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when's a good time to go to New York?

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Galvanized Thu 10-Jul-14 20:59:13

I want to take my mum on a surprise trip but her birthday is in January so probably too cold? How would it be in December/November? Spring? Summer is too hot I guess?

SantanaLopez Thu 10-Jul-14 21:00:37

Christmas time is really, really lovely but it can be bitterly cold. You can usually pick up good Christmas shopping flight + accommodation deals too.

Namechangearoonie123 Thu 10-Jul-14 21:00:45

I've been lots of times. December had lovely crisp cold. Autumn and spring are gorgeous but can be windy/rainy. I think it's too hot in July/August for me.

TheFirstOfHerName Thu 10-Jul-14 21:01:09

Spring or Autumn. I have been in April and October and both were fine. Weather was mild and pleasant.

Galvanized Thu 10-Jul-14 21:09:55

Tough one isn't it. I love the idea of Christmas shopping but I know we'd love to be able to wander and explore and it's colder than the UK so not comfortable for that in December?

Bluecarrot Thu 10-Jul-14 21:15:59

We went in early February. It was cold but we didn't have to queue for any touristy things for more than 10 mins ( and that was due to security checks)

ThePowerOfMe Thu 10-Jul-14 21:16:31

Anytime will be brill! Not helpful but envy

I went in November, only had to wear a short winter coat. Wasn't too cold and the lights were all on for Xmas as well. We are attempting to go this year for Xmas. We live some were hot, so I am looking forward to rugging up in the brisk air!

SantanaLopez Thu 10-Jul-14 21:18:21

As long as you're dressed properly it would be comfortable. It's easier to wrap up for December than it is to dress for the August heat!

londongirl2 Fri 11-Jul-14 01:03:32

I live in New York. December, January and February can be bitterly cold (think -10'c or so) and very windy. Late September and October are lovely. March can be variable but things get considerably better in April. I would avoid late June, July and August as temperatures are consistently +25'c. On Monday it was a very still 33'c which was awful.

SconeRhymesWithGone Fri 11-Jul-14 01:38:41

Autumn and spring are lovely in my experience. I have been in mid-December (went with women friends to celebrate a milestone birthday) and had a wonderful time, but it was cold and crowded with Christmas shoppers and sightseers. I don't usually like crowds but the convivial holiday atmosphere made it a fun time.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 11-Jul-14 02:23:26

i went in summer to Manhattan and much as i loved the place, it was horribly hot and sticky. Went on a tour bus that broke down because of the heat. Changed buses, same thing happened, changed a third time, guess what. Spent seven hours on buses in the end going nowhere! did get a refund but lost a big chunk of the day! Not good when only there for five days.
and being hot and sticky in a city is not the same as beach where you can cool off. you feel impossibly dirty and hair feels greasy within minutes. And I walked (best way to see the place) many miles every day so i'd rather do that in cooler weather.
Would love to go again but would go spring or autumn

SecretWitch Fri 11-Jul-14 02:44:11

We usually spend Thanksgiving in NYC. It is gorgeous. Crisp, cold air, holiday excitement...October is lovely too. July and August are from Hell..

MildDrPepperAddiction Fri 11-Jul-14 02:44:12

I've been in sept and June (very hot/humid) and also in November. Nov was quite pleasant, not cold and some days mild enough for no coat. Plus, if you go around thanksgiving you have all the great sales (if that's your thing). Have fun.

BigRedApple Fri 11-Jul-14 03:08:35

I live in New York. In my opinion October and November are the best months. Sunny, crisp, beautiful leaves, bright. Not too wet. Perfect.

AngusAndElspethsThistleWhistle Fri 11-Jul-14 03:12:13

Echo every word of londongirl's post!

Strokethefurrywall Fri 11-Jul-14 03:31:37

August is bloody awful, I didn't think it could get more uncomfortable than August here but NYC just topped it. Add in lots of really angry New Yorkers (much like Londoners in the heat!) and it's just not a fun place to hang out.

October/November is amazing as is Spring time when the tulips are out. The atmosphere is something else!

mathanxiety Fri 11-Jul-14 03:54:53

Mid September to mid/late November, or April to mid May would be my choices.

I hate humidity but I don't mind extreme cold, so the only season I would avoid personally would be summer. However, it can get really cold in winter in NYC and you would have to pack heavier clothes and even snowboots for comfort, so stick to spring and autumn.

I have been three times. First time was April one year - it was cold and rained a lot. Second time was November - cold but not too bad. My sis went one year at beg of December and it snowed which she said was miserable. Went this year in May and it was nice. One afternoon was cold which of course was the afternoon we were doing the open top bus tour but otherwise it was nice. Have to say it was much busier than other times I had been though.

cathyandclaire Fri 11-Jul-14 05:13:40

Hmmmm....guessing by this thread that today is not the day to be going to New York!
Wish me luck!

mathanxiety Fri 11-Jul-14 05:34:07

Hot and humid today, chance of Tstorms for the rest of the week (= humid) and storms predicted next week...

TiggyD Fri 11-Jul-14 08:21:52

Check to see what the opening hours are first.

HercShipwright Fri 11-Jul-14 08:29:28

Full summer is way too hot. For me, part of the joy of NYC is wandering around, and you just can't do that then. I've never found January or December to be too cold - and I'm very very nesh. It's great when it snows. The best times to enjoy it though are April/may and late September/early October if you want weather that is usually hotter than most summers here, and November if you want all the sparkly pre Xmas loveliness. I go every year at the end of September/beginning of October and it really is a great time to be there.

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