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Quick question re chipolatas for a buffet!

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LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 20:46:32

I want to do sticky chipolatas with sesame seeds on them for Ds2's 18th birthday!
Do i roll the chipolatas in the honey before i cook them or after?

LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 20:57:16


There's a Nigella recipe that's always very popular when I do it (veggie so can't confirm first hand). Mix raw sausages in sesame oil, honey and soy sauce then cook. Let me know if you want quantities.

sazzermol Mon 07-Jul-14 21:04:57

Before so they get nice and sticky!

BreadForBrains Mon 07-Jul-14 21:06:33

Yes raw, my dc absolutely love them and I use the little raw cocktail sausages for them.
What else is on the buffet table?
<nosey buffet loving bint>

Lozzapops Mon 07-Jul-14 21:06:40

Before, and maybe baste again in the middle of cooking! Yummers!

LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 21:10:44


LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 21:11:51

Cheese straws, sausage rolls, Pringles also on the table!

Floggingmolly Mon 07-Jul-14 21:12:49

Wilf is 18?? Hope he has a fantastic party smile

LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 21:12:49

One more question!
Nigella doesn't roll hers in Sesame Seeds after! Do you?

Maidupmum Mon 07-Jul-14 21:14:53

I make a hoisin and honey mix and the cook the little sausages. It's sweeter than soy sauce.

LottieJenkins Mon 07-Jul-14 21:17:52

Its going to be a dampener as he is on antibiotics and cant drink!

I don't roll in sesame seeds as family aren't keen but if I was going to, I would do it after cooking as you say. Hope it's a fab party smile

momb Mon 07-Jul-14 21:30:57

I drizzle them with runny honey after cooking while still hot and then roll in toasted seeds. I tried cooking them with the honey but it went too black for my taste before they were cooked through.

BreadForBrains Mon 07-Jul-14 21:31:53

Sounds good smile
I just put the seeds in with the honey and soy at the beginning, then put the sausages on their serving plate and cover with the stuff in the bottom of the roasting dish.

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