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Please help me translate this

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Just gave ds a babybel. He unwrapped it and gave me the wrapper saying

More sex confused

He has repeated it. Eaten the cheese and I've just shown hi. The wrapper again and he has said the same.

More sex!

Wtf is he saying??

LadyGnome Fri 11-Jul-14 17:27:47

How old is he?

If he 17 months its one thing if he is 17 years old then he is on the phone to his gf at the same time wink

LoveVintage Fri 11-Jul-14 17:28:48

Depends on his age. If he is 16 plus, no translation required! If he is a babe, hmm sorry can't help! He seems to like them though smile

FruVikingessOla Fri 11-Jul-14 17:29:14

How old is he? Are there 6 Babybels in the bag? Maybe he means he wants all six of them?

LadyGnome Fri 11-Jul-14 17:31:52

More this?

Sorry he is three.

When I say more sex he agrees with me!

He doesn't want more. I offered.

His speech is quite clear usually. I'm a bit flummoxed! I've distracted him with some crayons.

Thumbwitch Fri 11-Jul-14 17:40:22

What is the current ad for Babybels showing? Obviously not sex, but would it have any relation to what he might be saying? (I'm not in the UK so no clue)

tethersend Fri 11-Jul-14 17:42:33

Could it be 'wax' in reference to the casing?

No idea about the ad. I've just got DH to ask him what the wrapper is

Still More Sex!

Kittymautz Fri 11-Jul-14 17:49:59

Is he trying to say 'rubbish'? As in the wrapper is rubbish?

Thumbwitch Fri 11-Jul-14 17:50:13

So is it the cellophane or the wax he's referring to as "more sex"?

(Not that I can help either way, I'm just trying to get the complete picture grin)

Goldmandra Fri 11-Jul-14 17:50:21

Could it be music? I've used crinkly wrappers as noise makers in a box of music making toys.

The. Cellophane

As he is still learning to speak (!) he has a soft R so it sound like


Don't think it's music or rubbish, he says both of those clearly!

Optimist1 Fri 11-Jul-14 18:07:21

This is going to keep me coming back to this thread to see what the answer is!! (I usually speak quite good Baby, but this is a puzzle to me).

One thought I did have - could the "ex" sound be "eggs" (referring to the shape)?

And another - is any part of "more sex" possibly his name?

LadyGnome Fri 11-Jul-14 18:11:41

What does he watch on TV? Is he making a random association with something he has seen on a programme?

FruVikingessOla Fri 11-Jul-14 18:12:01

Ooh, 'eggs' sounds a good idea Optimist1!

306235388 Fri 11-Jul-14 18:19:47

Dd once asked me for a cheesy grape and she meant a baby bel <helpful>

Optimist1 Fri 11-Jul-14 18:19:47

<preens> Told you I speak good Baby!

Thumbwitch Fri 11-Jul-14 18:20:31

Mouse eggs?

Eggs are icks but good shout!

He is currently obsess with Thomas and friends and frozen.

FruVikingessOla Fri 11-Jul-14 18:34:50

Mouse eggs?!

FruVikingessOla Fri 11-Jul-14 18:35:28

X-posted Thumb (sorry, missed that blush)

He is currently refusing to eat his tea.

He has just fake sneezed and said he is sick hmm

Maybe he just means more sex...........

Optimist1 Fri 11-Jul-14 18:49:52

Oh no, I have to go out now so can't participate further this evening. You are all under instructions to sort this out whilst I'm enjoying my curry!

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