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Terrified km pregnant again dd is only 7 months old please tell me i will cope.....

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Dollybird86 Thu 26-Jun-14 20:37:11

Just as title says really period due on Saturday but feel sooooo tired last few days and have unquenchable thirst hmm had awful sickness last time that I coped very badly with I vomited constantly until the end.

I know I need to POAS (asda order arriving tomorrow! )

Just need a bit of encouragement interms of coping with small age gap & while PG!

DC1 was 4 months when I got pregnant again...and then when DC 2 was 3 months I found myself (God knows how :D) pregnant again... shock

It was a real 'You've been framed' moment when I told DH!

It was fine.. in some ways it's MUCH easier as you have the equipment and you do the toddler groups or whatever with them both enjoying it. And they may grow up very close... mine are 22, 21 and 20 now (girl boy girl) and they are very close indeed... the girls are both due to graduate next year from university (one doc one nurse!) and are going to live together because they hate being apart!

It will be fine. Tiring, expensive, but fine!

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