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I'm being induced today!!

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RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 06:14:10

So as the thread title suggests I'm being induced today! I'm kind of shitting it but excited at the same time. Wasn't expecting to be meeting baby so soon yet as i'm 39 weeks but got diagnosed with pre eclampsia yesterday so they want him out to be on the safe side.
Ahh I'm so nervous. Getting ready to go to the hospital now and it's just sunk in that next time I come home I will have a baby!

Fluffeh Tue 08-Jul-14 06:22:05

Aww congratulations x

17leftfeet Tue 08-Jul-14 06:27:42

Good luck

Being induced can be a long boring process so take a book or some music smile

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 06:43:32

Thanks smile I have my kindle and have my phone for MN! Gonna get DP to stop at the shop for magazines and nibbles

NoSnowJustSand Tue 08-Jul-14 06:46:45

Oh how exciting! Keep us updated when you can, love a birth thread. Best of luck

wishmynamewasdave Tue 08-Jul-14 06:49:46

Oooo Good Luck - there is nothing quite like meeting your new baby! Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? (Not that it matters I have both and they are equally wonderful!)

picnicbasketcase Tue 08-Jul-14 06:51:13

Advance congratulations! thanks

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 06:52:09

Thanks smile will try and keep you all updated as best as I can! And yes wish I'm having a boy smile well at least the said it was a boy on the 17 weeks private scan and they couldn't see on the 20 weeks scan so could be in for a suprise still!
The little man's kicking like mad this morning, I reckon he knows he's being evicted

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 09:37:28

Pessary is going in in 20 mins. Starting to get nervous now!

MTWTFSS Tue 08-Jul-14 10:23:51

Good luck grin

17leftfeet Tue 08-Jul-14 13:43:41

Are you bored yet?

Pessary can take aaaaaaaages!

HemlockStarglimmer Tue 08-Jul-14 14:09:49

I hope your induction experience is as positive as mine was ten years ago!

Thinking of you.

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 14:17:38

I am bored shitless! Had the pessary in at 11 and nothing has happened yet apart from being a bit sore as she did a membrane sweep at the same time. Having another pessary in 3 hours if nothing has kicked off by then

TarkaTheOtter Tue 08-Jul-14 14:21:33

Don't expect anything to happen quickly even if the pessary gets you started. Both my "emergency" early inductions involved at least a 24hr wait between the pessary coming out and them finding a bed on delivery suite to break waters/start the drip.
Lots of magazines, snacks etc to pass the time. I also walked up and down stairs in the hospital and I think that helped the pessary in both cases as brought on mild contractions.

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 14:50:07

I'm not expecting anything to happen too quick (would be nice but I won't get my hopes up!) There's another lady here who's been in for over 24 hours and nothings happened yet at all sad

wishmynamewasdave Tue 08-Jul-14 17:26:32

Eeee! A boy - brilliant!
Hope it's all going well - and neither too boring nor too painful right now!

RoseberryTopping Tue 08-Jul-14 17:37:59

Ooh good luck! I was induced on Saturday and it was a fab experience, got lovely baby snuggle now smile have you decided what you want to do if the 2nd pessary doesn't work?

Hope it's not too long to wait till you meet your baby! smile

RoseberryTopping Tue 08-Jul-14 17:39:09

If you haven't already then sleep as much as possible now, you're going to need a lot of energy for active labour.
Easier said than done when you're so excited though!

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 19:33:45

Thanks smile I have been having contractions now since half 4 so didn't have the second pessary. The midwife did another membrane sweep at about 6 and it was the most horrible experience of my life so far so I won't be having another one of those! Still only 2 cm so got a while to go yet but the contractions are regular

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 19:34:39

rose I remember your thread, is your baby the beautiful Oliver?

ImperialBlether Tue 08-Jul-14 19:35:31

Best of luck! It's such an exciting time. Can you tell us what his name will be?

RoseberryTopping Tue 08-Jul-14 19:55:53

He is smile I'm still so in love as well!

Sounds like you're doing well so far, I doubt it'll be one of those long things that take days at the rate you're going. Is it your first baby?

How exciting, please update us when you can!

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 22:46:57

I'm doing terrible sad im on gas an air atm and have had pethidine and the midwife said my cervix is up by my tonsils. It's been so painfull and im not progressing much sad
The plus side is I am high as anything right now!

17leftfeet Tue 08-Jul-14 22:56:01

Sounds like my induction

Remember there is no shame in an epidural especially if you are either exhausted or feel like you are losing control

I had one after many hours of induction -it allowed me to rest and also relax which I believe then sped up my labour

Just keep I mind your baby -this wont last forever and you will have a little bundle at the end of it

RedPony Tue 08-Jul-14 23:26:49

I think I might ask for an epidural when they next come in. I feel like such a failure I'm in so much pain but not getting anywhere at all sad

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