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Holiday dilemma

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FTS123 Sat 28-Jun-14 11:09:44

I am a single parent and have missed out on this years summer holiday when my ex and I broke up. I have the dates off work and would love to take my 3 DCs away. We had 4 nights in Cornwall at Easter at a campsite we love (in a static caravan) there are 2 still available for my dates in the middle of August for a week. Can't decide whether to sod the expense and just book it, or save the money(£930ish) and just have a few day trips....any votes?!

Fluffyears Sat 28-Jun-14 11:28:54

Can you afford it. Remember Christmas is 4 months later so maybe some great day trips etc would work better.

WilliamShatner Sat 28-Jun-14 11:29:05

Jesus Christ, that's expensive!

I've rented cottages for a week for half that price!

I'll have a look for you.

WilliamShatner Sat 28-Jun-14 11:31:06
WilliamShatner Sat 28-Jun-14 11:33:49
FTS123 Sat 28-Jun-14 11:36:25

It is expensive but it's got a private beach, kids entertainment, restaurant, soft play area, close to Eden project. There's not much availability for that week anywhere!! I save seperately for Christmas so that's already covered!

Artandco Sat 28-Jun-14 11:40:37

Sounds expensive. I am currently in portrugal. Apartment by beach with 3 bedrooms and communal pool £420 for the week. Flights £70 return each

Needadvice5 Sat 28-Jun-14 11:49:22

Thanks for the link William! some lovely cottages!

HibiscusIsland Sat 28-Jun-14 12:05:53

How much does that cost middle of august when op can go Artandco?

BackforGood Sat 28-Jun-14 12:10:02

2 nights or 2 weeks ?
How far do you have to travel to get there?
Do you have to travel on a Saturday?

I'm asking as - much as I think Cornwall is beautiful - the travel is just a nightmare in terms of time and of course the cost of fuel if you are looking from a budget pov. If you are going for 2 weeks it seems sensible, If you are thinking 2 nights, I wouldn't dream of doing it.

FTS123 Sat 28-Jun-14 12:11:16

I know it's expensive!! It isn't at the moment, it's not the middle of the school holidays now! I am limited to that week with my annual leave and school holidays, and most cottages are already booked. I'd love to take them abroad but god knows how much that would cost on those dates confused

WilliamShatner Sat 28-Jun-14 12:12:10

What about hiring a camper van and then just paying to pitch up?

I've no idea how much that costs but just an idea.

Camper vans cost at least that much from what I've seen, then you've got pitch fees too.

There are cheaper cottages/caravans even in the middle of August.

Mrsjayy Sat 28-Jun-14 12:31:00

Just go you like ut kids like it go on holiday meh sod the expense if you can afford it

Mrsjayy Sat 28-Jun-14 12:32:16

Hiring campers cost a fortune dh fancied it last year its really expensive

Is it Pentewan, it is lovely there and you really woudnt have to leave the site if the weather was nice.
Par sands is nice too - not quite the same but cheaper I would think? Walking distance to beach, playground, small pool (no softplay - pub in walking distance for food)

Stripyhoglets Sat 28-Jun-14 12:44:40

I would go. We are paying nearly 800 for a week in a cottage in Northumberland with access to a pool. nothing fancy. Cornwall is lovely.

Marylou62 Sat 28-Jun-14 12:47:34

Living in Cornwall I can see both sides. It could rain for the whole week!!! Sorry...but it could and does. What amazing day trips you could have! Camp in the garden....go swimming...cinema....Thorpe Park type place...Duvet day if weather in jamas all day eating pizza.....and think of all the money you could save.....fill freezer with supermarket bought Magnums rather than £2 each here!! And try never to leave/arrive on fri or Sat....gridlock! We have done all the above and didn't have a 'holiday' for 10 years. Good luck

FTS123 Sat 28-Jun-14 13:14:32

It is pentewan!! We've been four times now. I hear you about the traffic, and that does depress me a bit!

weegiemum Sat 28-Jun-14 13:20:25

We're leaving for Cornwall today! Luckily our dc finished school this week so we're off whenever dh gets home from sodding Asda with the cat food soonish!

troubleinstore Sat 28-Jun-14 13:22:14
the best place ever... right on the beach too!

troubleinstore Sat 28-Jun-14 13:24:32

mid august 1 week £481 or £585 for a caravan!

erin99 Sat 28-Jun-14 13:30:00

Totally depends how easily you can afford that much! Meals out will add a good bit if you do that. I can def see the attraction of having everything on tap, and especially as solo parent you get more of a break than in a stand alone cottage where you have to 'run' everything all week. It's not an insane price for summer hols. Yes there are cheaper cottages but restaurant, entertainment and beach right there rightly bump the price up.

We do a 'hol at home' week which we treat like a holiday. Have a couple of nights of easy food (carbonara, pizza) and eat out for the rest of the week. Have a 'centerparcs' day when you go to a fancy swimming pool with slides etc and a bike ride. Maybe go away for a night or 2 in a Premier Inn or similar - we did Wookey Hole last year but you could do somewhere with a beach. Instead of making up picnics, take a block of cheese and buy bakery french bread on the way out, or buy fresh ready filled rolls. Use Kelloggs Adult goes free voucher for Legoland. No stress with packing or cattery fees. It's a fab week but it does lack the 'getting away from it all' feeling.

erin99 Sat 28-Jun-14 13:34:01

...actually troubleinstore that looks great!

I thought so, we live near by and non residents can use the pool out of season and we aometimes go for a swim and softplay. It really is a lovely site.
It is stunning in good weather, the beach Penwean itself, the nice walks round there, Meva for crab catching - however if it rains all week your children may get bored of the very small soft play and the pool. If your budget can stand a few days out I woud say go for it i love it there and would stay there if I didnt live so close!

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