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What was that about at the end of Emmerdale? 'For Harry with love'

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MammaTJ Thu 10-Jul-14 21:08:43

Has something happened to the baby with Downs Syndrome?

WipsGlitter Thu 10-Jul-14 21:10:06

He has died in real life. sad

MILLYmo0se Thu 10-Jul-14 21:36:12

ah thats awful !

Marmaladecat1 Thu 10-Jul-14 21:41:09

That's so sad

Deemail Thu 10-Jul-14 21:43:39

That's so sad, poor lad he was gorgeous, his family must be devastated, may he rest in peace.

Itsfab Thu 10-Jul-14 21:44:41

There is a thread in telly addicts where someone has posted it was his funeral today and Mark has posted a tribute on twitter.

MammaTJ Thu 10-Jul-14 21:58:09

Can someone link to the telly addicts thread please? I can't find it as am on mobile. Lappy playing up!

Coumarin Thu 10-Jul-14 22:15:53

I hadn't watched episode 2 yet. During the tonight's 1st one I was smiling at the tv because of how gorgeous his smile was and his tiny feet.

Christ that's so sad. I'm in tears.

SarahAndFuck Thu 10-Jul-14 22:25:58

Oh, that is so sad. That poor family.

SarahAndFuck Thu 10-Jul-14 22:27:51

The other thread is here

MammaTJ Fri 11-Jul-14 05:36:29

Thanks Sarah!

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