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Is your house tidy but grubby or clean but messy?

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MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:48:03

A visit to a good friend's made me realise that I am particularly messy/untidy at home but I am in I clean adequately.

She's SO tidy...almost Monica-like in her obsession for everything in it's place and even goes so far as cataloging her children's artwork and labeling the little folders with dates etc. All her shelves are neat...but dusty!

She asked my opinion on wall colour for her kitchen and I suggested she paint the orange pine cupboards a paler colour and she said God no! It would show the dirt.

I said "Well surely you wipe them often?" and she said "No...never!" and when I looked they were indeed encrusted with muck!

She told me she never mops her floor the kitchen that is. She thinks it's better to be tidy but mucky and openly admits to skimping on the cleaning.

I do have slight judgy pants on...I do...she's gorgeous but how can she bear greasy cupboards

Tell me...are you the same or are you like me? Untidy but clean? I clean my floors daily! I also wipe my (white) cupboards down daily....I thought this was normal.

I don't however iron...or catalogue stuff...I'm more likely to shove DC art in a muddled drawer.

Mumof3xox Sat 28-Jun-14 18:49:04

Errrr grubby and messy?

MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:50:03

Lol! What about those who are clean AND tidy!

EatShitDerek Sat 28-Jun-14 18:50:50

I have a large cupboard of shite. If I cant find a place for it but cant throw it it goes in there.

I think if I was to open it an avalanche of shite will fall on top of me.

I have toys all over, clothes piled up on the dining table, plates and that on the kitchen side ready to go in dishwasher.

But you could eat off my coffee table. I spend more time polishing and cleaning that than I should grin

MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:51:42

That's me Derek I love my cupboard of shite! Mind you...didn't Monica have one? It was her dirty secret!

JennyOnTheBlocks Sat 28-Jun-14 18:51:45

Mine's a bit of a shit-tip right now, it's not always like this but sometimes dirt and clutter just don't matter

[Slattern emoticon]

Littlefish Sat 28-Jun-14 18:52:09

My house is always relatively clean (because I have a weekly cleaner), but generally untidy in the rooms that are used the most.

Fav Sat 28-Jun-14 18:52:22

Clean and cluttered tidy only what visitors are expected.

We don't have many visitors.

Usually it is a pit of despair, but it keeps our immune systems strong grin

HannerHet Sat 28-Jun-14 18:52:30

I'm a bit like your friend. Tidy but a bit grubby. I tend to have a mad clean on certain parts of the house when it looks grubby. Then it's clean for a bit until it gets grubby again.
I do find it difficult to have the whole house clean at the same time!

TheCatsBollocks Sat 28-Jun-14 18:52:57

Clean and tidy.

I cannot stand messy work tops or floors that need hoovering or mopping.

I just keep on top of it everyday so never really feels too much.

MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:53:24

Hanner I know....I find it hard to have the whole house tidy! I'll go at the sitting room and kitchen and leave the bedrooms and bathroom for a week!

capsium Sat 28-Jun-14 18:53:34

Grubby, but not terribly so. There is stuff that could be cleaner but nothing important is caked in filth.

Messy, but not terribly so. There is stuff that could be tidier but there is not stuff all over the floor, dirty dishes are in the dishwasher and dirty washing in the wash basket.

Bonsoir Sat 28-Jun-14 18:54:25

Clean and tidy?

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sat 28-Jun-14 18:54:30

When I met DH he was house sharing with people who lived like that: extremely tidy, but the house was filthy. If he took a tray out of the cupboard, he would have to wash it first before he could use it.

Ours is a mixture: but usually clean(ish) and untidy.

Mrsgrumble Sat 28-Jun-14 18:54:35

Hits is very, very tidy. Even with a new. Floors and washed and bleached. I don't clean he fronts of the kitchen cupboards very oven though. Just a quick baby wipe. Off to do them blush

Openup41 Sat 28-Jun-14 18:54:45

My house is clean and tidy except when dcs toys are laying over the lounge floor.

I assume your friend spot cleans.

I mop the kitchen floor daily. The thought of spillages being left for even a day.......

I wipe kitchen cupboards, doors and light switches regularly.

Mrsgrumble Sat 28-Jun-14 18:55:20

Grr. House is tidy and clean generally I meant.

nikki1978 Sat 28-Jun-14 18:55:38

I am more tidy (as in I spend more time doing that) but I am also pretty clean. Ok I could mop the kitchen floor more but bathroom and kitchen are always clean and I try to deep clean rooms and do windows as often as possible. I don't think you would find a very grubby area in my house.

CremeEggThief Sat 28-Jun-14 18:55:59

Em, am I your friend?! grin
I am extremely tidy, but I don't think I've mopped my floor for a good three weeks! I did wipe down the outside of all my kitchen cupboards last week, for the first time since moving in a year ago. Haven't got round to the insides yet!

MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:56:26

Open what is spot cleaning?

MrsWinnibago Sat 28-Jun-14 18:57:13

Creme out of interest isn't your floor covered in crumbs and splashes of food?

Openup41 Sat 28-Jun-14 18:57:57

cremeegg Do you spot clean your kitchen floor?

Openup41 Sat 28-Jun-14 18:59:27

Mrswinn Spot cleaning is wiping dirty areas of the floor where food/drink has spilled.

HmmAnOxfordComma Sat 28-Jun-14 18:59:29

Tidier than 95% of people I know but only cleaner than 75%, I would say. So tidy and sort of clean.

I get that a preference for tidy over clean (to the extent of your friend) is probably a bit more 'eughh' or unhealthy or something, but I admit i'm more bothered that my environment is aesthetically pleasing than that it's actually deep down clean.

What I don't get is people who lift up piles of junk to clean under it...why would you not put the stuff away? I couldn't hold a conversation, read a book or watch TV in a really untidy house.

CremeEggThief Sat 28-Jun-14 19:02:51

There are a few crumbs around, but I hoovered it very well a few days ago, so I'll leave it now til Monday. Aiming to mop then too! I do normally mop once a week, but it's slipped lately. Any splashes of food I would tend to wipe up with kitchen roll straight away. I actually do this with cooking too, now I think of it.

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