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Anyone used those 'cash for clothes' companies? Any bad experiences?

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unlucky83 Fri 11-Jul-14 21:54:42

I have finally accepted that I am not having any more babies...
Had saved lots of clothes as hand me downs for another DC ...the odd special thing but mostly just normal clothes...most should be in good condition baby grows worn for 3 months.
Did try passing some on - but I don't know anyone with a baby girl that hasn't got older DCs etc. And given up on freecycle for stuff like this (figure someone will pick them up and sell them)

A company comes to the small charity I work for and collects bags of clothes - the charity gets the money - but not due a collection for another 3 months. Now I have decided and I have time to go through them I just want rid...

Thought I might take them into one of those cash for clothes companies and then donate the money to my charity...they are offering more or less the same price per kilo anyway

But worried they might be rip off merchants - I'll turn up with my bags and bags ...they'll start paying less than advertised for whatever reason and I'll be stuck either bringing it home to store again - or would probably just drop it off at a normal charity shop - annoyed that my charity has missed out...

So any bad (or good) experiences?

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 12-Jul-14 10:08:40

I think they pay much less than the clothes are worth, they're only really worth it for clothes that are in such bad condition they're only value is fabric.

If they're in good condition I would either sell them as a bundle or if you don't need the money give them to a charity shop/women's shelter.

KillmeNow Sat 12-Jul-14 10:39:19

I have used them in the past but felt it was a poor return for my efforts to get the bags to the shop.

I had to stand and wait while a youth opened the bags and rifled through the clothes , presumably to make sure they were worth the 50p a kilo they were offering.It felt like waiting for a charity payout.

I wont be doing it again.

What I do now is use Gumtree or one of the local facebook selling pages and make up bundles of stuff for a nominal fee. Mostly people collect and because they have paid a small amount it usually means they turn up on time.

postcardofagoldenretriever Sat 12-Jul-14 11:49:34

Have a google and see if there are specific charities near you for baby items - there is one where I live that collects baby stuff and passes it on through the HV system to needy families, young single mothers and so on. Alternatively, you could ring the local Women's Aid and find out if they would take them - some women arrive in refuges pregnant or with small DC and literally nothing. Your local children's centre may also be able to advise you if there is any need for them locally. Then you know the clothes have gone to another baby, not just to fabric scraps... smile

unlucky83 Sat 12-Jul-14 11:51:01

That's interesting -
honestly I can't really be bothered to bundle them up etc - and we are relatively sparsely populated here so ebay never seems to work well (usually have to post - few collections - so items go for less ) also true for gumtree as we are a bit out of the way... people have to make a special trip.
I would drop them at a charity shop but then would feel bad I hadn't saved them for my local charity...I seemed to have a lot but then guess I have no real idea what a kilo of clothes looks like (will get scales out!)
I have lots of other stuff to get rid of ... so was thinking of doing a car boot - or there is a child stuff market thing - but thought clothes don't really sell well at things like that?
Idea is to give a percentage of what I make from that to a local charity too - I have been gifted lots of stuff ...
I'm not rich - but don't 'need' the money - feel would be morally wrong to keep all of it

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 12-Jul-14 11:55:46

I was expecting an inspection and someone to go through my bags, but they just weighed them and gave me my money! But yeah it is for rags, not good stuff.

unlucky83 Sat 12-Jul-14 12:02:57

Oh the women's centre thing would be good...I know there is a refuge localish - there is a Christmas present collection run by the church - don't know exact location/contact -think that's deliberate - but know who to ask to find out how they get the presents to them....
This area is relatively wealthy -but we are quite close to a city which has deprived areas (different county -my HV etc wouldn't be much help) - guess it would be matter of finding out who to get in touch with a GP practice in one of those?

Would like to help my local charity too though...hmm

Fluffyears Sat 12-Jul-14 12:38:22

They go through the bags to check the stuff isn't wet. The guy told us people bring in wet stuff as it's heavier and get more money.

I like them, when I moved house I took down clothes, ripped towels, worn sheets and bags, shoes belts and got the advertised price and we also got rid of a totally broken laptop (only got a fiver but was going to dump anyway)

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