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Talk to me about Leeds

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Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 21:42:48

Thinking of moving there. Currently in another part of Yorkshire but will never be able to afford to buy here so need to get creative and I'm liking the idea of Leeds because it's a city and therefore has a lot going on with also a good mix of people. Very limited budget by today's standards - could go to £90,000 or £100,000 at a push and I'd want quite a lot of space for it because we have a lot of stuff so would need two bedrooms and ideally two reception rooms as well or maybe three bedrooms and one reception room. I have found properties I could afford in the LS10, LS11, LS12 and LS27 areas. Are they utter armpits? Could we feel safe and happy there? Are the schools really that bad? Please don't anybody suggest Roundhay or Headingley or similar - there is no way I could afford anything there so lovely as they are they are out of the question.

Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 21:57:33


Hoppinggreen Fri 11-Jul-14 22:01:23

Have you considered Huddersfield?
It's a town rather than a city but with good road and rail links.
There are some good schools here and property us reasonable. There are nice and not so nice areas but you can be in Leeds or Manchester pretty quickly and there is lovely countryside

Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 22:09:29

I haven't considered it at all actually, so thanks for the info. I do think though that on balance I would prefer to live in a city - the place I'm in now is lovely but I'm starting to feel a bit hemmed in, which makes me think bigger is better. It's just that I know Leeds has rough areas and presumably they are the areas that I could afford to buy in, so I wondered if anyone local could say what they thought of those postcodes.

Thisisanoutrage Fri 11-Jul-14 22:10:38

Out of those LS27. Or how about Pudsey?

Shesaysso Fri 11-Jul-14 22:11:50

I would say no to LS10, 11 & 12 but others may disagree - LS27 is a possibility but I have no knowledge of what the schools are like there.

escape Fri 11-Jul-14 22:12:00

Look at Wakefield way - great links into Leeds from Rothwell, Lofthouse/Stanley etc and in between WF and Leeds,

Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 22:14:57

Re Wakefield, I think I really do want to live in a city, actually. Have always done so since I left home before moving to where we are now, and I miss the buzz that you get.

MonterayJack Fri 11-Jul-14 22:17:27

I don't know what the schools are like, but have you any thoughts about Swillington? It's LS26 but there are lovely houses there at a reasonably price and it's a really attractive area (imo).

Meanwood is on the up but think your local schools would be Carr Manor and because I no longer have school age dc, I cant say what they're like.

Fcukfifa Fri 11-Jul-14 22:19:19

My sister lives in rothwell which is ls26, it is so lovely and only 15 mins into Leeds centre on the bus. Her second to youngest school goes to Rodillion high school and says it's great.
I think there is a real mixture of houses in rothwell too, ranging from super posh to nicely affordable. There's been some regeneration in the precinct and I think there's still something they are building.

poshfrock Fri 11-Jul-14 22:26:41

I used to live in LS28. We sold our three bed terrace for £115k 2 years ago. Farsley and Pudsey both have some good schools. Farsley Fairfield is good with outstanding areas, a fabulous
head and excellent on site childcare which is open all year round. Pudsey Grange field is a good secondary. It was completely rebuilt about 5/6 years ago as part of the Building for the Future programme and has state of the art facilities. Farsley has a nice village feel with nice shops and bars. Pudsey has good and bad bits. Trains to Leeds from New Pudsey station take about 12mins. Massive Asda super centre in Pudsey which I still miss.M&S next door if you prefer. Cinema at Thornbury which is officially Bradford but only 5 minutes away. Leisure centre and pool in Pudsey.
My DH still works as a police officer in Leeds and commutes in. LS10, 11 and 12 are very very rough. He would definitely warn you off them.
Hope this helps.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Fri 11-Jul-14 22:38:01

I was going to suggest Pudsey too. We looked there when we were first looking to buy.
I also think Meanwood is supposed to be on the up. They have a Waitrose now and everything!
Horsforth is decent too. Not sure what prices are like there. Or what about Crossgates?

commsgirl Fri 11-Jul-14 23:01:23

Ls26 or 27 both have nice bits although not actually 'in the city' so you're probably just as well looking at Wakefield too. Outwood/Lofthouse/Lofthouse Gate all nice with good public transport links to Leeds and easy drive. Fantastic schools.

Agree with PPs about Rothwell and Farsley.

Millytint Fri 11-Jul-14 23:18:49

Meanwood definitely on the up so would be very little in the price range. Ls27 is okay...affordable, good links into the city and a couple of good primaries, but if you want a mix of people you would be socialising in the city rather than locally.

Millytint Fri 11-Jul-14 23:20:11

Horsforth is nice, but not affordable, except for really grim bits. Also transport would be a bugger as its a very long time in the bus into town.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 11-Jul-14 23:27:36

Pudsey is great but possibly out of your budget.

Personally I think LS27 (Morley) is actually a nice place. Good town centre with nice shops, market and sports centre. Probably realistic on your budget.

I grew up in LS12 and there is a lot of good stuff about it, including very good access to the city centre. Armley has some nice bits and an OK town centre. LS10 and 11 Hunslet and Beeston have bad reputations but I know people who live in the victorian terraces there and really liked it.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 11-Jul-14 23:29:45

Wakefield is a city by the way, admittedly not as big as Leeds but deffo a city.

MrsMikeDelfino Fri 11-Jul-14 23:33:49

LS10, 11, and 12 I wouldn't live in - not up on my postcodes but a quick google says that's Hunslet and Beeston way out. They're notorious for being a bit rough.
LS9 definite no go area too ( had friends who used to live there, was awful and they'd say as much too!)
LS27 is apparently Morley area. That's a lot nicer, and a nice area as far as I know. Out of the postcodes you give, that's your best bet.
I'm with whoever said check Wakefield area out - Rothwell and Methley area is just on the outskirts of Leeds city centre and has a Leeds postcode. Lovely there.

FelixFelix Fri 11-Jul-14 23:34:31

I live in LS12! A lot of people turn their nose up at it but I quite like it. So close to the city centre but house prices are cheap. Most of the area is great, and there's some really nice places to live. I've lived in 4 different houses here and neighbours have always been friendly and it's lovely and quiet at night. You can buy a 2 bed terraced house with a big cellar on my street for under 70k grin

No idea about schools as my DD is only 6 months.

Trazzletoes Fri 11-Jul-14 23:40:59

I used to live in Morley (LS27). I really liked living there. It does have a more "separate" feel as it's not been part of Leeds City for massively long. I wouldn't get on the train there (a friend was attacked by the station as it used to be quite remote). There is more building by it now but I don't feel safe there. Having said that, the buses in to town are good and you can get in to town quickly from there. White Rose just round the corner as well.

Fab transport links as you're right by the motorway. Schools are generally good. I think The Fountains was in special measures when I lived there but the others were good and I think Morley Victoria had a very good reputation. I've not heard any bad things about the 2 senior schools. People are on the whole friendly.

TheGirlFromIpanema Fri 11-Jul-14 23:42:50

I am lol-ing at the thought that there are grim bits in Horsforth grin

<<longs for move up the road to Horsforth from actual grim bit which is really not that grim at all >>

OP I have lived in more than one of the rougher parts of Leeds, think Beeston, Seacroft and now the grim bit down from Horsforth wink In all these areas there are streets/areas to avoid and other nicer area's - for within your price range. I have a perfectly nice life and dc's have attended really good local schools. Its a case of doing your research locally (or on here) when you have specific streets/properties in mind I'd say...

puzzletree Fri 11-Jul-14 23:44:18

I live other side of Leeds but know a fair few people in Beeston who love it despite its bad reputation. St Luke's seems to be the primary school of choice.

Trazzletoes Fri 11-Jul-14 23:46:03

Ipanema I'm in Horsforth now! Last year we were the 7th most burgled postcode in the whole country with the insurance premiums to prove it.

Some bits of Horsforth are a little more down on their luck...

Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 23:46:11

Thank you so much everyone for your input -I am learning a lot here so please do keep the advice coming. The cellar thing is intriguing - I see them on the house sales adverts. I have looked at a couple of places in Rothwell and Stillingworth on rightmove and could potentially afford them (need to get a job though - this plan is still in its infancy!) and nice to hear from someone who lives in LS12 and likes it and quiet at night sounds good. I guess I really need to start thinking about if I want to go suburban or urban and I'm kind of torn tbh - prior to having ds I was very much a city-living kind of person and not phased at all by rough neighbourhoods, especially not 'city' type rough neighbourhoods because you have such a mix of people and not everyone in poorer places is a rough type because of the influx factor, whereas in smaller places like where I live now the rough neighbourhoods have nothing to dilute them. I just don't know if Leeds is like that.

Cruikshank Fri 11-Jul-14 23:52:07

I mean that I need to get a job in Leeds! I am working now but obviously if we moved I'd need another one.

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