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Can you help my DD work out what type of job she should be looking for?

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littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:18:17

DD1 is age 21 and has just graduated with a 1st class degree in Theology. She has no plans to use this degree in any specific way she just enjoyed the subject.

She is currently working full time as a waitress while she gathers her thoughts and applies for graduate jobs, however she has no idea what area of employment she should focus on.

She is outgoing and great with people. She says that she knows she is a "bloody great waitress" because she is a natural at talking to people and her colleagues always joke that she will be invited to all the customers weddings because they really take to her. She is also great at upselling wine etc but in a lovely way - not pushy.

She really needs a job mixing with people. A solitary job or an office job would destroy her.

What jobs do you lovely people think she might be good at? I am sure some of you do interesting jobs which she has not even thought about.


Skiingmaniac Sat 28-Jun-14 16:20:41

Teaching grin

hotfuzzra Sat 28-Jun-14 16:23:27

Police! If you enjoy talking to people and can handle rude drunk customers it's a doddle!

littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:23:41

Absolutely not teaching! She hates children and has no patience for them. It has to be involving adults.

IsItMeOr Sat 28-Jun-14 16:26:18

Other people jobs than Police could be nursing, social work, prison officer.

Some sort of sales rep?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 28-Jun-14 16:26:49

What about going into management in restaurant/bars/events.

Marriott do a Graduate Management Scheme and will see them through all departments. People skills are an absoloute necessity for Hotel work!

EduCated Sat 28-Jun-14 16:27:06

Sales/marketing/events type stuff? Would she be in a position to take a low paid/unpaid internship? As much as I'm morally opposed to them, they can be great if your in a position to take then on.

Similarly she sounds like she could be brilliant at fundraising type jobs in charities or university alumni departments. Not the tin rattling type, more the convincing rich people to hand over their cash kind of jobs grin

littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:28:06

And not Police either. That is so not her. I work along side the police and i know she would hate that. She isn't great with the seedier side of life either.

She sounds like such a snob but she really isn't. She has a lot of glossy, private school type confidence. All her waitressing experience has been in well to do restaurants/golf clubs/upmarket country club type places. She is great at shmoosing (is that a word?) people and getting them to talk about themselves.

FatewiththeLeadPiping Sat 28-Jun-14 16:29:30

Office jobs do involve mixing with people.

She should go to her university career service, take an employment quiz, do some work experience.

Sales. Recruitment. Office manager. Human resources.

littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:29:31

Fundraising would be excellent. She was on the uni Charities and Campaigns committee. Marketing and events too. But where are those jobs? What sort of companies should she be looking at?

EduCated Sat 28-Jun-14 16:30:35

Some retail grad schemes here

Carluccio's Grad Scheme

EduCated Sat 28-Jun-14 16:34:32


Also the Guardian's job site. has most of the university jobs, and Work for an MP has all sorts of interesting jobs on it, and not just ones working for an MP!

littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:35:09

EduCated The Carluccio's one looks good.

The company she works for now does management training for staff they think show promise. It is the Hotel du Vin/Malmaison group.

She hopes they will nominate her for this but she has only been there for 3 weeks so she will just have to see how it goes.

littlewhitebag Sat 28-Jun-14 16:36:18

She would adore a working with MP's type of job. Politics is a massive interest of hers although she prefers American politics and would like to work for the White house!

pissovski Sat 28-Jun-14 16:47:18

google 'Stamford Test' - its a set of questions which, once answered, offer a range of possible suitable careers.

From what you have said events management, tourism management, marketing or pr might be worth thinking about. Is she any good at Social Media? Many companies are liking people to consider that along side PR/Marketing, and it seems to be an emerging role.

Good luck to your DD and huge congratulations on the 1st! A great accomplishment smile

keepyourchinupdear Sat 28-Jun-14 16:51:01

Personal Assistant; PR manager; politics

EduCated Sat 28-Jun-14 16:57:01

I think just keep looking through the various sites and see what takes her fancy, I don't think there's any need to pinpoint one particular area before applying for stuff smile

And good luck to her, I was in a very similar position not so long ago. The right opportunity came along, but until then it was a very demoralising and wearing time flowers

EduCated Sat 28-Jun-14 16:58:20

Also, if she's only recently graduated she'll more than likely still be eligible to access their careers office. They are usually very good at knowing what grad schemes are out there and should be able to help her with the application process.

HermioneWeasley Sat 28-Jun-14 17:01:07

Hospitality, events (very competitive though) or call centre management (though she would probably have to start on the phones)

HermioneWeasley Sat 28-Jun-14 17:01:23

Or business to business sales

museumum Sat 28-Jun-14 17:04:32

Fundraising in the culture sector is often euphemistically called "development".
Google "development assistant" for entry level jobs.

OneHandFlapping Sat 28-Jun-14 17:05:42

It sounds like she might be good at some kind of corporate sales/client management job.

There are many different sectors from banking to washing machines.

Ragwort Sat 28-Jun-14 17:08:59

If she is already with Hotel du Vin I think she should show some initiative and ask about their training scheme and let them know she is interested in it. Hospitality/retail make great careers (but perhaps I am biased having worked in both all my life wink).

Lomaamina Sat 28-Jun-14 17:16:39

I also think she shouldn't be shy about asking about training schemes. Not in any arrogant way, just to show interest.

p.s. schmoozing is a word: it's Yiddish for chat (persuasively) - sounds perfect for fund-raising, come to think of it grin

Vintagebeads Sat 28-Jun-14 17:17:38

When I left college I worked in a fancy resturant think cleb type place my boss knew someone looking for someone and that job was overseas.
I worked my way up and traveled around the world for over ten years I totally fell but I loved it and there is money to be made too down the line.

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