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what's a good brand for vitamins?

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cardamomginger Fri 11-Jul-14 20:12:57

Solgar seems to be everywhere, but is it any good?

I'm looking for probiotics, vitamin d, d mannose, fish oils.

Had a look on Amazon earlier, and it is overwhelming!

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

JsOtherHalf Fri 11-Jul-14 22:00:34

I get almost everything from zipvit:

ShineSmile Fri 11-Jul-14 22:11:50

I use solgar probiotics for dd because they are major allergen free

cardamomginger Fri 11-Jul-14 22:26:58

Thanks. I also have allergies. Never heard of zipvit - will investigate.

gimcrack Sat 12-Jul-14 10:46:06

Own brand, as they're cheaper.

ender Sat 12-Jul-14 12:17:27

I've used healthspan for years as need to take high doses of fish oil for an auto immune condition. Their super strength Omega 3 liquid is great, no need to swallow loads of capsules and no fishy aftertaste.

cardamomginger Sat 12-Jul-14 13:48:47

Are own brand just as good?

cardamomginger Sat 12-Jul-14 13:49:36

Thanks ender ☺

fluffydoge Sat 12-Jul-14 13:50:51

We get boots own brand

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