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Shit just realised my car tax ran out end of June what shall I do???

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Dickorydockwhatthe Thu 10-Jul-14 20:19:04

Shall I tax it online now will that cover me??? Or try and get it renewed at post office tomorrow even though I need the car for work and school. I cannot believe I've forgotten :-/

Daveface Thu 10-Jul-14 20:20:09

Yes just go online now

You get a grace period providing you have actually purchased it before you have to display in your car.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 10-Jul-14 20:20:42

Just go online. You get ten or so days grace anyways so just do it online now and it will cover you doesnt matter that the disc hasnt arrived.

CMOTDibbler Thu 10-Jul-14 20:21:01

Just get online and do it!

CrystalSkulls Thu 10-Jul-14 20:21:09

go online.

Dickorydockwhatthe Thu 10-Jul-14 20:21:44

I thought 10 days grace was a load of rubbish???

SanityClause Thu 10-Jul-14 20:22:03

If your MOT and insurance are up to date, you can do it online, and you will be covered.

Even if you don't have the actual disc yet, if the police see your car, they can check with the DVLA, and will know it is taxed.

HungryHorace Thu 10-Jul-14 20:22:19

You can't drive it until you're taxed.

There's 2 offences: failure to be taxed and failure to display (though that will go in, I think, October, when they get rid of tax discs).

You get a 14 day grace period to tax, but in that time you should keep the car off road.

I'd get to a post office first thing and buy a tax disc.

gertiegusset Thu 10-Jul-14 20:22:52

Thank your lucky stars you haven't been seen and do it online.
There is no grace period, if a TW or the Police see you you'll get fined.

susiedaisy Thu 10-Jul-14 20:23:44

The ten days grace doesn't count anymore. Do it online it only takes ten mins and then you're covered.

ShatnersBassoon Thu 10-Jul-14 20:24:09

You've got away with it, don't worry. Tax it online now, and you're covered instantly.

gertiegusset Thu 10-Jul-14 20:25:23
HungryHorace Thu 10-Jul-14 20:25:36

There IS a grace period where you've not committed an offence by not taxing, but you MUST keep the car off road.

HungryHorace Thu 10-Jul-14 20:27:00

You're not covered for failure to display by taxing it online though, so it depends where you'll be keeping the car until the tax disc arrives next week.

Dickorydockwhatthe Thu 10-Jul-14 20:27:37

Ok all taxed how the display thing can I still drive it now??

ShatnersBassoon Thu 10-Jul-14 20:28:23

It's such a daft system, roll on when the paper discs are done away with, which is very soon I believe.

Oldraver Thu 10-Jul-14 20:33:41

There is a grace period but it has specific conditions to it

One of them is that you have to tax your car before it actually runs out ie if you remember at 10 to midnight you tax runs out at midnight.. You are not going to get the actual disc for a while so you get some grace.

I dont think it applies if you have forgotten to tax it (but it may of changed)

ExcuseTypos Thu 10-Jul-14 20:33:50

No you can't drive it until the disc has arrived. You would have been able to drive it without the disc, if you'd applied for it on say 29th June and it hadnt arrived. Because you've applied for it late, you should drive until it arrives.

ExcuseTypos Thu 10-Jul-14 20:34:43

Sorry - You should NOT drive until it arrives.

ImperialBlether Thu 10-Jul-14 20:37:09

Oh, no, I've just realised mine has too!!!

Thanks so much, OP!

Dickorydockwhatthe Thu 10-Jul-14 20:39:13

Hmm seems pretty stupid considering it's paid and taxed for and now on the system grrrrr. Wish I taxed it in the am at the post office now god knows how I'm going to do the school run and work

BalconyBill Thu 10-Jul-14 20:41:01

Really depends on you tbh. You're not SUPPOSED to drive it until the disc arrives, but it isn't really an issue. If stopped, just apologise and say you are waiting for the disc. Wouldn't recommend speeding or anything though smile!

of course you can drive it now, the 'failure to display' is all but obsolete. Your disc will be with you on Saturday I bet, anyway.

I thought once you had paid online you could drive.

SetTheWorldOnFire Thu 10-Jul-14 20:44:00

We've been a bit late before, you'd have to be hugely unlucky to get caught out, as automatic number plate recognition software now sees your car as taxed.

I've also lost a valid tax disc and driven without one for a few months, until the actual renewal date. Not recommending this, but again it was fine.

Although you could be fined, I think they aren't going to push for a maximum fine when you are already taxed and clearly have just left it late, rather than not bothering.

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