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Moth infestation?

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HillyHolbrook Tue 08-Jul-14 23:49:39

sad I don't want one!

How can I tell if I have one? And how can I get rid of the little gits without paying rentokill £150 per room angry to fumigate my house?

Downstairs seems to be the worst, there are always 2-4 adult moths buggering about in there, though I'm scared of them so won't go close enough to kill them. I know they're harmless but I just can't trust something that looks like it should already be dead.wink

How can I tell if it's an infestation or a few rogues? I've had like, one, in the bedroom so far, and haven't seen any in the office or nursery, but I'm scared there's loads of larvae lurking and munching away at all my naice clothes and new carpets. It's a new build house, and I thought this kind of thing only happened in mouldy old mansions and the like. I've never heard of anyone I know having one before so I don't know what to do!

Stratter5 Tue 08-Jul-14 23:52:25

Indorex. You won't have any other creepy crawlies left alive, either.

ThedoublelifeofDollyBrown Tue 08-Jul-14 23:53:12

Have you found any larvae or signs of an infestation? It is a 'good' time of year for moths to be flying around aplenty

ThedoublelifeofDollyBrown Tue 08-Jul-14 23:57:14

Yes to Indorex! We bought it for fleas, for which it's primarily intended, after a kitten from a rogue breeder brought them into the house. But we now have no spiders, no moths, nothing! It works for ants too.

HillyHolbrook Tue 08-Jul-14 23:59:11

I'm looking now. I'm only bothered about this up here there's no textiles downstairs for them to eat. I've been keeping the rooms shut up when I'm not in but it's too stuffy. I'm a bit neurotic when DP leaves me alone with Google for companygrin

Would I easily spot their minging larvae? I read that the eggs look like grains of brown rice and happen to be the exact colour of my carpets hmm

Are they pantry moths?

I have those buggers and CANNOT get rid of them. I use a pheromone trap and a bug-a-salt. The bug-a-salt is a lot of fun though grin

They live in your dry goods,flour rice spices etc. I cant seem to get rid of them and I blame the bird seed and bird cage. I never keep any dry good more than 3 months,bleach out my cabinets every couple months and spray bleach round where the ceiling meets the walls,still get the buggers every year. They dont bother your clothes though.

Have a good look at one then look up pantry moth or indian spice moth,maybe its them. Check all your dry goods,if there is web in them thats what you have. The ones I have especially like dry chili flakes and walnuts for some reason and I have to keep those in my freezer.

Fuckers grin

HillyHolbrook Tue 08-Jul-14 23:59:53

This up here? The rooms up here.

HillyHolbrook Wed 09-Jul-14 00:04:11

The grown up ones look like this one.

I haven't noticed anything amiss in the kitchen. I store my dry goods in mason jars because I think I live inside Pinterest, so I don't think they're pantry moths. It's good because I don't get weevils eithergrin

I might try that mass bug murder stuff, I hate almost every insect, so the more it keeps away, the better!

ThedoublelifeofDollyBrown Wed 09-Jul-14 00:11:26

Yuk, yes grains of rice. Not too dissimilar to maggots I think, and also recall them being fast moving. Use a torch and check carefully for them (or damage, or bits of old discarded pupa) in corners, wardrobes etc.

I love moths (we're currently rearing robin moth larvae which are lovely) but not this sort of thing.

G posted about this recently!!having am infestation here too. Am freaked out!! Those are clothes and carpet moths. The larva sac looks small and wite/brown and loves hair sweat and dirt. Tear out each room, cleaning out every cupboard, wash out curtain, wipe around the add and skirting

Hoover hoover hoover!! Was out clothes, get rid of unnecessary clutter. Am down to about two a day though!

HillyHolbrook Wed 09-Jul-14 00:18:04

I don't use a wardrobe, my clothes are freestanding and well aired- would this help my case? I'll take DPs stuff out and hot wash it and clean his wardrobe.

I so wish I could clean everywhere thoroughly but I'm very pregnant and too massive to get on my hands and knees to scrub skirting boardsgrin DPs home on Monday though and I'll get my sister to come round and they can do the bits I can't. I'll wash all the clothes, especially the ones in storage, hoover, and scrub down the insides of the wardrobe and drawers though.

I don't even know if I am infested, it could just be the same moths since I can't kill themgrin but better safe than sorry!

Take the clothes out and shake them. Are they free standing on anything in particular? I'm in a rental and they have canvas wardrobes and the dockers laid eggs right up under the canvas. On the plus side my house has never looked so clean!! It's just a case of catching the hatching eggs we missed.

I know the feeling, crippling arthritis here and I've over done it so bad am in bits. It's worth it though. I didn't notice the signs till it was too late. Roll on winter, they might fuck off!!

TulipOHare Wed 09-Jul-14 00:33:09

We have several fluttering around every evening. I bought an electric zapper bat thing which is brilliant, kills them instantly.

I am scared for my cashmere so I take them all out regularly, inspect, air, wash, dry, freeze everything periodically. Have also wiped the wardrobe down with red cedar oil and put anti-moth sachets and cedar wood bits everywhere. They hate essential oils so I put a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil on cotton balls and drop them in the floor of the wardrobe.

Should really look into a permanent solution I guess confused

Ooh the lavender is suppose to be fa!

ThedoublelifeofDollyBrown Wed 09-Jul-14 00:36:53

I have natural cedar wood blocks amongst my knitwear. Seems to work, though it might also be down to the Indorex grin

HillyHolbrook Wed 09-Jul-14 00:37:10

They're on an ikea rack but I have a canvas organiser North. I'm having a good look at it with a torch now. I can't see anything in the carpets, the organiser or in my clothes. I'll check the wardrobe in the office tomorrow, but I think our bedroom and the office are okay. I'm worried about the nursery, mostly but it's been shut up and dusted etc weekly so I hope it's fine.

Downstairs in an alcove we have this roll of old carpet that DP wouldn't get rid of yet because he's a hoarder of 'useful' things, and that had a lot of damage right in the middle with a some really tiny maggoty things, so I've thrown it outside in the rain as revenge on the moths. That'll learn 'em, and hopefully it'll teach DP a lesson on not keeping old carpets rolled up in dark corners. Idiot

We have laminate down there, and covers on the sofas, so I'll wash those and the rug and mop the life out of my floor. I'm thinking that was the main culprit, though, and the rest of the house might be okay.

Why am I doing this at such a stupid hour?hmm

unlucky83 Wed 09-Jul-14 01:00:18

Experience here - carpet beetles and moths...
De-clutter ...get rid of all the extra sheets etc you don't use...
Go through every bit of stored clothes/cloth - I washed somethings and others I tumbled dried for 20 mins - theory being that should kill off any eggs etc. Then I vac bagged or stored in sealed plastic containers. Stuff in drawers that don't get used at least once a week - or at least once a month - like my dark coloured 'winter' socks in summer - are kept in ziplock bags..
First I knew about the moths was breaking up the old sofa (came with the house) to get rid - ripped the bottom cover thing off and found dog biscuits hmm and moth larvae sad - horrible things look like maggots with brown heads ...
And I was already fighting carpet beetles sad
Am seeing a few moths now - and also a stray larva the other day - can't find out where they are coming from ...but at least I know all my clothes are safe - in sealed plastic ...
I think it was the carpet beetles that got to my wool/cashmere mix coat - it looked ok, paid to get it dry cleaned and then found the holes in the back sad

KatyN Wed 09-Jul-14 06:34:54

My wool stash takes up half our freezer. I am off to investigate indorex!

Thanks k

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