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Three-month old DD has rolled over onto her tummy in her sleep!

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commsgirl Fri 11-Jul-14 22:50:54

Do I leave her? Roll her back over? Her head is to the side and room is fine in terms of temperature.

She's been doing this in the night for the last few days but always wakes up and cries. This is the first time she's stayed asleep on her front as far as I know.

Indulge me, she's my PFB!

FredFlintstonesSister Fri 11-Jul-14 22:52:13

Can she roll back over on her own? If yes, she's probably fine.

GenuinelyMaryMacguire Fri 11-Jul-14 22:53:09

You need a young mum to tell you the current advice. Sorry, I'm old. But when my dd was new, the hv told me to place her on her tummy to sleep and was shocked I hadn't tried it. She said it was better if they were posseting.
But then the advice changed, so I don't know what is current.

Trapper Fri 11-Jul-14 22:55:58

Sleep is valuable. She is sleeping, and clearly strong. Let her sleep comfortably, would be my advice.

If it is stressing you out and you are worried - turn her back though.

Basically my advice is go with the option that you think will let you get the most sleep.

GoodArvo Fri 11-Jul-14 23:02:00

My HV said it's fine if they roll onto their stomachs by themselves.

kilmuir Fri 11-Jul-14 23:04:09

Leave her

306235388 Fri 11-Jul-14 23:05:45

I always left mine when they did this

commsgirl Fri 11-Jul-14 23:28:04

Thanks everyone smile

I'll leave her. She looks so comfy and is much more settled than she has been for the last week or so so maybe this is what she was trying to do!

ChairmanWow Fri 11-Jul-14 23:34:26

DD, now 15 mo, was exactly the same at 3 mo and it worried me too. But you can't stand over her all night flipping her back over. She's happy and comfortable.

My DD will still only sleep in her stomach tho!

Diryan Sat 12-Jul-14 05:59:10

Leave her. You could always get one of those Angelcare breathing monitors if it'll reassure you.

shoopshoopsong Sat 12-Jul-14 06:23:47

I think the general advice is if they can roll onto their front they'll be able to roll back again so are not in danger

jellyandsoup Sat 12-Jul-14 06:38:20

My little girl always slept on her front, she just wouldn't sleep on her back, but we did use a breathing monitor. I think I would leave her, is she still in your room?

fhdl34 Sat 12-Jul-14 06:53:05

I wouldn't stay awake watching her but under 6 months if I found her on her front I'd roll her back onto her back. Once my two could roll easily one way or another I left them, and thankfully neither rolled like this in their sleep till over 6 months (they were both used to an anti-roll thing round their legs though)

PrueDent Sat 12-Jul-14 06:54:28

No advice but very impressed by these babies who are rolling over at 3 months!

Trickydecision Sat 12-Jul-14 06:59:56

Back in the 70s when I had my two, we were always told to put babies to sleep on their tummies. Yes, I know recent research has indicated that this is A Bad Thing, nevertheless the chances are your PFB will survive.

kate1516 Sat 12-Jul-14 07:00:17

If she can lift her head which she must be able to do if she's rolling then she should be fine. I had similar worries with my little one buta he was fine and always sleeps on his tummy (or in a crawl position sometimes now).

kate1516 Sat 12-Jul-14 07:03:39

And also think of the alternative....going n multiple times a night to flip them over! If she is rolling now she will keep doing it and you can't do much about it! Well actually we tried rolled up towels both sides of him but low down so nor near face but that is probably more dangerous. We only did that when he would roll on to his tummy, get stuck and cry. No sleep was killing us!

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