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what band/singer would you love to see headline glastonbury tonight

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libertytrainers Sat 28-Jun-14 21:54:33

me would be julian cope as he's nuts and would fit in with the ethos

Led Zeppelin, if they would!

AC/DC is my imaginary dream ticket.

Thunderstruck at Glastonbury is my bucket list in one song!

RockandRollsuicide Sat 28-Jun-14 22:00:44

Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Led Zep.

Pearl Jam, or even just Eddie Vedder on his own. And Mark Knopfler <swoon>

olivespickledonions Sat 28-Jun-14 22:13:32


OhBabyLilyMunster Sat 28-Jun-14 22:14:19

Led zeppelin

OhBabyLilyMunster Sat 28-Jun-14 22:14:46

Prince was the first choice, olives

nilbyname Sat 28-Jun-14 22:18:01

Prince would be fantastic!

Neil young.
Radio head

dontvex are you going to Pearl Jam at Milton Keynes in July? Can't wait smile
I'd love to see Ryan Adams headline but as he doesn't sell many albums and is 'alt country' I can't see it happening any time soon. Failing that I'd love to see Soundgarden headline.

hoobypickypicky Sat 28-Jun-14 22:24:14

I could go for Prince or Led Zep too. Those two aside I wouldn't mind Whitesnake, The Jam, Springsteen, Oasis or Meatloaf.

Changebagsandgladrags Sat 28-Jun-14 22:24:27

Saturday is traditionally a non UK artist though? Normally US.

bayrans Sat 28-Jun-14 22:27:03

Prince would be amazing.
As would the Foo Fighters and/or Depeche Mode.

Coldplay and Blur can fuck right off. Yawn.

Oh yeah, Depeche Mode would be awesome!

hoobypickypicky Sat 28-Jun-14 22:30:42

Depeche Mode, as great as they were on vinyl, were bloody awful live the first time round. I'm struggling to imagine that they've improved with age!

YY to Coldplay and Blur fucking right off! Dull, dull, dull!

A bit of Elvis Costello or Squeeze, maybe? <ignores the non UK on Saturday rule>

EnglishGirl god I wish, have toddler with sleep ishoos so not going anywhere for the foreseeable future sad

They were brilliant on the Violator tour but that's my 15yo self talking grin

My loathing for Damon Albarn is immense so would hate to see Blur headline. Saw a Coldplay on Sky Arts this week and thought they were ok but only caught 10 mins so not enough time to get bored.

bayrans Sat 28-Jun-14 22:37:11

I'm reliably informed that DM are great live, my H has seen them twice in the last 12 months (I was pregnant/BF)

The Prodigy would also go down a treat too smile

Have toddler too, letting Nan deal with the sleep issues for an extremely rare night out!


The Smiths! (No chance!)

Oooh bit jealous!

Yy The Prodigy would be amazing!

hoobypickypicky Sat 28-Jun-14 22:39:50

Tsk! Pregnancy is no excuse for missing gigs, bayrans!

If Depeche Mode have improved I'd like to see them. I sure wouldn't go to Glastonbury to achieve it though. I don't do mud, tents or portaloos! :D

bayrans Sat 28-Jun-14 22:41:41

Ah The Smiths would be great! Saw Mozza on the Pyramid in 2011, he sang a couple of smiths songs, went down very well.

TwoNoisyBoys Sat 28-Jun-14 22:45:06

Led Zeppelin, would be a dream come true smile

bayrans Sat 28-Jun-14 22:45:17

Ha! I know! In my defence, throughout my pregnancy I did see Noël Gallagher and 2door cinema club (I was less than 6 weeks) and the Stone Roses, which I was 34 weeks pregnant!
I knew my H wanted a messy one with mates for DM, so I let him (and it was in my shit 16 week phase)

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