excited me!

PandasRock Sat 12-Jul-14 21:44:53

the boot is great for nappy changes - the bottom ledge opening down is really convenient. the shopping guard is also great.

I do 75+ miles a day in the week, and a fair bit at weekends too. I'd say that £80 does me most of my week, so around 450 miles or so.

I have the middle seat booster (and did on my 2004 model too) - it's good for occasional use - really handy to not have to have a spare booster, but I prefer to use a high backed booster for daily use as has side impact protection/better head protection. It is a good solid booster though, and I accept I am anal about car seat use (dd1, who sits in the middle) is 9, and nearly tall enough to be out of a booster, but will keep her in one for a while yet, as I prefer the safety, as said before).

the driver/passenger seats are the most comfortable I have experienced ina car too - good lumbar support.

The only thing I don't like is the air con/heating system - it's (imo) impossible to get the temperature right - you're either a bit too cold or a bit too hot (the air con is vicious - great on hot days!), but again, that's a personal thing.

Newsofaarrived Sat 12-Jul-14 22:00:03

Hi, I've got a 54 plate xc90 which I got about 3 years ago.

Love it!! Our son loves his special integrated booster, it drives like a dream, but is a little thirsty - around 32mpg on rural roads. I tow our caravan with it too. One of the key featured for me was the auto gearbox meaning I am confident enough to tow - I've even towed in France (very proud of myself!!).

We love the car so much that dh is now getting a Volvo for his company car and I'm planning on an xc60 next year as my replacement. Sadly decided the xc90 is just a little too large for us with 1 ds and 2 dogs. But looking forward to my xc60 grin

JazzyThistle Sat 12-Jul-14 22:09:00

I think you guys have sold it to me, it really does sound like a great car.

Panda I honestly thought you were gonna say you did about 100 miles a week for £80! So it's really not as bad as I thought, I think I was expecting the worst.

Role on September now when we can buy one.

When are you planning on selling yours news wink?

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