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Do you miss your dh....

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HygieneFreak Fri 11-Jul-14 18:23:08

When he works away?

Dh has been away for 5 days, due back tonight. Hes never been away before, but i havent missed him.

rubyslippers Fri 11-Jul-14 18:24:38

Yes I miss him

The kids miss him much more though

RudyMentary Fri 11-Jul-14 18:25:13

Yes - I do.
Life is sometimes easier when he's not here though - mealwise etc

HygieneFreak Fri 11-Jul-14 18:25:58

How long does he have to have been gone before you start to miss him?

Nomama Fri 11-Jul-14 18:26:17

Yes, and mine has worked away for a lot of our married life. It doesn't go away, it just becomes more... usual!

beccajoh Fri 11-Jul-14 18:27:35

Yes I do.

RudyMentary Fri 11-Jul-14 18:27:53

I miss him throughout a normal working day if I'm at home.
If I'm busy or at work then I don't so much.

LEMmingaround Fri 11-Jul-14 18:27:59

I miss mine when he goes to work! And comes home every night blush

MrsDavidBowie Fri 11-Jul-14 18:28:06

No. Life much easier

littlewhitebag Fri 11-Jul-14 18:28:28

Mine was away for eight days and came back on Wednesday. I really missed him in the evening when we would usually sit and chat after dinner. It was worse this time as he was away over the weekend and I was pretty bored. I really like having the bed to myself though and have had a week of great sleeps!

readyforno2 Fri 11-Jul-14 18:30:01

I do. He works 4 weeks on, 4 off.
I miss him after about the first three days. The kids really feel it too!

It gets harder every time he goes away.

Ludways Fri 11-Jul-14 18:30:05

A bit of both, if I'm honest.

I miss his company but I also love reading without the telly on, eating chocolate for dinner and sleeping like a starfish.

gamerchick Fri 11-Jul-14 18:31:13

Yes.. I miss him when he's at work and look forward to going home when I am. When he works away I look forward till he's home.

We're not joined at the hip though but I love his company.

eltsihT Fri 11-Jul-14 18:32:40

BC (before children) dh would have to be away for 10-14 days before I would miss him, I would just catch up with friends, go to my groups, catch up on tv, do some lesson plans.

Dc are 3 and 1 yo and I miss him if he is just late home from work as I get very lonely in the evenings.

seaweedhead Fri 11-Jul-14 18:33:09

Mine works away quite a lot and yes I do miss him. I enjoy his company and it's nice having someone to share the burden of childcare etc.
I do like having the TV to myself though... and meals are easier if I only have myself to think of.

Same as ludways
I miss him but I also enjoy the space

AnyFucker Fri 11-Jul-14 18:34:34

I am happily married but I never miss my husband when he is away

Nor my kids

BeanyIsPregnant Fri 11-Jul-14 18:35:20

My do has been away for a week and is back today too, I don't think I missed him, moreso it's Lonley without him, I'm just used to him being around!

and he normally gets up with dd in the night, I'm 38w preg and haven't enjoyed that this week so he better be home for bedtime!

SomeSunnySunday Fri 11-Jul-14 18:37:55

Not really, and we are very happily married. He is away every couple of weeks for 3/4 nights on average, so I'm fairly used to it. I miss help at bath / bedtime, but I also quite enjoy being able to go to bed at 8pm with a cup of tea and watch a film or TV which he would veto! I like it when he comes home though, and when he's done (much) longer trips, 10 days plus, then yes, I do miss him.

ToAvoidConversation Fri 11-Jul-14 18:42:24

Yes I would miss him. More so if I was at home, less so if I was out and distracted by something. A wee night alone occasionally is nice but no longer than that.

TheFirmament Fri 11-Jul-14 18:51:03

Yes and no.

It is easier having only one person making decisions, and he's messy, and a fussy eater, so things are just more straightforward. It's my habit to go around tidying up as I go, and when DP's away, it actually stays tidy (relatively - even with 2 DC).

But I miss him at night when I get lonely, the DC miss him which can be upsetting, and after about 3 days I start wanting him back. Also bedtime is very tough if I have a lot of work on and have to work in the evenings, as it can take ages to get them to sleep and then its 9/10pm and I'm looking at 2 hours work. I hate that. I love it when DP can take over at bedtime.

Only1scoop Fri 11-Jul-14 18:51:58

Dp works away all the time and I hate to say I rarely miss him.

MrsPresley Fri 11-Jul-14 18:59:48

Nope, never miss him!

My DP is a long distance lorry drive, goes away on a Monday morning, comes home either Friday night or Saturday late morning/early afternoon and I never miss him blush

Even when he did continental work and was away 6/8 weeks at a time I never missed him, but he's always done this type of work, so we've never known any different.

TBH I sometimes wonder what things will be like when he retires, because in all the years we've been together, the longest we've spent together is 2 weeks when we've been on holiday.

Even DD doesn't know what it's like to have him around for longer that!

CrimeaRiver Fri 11-Jul-14 19:01:16

I miss having him to talk to, and when we are separated for more than a week or so I actually feel incomplete. He's the only person who knows me inside out, to whom I can speak my mind and who truly understands, so I feel like a part if me is missing when he's not there to share stuff with. I also miss his banter and chat, he makes me laugh. I miss knowing what his mood his and how he is feeling.

But I LOVE having the telly to myself, eating what I want and only if I want, having a tidy house.

Nancy66 Fri 11-Jul-14 19:04:50

mine works away a lot so I'm used to it. I start to miss him after about 3 weeks, I enjoy the first week.

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