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what the fuck have I done to my shoulder?

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LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 03:35:47

I can't imagine anyone's awake but I need an outlet! Woke up about an hour ago in agonising pain in my shoulder
Have taken ibuprofen but it doesn't seem to have eased. I think it's muscle pain but all down my arm is tingly as well and I can't find any position that's comfortable. Sleep appears impossible. Anyone got any tips to help the pain?

tharsheblows Fri 11-Jul-14 04:05:51

I did this - it was something stuck (?) - ok, I don't know what it was, but my local osteopath sorted it. I go to him a fair amount - I have trouble with my shoulder and he fixes it instantly - but I thought I had really hurt myself that time, it was incredibly painful. The weird feeling went down my arm to my middle fingers, it was strange and unpleasant.

Would a hot or cold shower aimed at your shoulder or ice pack / hot water bottle see you through til morning? I heard that cold is best for muscles and inflammation but sometimes warm eases pain better.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 07:33:37

Thanks very much. Painkillers eventually kicked in enough for me to sleep but it's still really sore, am trying to remember to use my other hand for everything to give my shoulder a rest but I'm very right handed so it's not proving easy! Was worried about waking dc by having shower last night but the one this morning was bliss. Will stock up on painkillers today and hope it gets better, otherwise will have to investigate osteopath or similar on Monday

CeliaFate Fri 11-Jul-14 07:39:47

Go to the g.p. - it could be the start of frozen shoulder. They can give you a steroid injection to ease any inflammation.
Don't leave it too late, go now while it's really painful. I didn't and the shoulder continued to freeze, I was in agony for 2 years.

FanjoForTheMammaries Fri 11-Jul-14 07:43:00

Sounds like a trapped nerve to me. I would see GP for decent painkillers.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 08:28:09

Celia that's exactly what my mother said! Going to try and get a GP appt when the phone lines open this morning. Not sure if I'm overreacting but at least they might be able to give me some more powerful painkillers.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 11-Jul-14 08:31:10

I wake up liked this sometimes, it's usually a muscle spasm that eases with a hot bath/shower and heat and ice compreses and pain killers.

Mrsjayy Fri 11-Jul-14 08:32:31

I have a frozen shoulder thats how it started it bloody hurts be careful reaching for things I nearly passed out with pain the other day im on ibuprofen the painkillers gp gave me were rubbish

settingsitting Fri 11-Jul-14 08:39:01

I had exactly the same as CeliaFate.

Mrsjayy Fri 11-Jul-14 08:45:15

I am going to have a frozen shoukder for 2 years shock im due back at the docs after my holiday

CeliaFate Fri 11-Jul-14 08:48:28

Mrsjayy Mine lasted 2 years. Started off really painful, then the pain eased but my shoulder was frozen, I couldn't put my hand behind my back or raise it above my head.
I had 2 injections into the joint with a camera to show where to put it, plus physio. Nothing really helped. Then one day I could wash my hair properly in the shower and undo my bra without taking the straps down and whizzing it round. It was like a religious awakening!! grin
It may not last 2 years, but that's the average.
Go back to the gp and most importantly do physio exercises every day at home.

Mrsjayy Fri 11-Jul-14 08:59:21

The pain started on holiay over easter it came and went got worse and worse ignored it went end of last month ive to go back middle of july im away on Sunday but will make an appointment, I think its frozen now as its not as sore but my reach iyswim is awful one handed hair washing etc etc I have one hairy pit cos I cant shave properly angry ive to get a steroid injection my friend got an operation on hers,

Skinheadmermaid Fri 11-Jul-14 09:06:01

Tiger balm should help ease the pain.

settingsitting Fri 11-Jul-14 09:27:28

Mine got better with heat and exercises.

I didnt realise I had a proper problem for about 3 months. It took me 3 months to realise as my shoulder just got colder very gradually.

In the same way, I realised eventually that I had to slowly thaw it out with heat. Heat day in and day out. I came to see my shoulder as a houlder of lamb that had to be dethawed.
The whole process took 2 years.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 09:38:23

Ok now getting a bit worried about having a frozen shoulder for 2 years! Hope those of you who are still in pain are on the road to recovery.

CheeryName Fri 11-Jul-14 09:41:33

Is there ANY possibility of being pregnant? Pain in shoulder can be linked to ectopic pregnancy which needs treatment immediately. Don't want to scare you but is important.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 09:43:57

Oh shit. Really? I suppose there is a theoretical possibility although unlikely and I've just had an unusually light and short period. Would it feel like muscle type pain though?

Johnogroats Fri 11-Jul-14 09:43:59

I have had this on / off for the past year. At times v painful, and then suddenly it goes! I have had medical scans and there is nothing seriously wrong - just normal degradation for someone of my age - 43. I am fit(ish) and things that kick it off are carrying heavy bags, cycling with ruck sacks and once turning round while swimming to see if I was about to hit the side of the pool.

Essentially it is a trapped nerve. I have had sports massages - at times they help, but I think at others, they exacerbate the problem. My physio does manipulation which eases things, and he also does acupuncture. I am not sure how useful this is, but it seems to be improving at the moment. The worst thing is not being able to sleep at night - it almost feels like the bones in my elbow are sticking out! I take ibroprofen / paracetamol at times.

Johnogroats Fri 11-Jul-14 09:44:46

I am definitely not pg!

CheeryName Fri 11-Jul-14 09:47:44

Liege I'm not a doctor it's just something I remember from first aid training. I think you should phone NHS urgently it's better to be safe and sorry esp as you've had odd period. Good luck.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 09:49:33

I have a doctor's appt very shortly so no need for NHS direct but thanks very much for the info.

Good luck

sebsmummy1 Fri 11-Jul-14 09:55:20

I have this problem and for me, I've got it forever unfortunately (first twanged it 10 years ago and it has given me problems ever since). Seeing a chiropractor did help for a while.

I will tell you what happened to me and if it resonates I will tell you what I wish I had done.

I was in the back of a car sleeping with my head on a funny angle in the way to Disneyland Paris. I woke up and my neck/shoulder felt funny but I thought it would work it's way right. That evening I went to taken my top off and something went TWANG and I screamed. I then couldn't move my head or neck, for example I couldn't look over my shoulder whilst reversing. I was in intense pain for days, when I came home I hoped it would go away on it's own and I guess it did finally, but left my index finger feeling slightly tingly.

This finger sensation went on for years until I saw a physio and a chiropractor. I thought a trapped nerve but they think it's actually referred pain. The diagnosis seems to be that I ripped the muscle and it has knitted back together with scar tissue which will continue to cause me problems for life. On the plus side since the chiropractor worked on me the tingling finger isn't omnipresent. It comes and goes.

What I wish I had done is had some intense physio done on it immediately so the muscle had knitted back together again correctly which would have probably prevented the referred pain. Muscle is amazing and if damaged will heal but with scar tissue. Pain killers are all well and good but don't solve the original problem.

Lastly if you are unlucky enough to develop long term frozen shoulder you can have Botox injected into it which is amazingly effective apparently as it forces the muscle to relax.

LiegeAndLief Fri 11-Jul-14 09:58:42

Oh no sebsmummy that sounds horrible. I never had a twang moment, although the aftermath sounds similar to how I feel now. It felt a little bit sore in the evening and then I just woke up in loads of pain. Will see what the GP says. I have private health care through work so I guess that might help if they suggest physio, don't know if it's too soon for that or not...

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