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Tell me about when you've left a GP appointment thinking WTAF?

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CarbeDiem Tue 08-Jul-14 18:20:52

I'm still feeling a bit hmm after my appointment earlier today.

I was told that I can't have pcos because my weight is normal. I have other symptoms but GP shot me down before I could question it.

After she told me I must go for my cycle day 21 hormone tests - I explained that I don't have 28 day cycles so it makes more sense for me to test for ovulation then go 6 - 8 days after that. (I ov sometimes on day 10 so I should get it done between day 16-18, hence I would completely miss it if I went on day 21) - Her answer - No you should go on day 21.
It doesn't make sense does it?

I appreciate GP's are not Fertility experts but I'm shocked that some know so little.

The icing on the cake - While discussing previous tests I've had done - she asked why the results showed that my potassium levels were slightly raised. I told her because I was taking a supplement that had a bit too much of it in.
Her words and I quote
''There's no point in taking vitamins or minerals in pill form as they don't work'' and in the next breath she followed with
''make sure you're taking a folic acid supplement, that's all''
Isn't that a vitamin in pill form then ? confused smile

ILoveCoreyHaim Tue 08-Jul-14 18:24:05

I asked my old gp whilst pg if he had anything for heartburn. He reached into his pocket and said here, here's 50p, go and buy yourself a Greggs corned beef pastie.

NatashaBee Tue 08-Jul-14 18:24:46

Most GPs are utterly stupid regarding PCOS (it's perfectly possible to have 'lean' PCOS, btw). The first time I saw a GP about it she told me I should go back on the pill. Considering that I had approached her in the first place about my issues getting pregnant, I didn't take her advice.

CarbeDiem Tue 08-Jul-14 18:33:37

Ow sweet Jesus Ilove I'm wincing thinking about greggs pastry with pregnancy heartburn.

Not the best advice Nat
I knew that about pcos through researching myself so wanted to ask more questions and give her my other symptoms but she didn't want to listen. I did get a referral for an ultrsound though so it wasn't all bad.

HotDogJumpingFrogAlburquerque Tue 08-Jul-14 18:40:55

I went because for the 3-4 months after I'd started taking the pill in the morning rather than at night, after my week break, on the second day of taking the pill, I was really nauseous between 11am and 1 and as I hadn't eaten I constantly spewing up pure bile. Only on that second day, and only for a few hours, and it happened every Tuesday for 4 months.

The (female) GP gave me a prescription for... Indigestion tablets hmm

Obviously I never went and got the prescription.

Called my mum in a rant who immediately said "oh it will just be because you've stated taking it on an empty stomach, have breakfast first". Solved it.

HotDogJumpingFrogAlburquerque Tue 08-Jul-14 18:41:31

Sorry, not every Tuesday, every fourth Tuesday.

beccajoh Tue 08-Jul-14 18:41:33

Sorry that happened to you. I think lots of GPs are a bit clueless about fertility issues.

I had a WTAF moment when I was pregnant with DD. I had crippling SPD and could barely get myself out of bed let alone get to work. I went to the GP to get signed off but he told me I had to keep moving or I'd become morbidly obese, and wouldn't sign me off. I came home and cried. I wasn't even anywhere near becoming overweight, let alone morbidly obese confused

I had a WTF moment when the GP took personal calls during my post natal check and didn't put it on hold to carry on with my appointment, just held it away from his ear when talking to me. And then he refused to check me for the belly pains I was having and told me he couldn't understand my accent and looked at me blankly.

I came out and cried because I was so worried I was going to die of some weird womb infection or something because he couldn't be arsed to check me. And then I swapped surgeries and got sorted out.

And fwiw my (none wtf) GP said they could diagnose PCOS with the presence of some symptoms even with the absence of others when I went.

carabos Tue 08-Jul-14 18:49:01

I went to the GP with a sore throat - prone to tonsillitis. I had some fever etc to go with it. Saw a locum as it happens and his diagnosis was ... Malaria confused cos there's a lot of that in North Yorkshire wink isn't there?

Itsjustmeagain Tue 08-Jul-14 18:49:49

I asked my go for the pill after dd 5 was born and his words were "no you don't need it you suit a large family" .

I changed gps.

DottyDooRidesAgain Tue 08-Jul-14 18:50:20

When I went for the morning after pill and was old by the GP that she could not prescribe it as it was not something she agreed with and I would need to make another appointment with a different doctor.

I was 24 and in a long term relationship and already had a baby 11 months old. Accidental condom breakage caused me to panic. All of which I explained to her but she still sent me away.

RevoltingPeasant Tue 08-Jul-14 18:52:11

My GP doesn't know everything about fertility but she admits she doesn't which is great. For example my AMH results were, she thought, a bit low, but admitted she didn't have context for those figures, which enabled me to go home and google and see from a fertility clinic site that they were bang on for 34 yo.

My only major wtaf moment was after seeing a gynae, who, amongst other gems, came out with:

- how do you know you don't have an STI (I had no symptoms and hadn't been exposed to one) as your husband might be cheating on you?

- your retroverted cervix is causing the problems with your periods - that'd be the same cervix I've had all my life then, and the problems just started a couple of months back - do tell!

- and best of all, at least you're not like one of those African women who've had 6 or 7 children, their pelvic floors are a real mess shock

PicandMinx Tue 08-Jul-14 18:53:35

I'm hoping this won't out me - one of the GP's at my surgery once told a patient to take anti-depressants to cure her deafness. I was acting as a chaperone and I couldn't look her in the eye in case I started laughing.

Bugsylugs Tue 08-Jul-14 18:53:46

How about a reverse?

teaforthree Tue 08-Jul-14 18:54:22

Ebf a seven month old baby when I came down with flu like symptoms and my boob in agony. Could feel a lump and had a red patch so all the symptoms of mastitis really. Doc diagnosed me with cellulitis. WTF.

Tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-14 18:57:26

When I went in to change my contraceptive and came out discovering I was "about 24 weeks pregnant"

Dancingwiththedrummer Tue 08-Jul-14 18:58:48

I've had two

Once after telling the gp about severe pain under my ribs and vomiting every night she was convinced it was a problem with my liver and that I drank too much. After telling her several times i don't drink she sent me to a&e. The doctors there asked me three times a day for the four days they kept me in how much I drank as my liver maybe failing. They did a blood test, no alcohol as I don't drink. They did a scan, it was gall stones sad

Second time I had a rash on my leg that was extremely itchy, the gp took one look and said 'ok miss dancingwiththedrummer so what do you think it is?' Well If I fecking knew I wouldn't be asking you would I????

I saw a lot of clueless GPs when DD was tiny with horrendous reflux. Spewing almost continuously, losing weight, screaming with pain. SO many times I was met with "that's just what babies do". I researched it myself and went asking for ranitidine, to be told firmly no, and given a lecture about all the side effects - including impotence hmm I rocked up to A&E after that and saw a paed, who gave ranitidine.

I have the most amazing GP now who specialises in womens health and children, I bloody love her.

BosieDufflecoat Tue 08-Jul-14 19:04:11

The time after I was raped and went in to ask for an HIV test, and the GP rolled her eyes and boredly asked if it was because I'd been shooting up heroin.

The time the NHS lost my pregnancy-test results, so didn't book me the 13-week nuchal scan, and the GP told me there was no point going for the 13-week scan as there's nothing it tells you anyway.

Lovely people.

LisaMed Tue 08-Jul-14 19:04:49

I didn't know the coil wasn't suitable, screamed blue murder when it went in and walked around with it half in and half for ten days. When I went back I complained of a temperature. Without looking down my mouth she said 'tonsillitis' and gave me antibiotics.

I didn't tell her that my tonsils had been removed but quietly changed GPs

FiveExclamations Tue 08-Jul-14 19:10:03

The time I went to see the GP about my Peri-menopausal symptoms and received a lecture about the substances historical used to combat vaginal dryness, what stuck in my mind from the list was lard.

BOFster Tue 08-Jul-14 19:10:13

Years ago, when I was a young student, I went to my GP with symptoms of depression. He kept me there for over thirty minutes to tell me about the power of Christ's Resurrection in our lives and advised I joined the university's Christian Union for support as "they are the only people I would trust not to take advantage of a vulnerable young woman" hmm.

I decided that he was madder than I was, and struggled on...

I've had some bloody brilliant GPs too, of course, but my word, it's the odd ones that stick in the memory.

FiveExclamations Tue 08-Jul-14 19:10:42

historically used dammit.

lyndie Tue 08-Jul-14 19:10:49

Fuck me another GP bashing thread. Whatever next!

BOFster Tue 08-Jul-14 19:14:30

Cheer up Lyndie- it makes a change from teachers wink.

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