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I want bubbles. Big soft floaty-light bubbles <toddler strop>

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JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 07:47:39

why won't my bubble bath foam up to advert proportions?

I want a big frothy indulgent foam bath to lummox about in luxuriate my very soul in, but all I get is a bit of pathetic froth round the taps.

I do live in a hard water area, but there must be something out there to help me reenact the flake ads give me BUBBLES!

Anyone help?

MsPickle Wed 09-Jul-14 07:50:14

Have you tried Matey bubbles? A good dollop here and an energetic swish and our hard water foams.

DXBMermaid Wed 09-Jul-14 07:50:49

Use fairy liquid or make you own with the help of some flatulence not helpful

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 07:55:45

Arf at Fairy Liquid and farts

Won't that be harsh on my <ahem> fairy?

Matey? Do they still make that smile

Despite toddler strop, I am almost 47 a grown up, is there something that doesn't have a Stephen Kingesque grin on the bottle?

ThursdayLast Wed 09-Jul-14 08:00:50

I find most bubble bars from Lush to be pretty effective.
Especially if you use the whole thing in one bath!

Haggisfish Wed 09-Jul-14 08:03:45

Also, if you gave an over bath shower. Try using that to add the cold water -froths right up!

Mrsjayy Wed 09-Jul-14 08:09:33

A non bubble bubble bath is soul destroying you get in and think meh. Radox bubble bath is really good run the cold tap on full first to get it going

Germgirl Wed 09-Jul-14 08:09:50

I use Philosophy bath & shower stuff, ridiculously expensive but usually available at TK Maxx for about £7 for a big bottle. It foams up luxuriously.
I do use a ton of it though. That probably helps.

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 08:21:04

Oh, tell me more about Philosophy bubbles, I love the Graces fragrances

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 08:22:37

It is isn't it Mrsj

Bought some expensive stuff the other day, even the smell was meh

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 09-Jul-14 08:27:18

Are you pouring it into the running tap? Sounds obvious but if you plonk it into still water it won't foam!

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 08:28:59

Oh yes, running tap and lots of swirling about with my hands

Germgirl Wed 09-Jul-14 09:17:02

I use this one. It smells amazing. But TK Maxx have a few flavours in every time I go in.
And YY to making sure you pour it into the running water. I also add cold water with the shower which makes it froth more like a pp said. I spend a lot of time making my bath super frothy!

Mrsjayy Wed 09-Jul-14 09:17:12


Mrsjayy Wed 09-Jul-14 09:18:03

What about value stuff and using loads of it

PeriPathetic Wed 09-Jul-14 09:23:54

You have to move to Devon! I'm there/here at the moment and forgot about the soft, bubble-making water after living in hard water/low water pressure areas. Added far too much bubble bath for the water and nearly lost myself in the foam!

Seriously though, I do empathise with your tantrum, and some bubble baths are more bubbly than others: Molton Brown is pretty good in hard water. Not great, but there are bubbles.

Hollycopter Wed 09-Jul-14 10:10:45

I've got some Sanctuary stuff my sis gave me for Christmas, it's called luxury bath float and produces masses of bubbles, it's better than any of my lush stuff. I love my baths [happyplaceface]

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 10:13:02

<packs bags and moves to Devon>

Molton Brown you say? I always get that muddled with Bayliss and Harding blush and avoid like the plague.

I might have a strop, but my skin is quite sensitive and B&H handwash gave me the itchies

RiffyWammal Wed 09-Jul-14 10:27:49

I used to have one of these which worked very well until it broke. They seem to be unavailable on Amazon now but there are some on eBay.

I use morrisons stuff which is surprisingly good!

VeryPunny Wed 09-Jul-14 10:43:46

I love the smell of the Philosophy stuff but it produces hardly any bubbles in hard water!

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 10:54:53

scrubs Philosophy off list then

Is the combination of good scent and loadsa bubbles the holy grail of bathing?

Germgirl Wed 09-Jul-14 10:55:56

Really Punny? I live in London so super hard water but I find it froths up well. I do use loads though!

Timeisawastin Wed 09-Jul-14 11:08:59

I love Badedas, the green herby stuff. It make beautiful bubbles and the smell is divine. I do live in Scotland though and our water is softer than a soft thing.

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 09-Jul-14 11:17:15

When you say 'loads', how much are you all using?

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