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toastie ideas?

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mrsdicko90 Thu 26-Jun-14 16:55:50

Proper craving toasties!!

Used to have beans and spaghetti hoops as a child drooling what is your fave?

shakinstevenslovechild Thu 26-Jun-14 17:00:49

Egg and ham, I had it for lunch today actually and it was lovely.

I've never had a bean toastie before, sounds.... interesting.

Rainicorn Thu 26-Jun-14 17:00:54

I love toasties. We used to have a lovely deep fill one when I was growing up. Nothing compares to it now. sad

Anyway, onto the subject at hand. A few fillings I enjoyed:

Bolognese and cheese
Chilli con carne and cheese
Ham and cheese
Tuna mayo
Cheese and onion
Chorizo and roasted pepper
And as a child I love tomato sauce or hot dog mustard toasties. Nothing else, just the sauce.

MildDrPepperAddiction Thu 26-Jun-14 17:01:01

Brie, pesto, red onion and tomato. Mmmmmsmile

Cocolepew Thu 26-Jun-14 17:01:27

I had an egg one today.

ChunkyPickle Thu 26-Jun-14 17:06:04

blue cheese, tomato paste, and lots of pepper.

The other only toastie as good as the classic cheddar in my opinion

Sparklingbrook Thu 26-Jun-14 17:07:44

Cheese and onion. My egg ones are never great. oozing happens. sad

FelixFelix Thu 26-Jun-14 17:07:57

I've only ever had cheese and tomato, cheese and bean or banana and chocolate spread.

All of these posh toastie possibilities!

notapizzaeater Thu 26-Jun-14 17:08:02

Ham cheese, red onion and Tom sauce - yummy

Prunes or jam and served with ice cream

Thurlow Thu 26-Jun-14 17:10:07

Cheese, beans and chorizo.

HeyMicky Thu 26-Jun-14 17:12:24

Ham, cheese and pineapple. Tacky but gorgeous

IAmTheGodOfTitsAndWine Thu 26-Jun-14 17:13:06

Cheese, cheese, cheese and cheese. wink

Failing that:

Tuna, mature cheddar, black olives and spring onion. Loosely modelled on my favourite Starbucks' panini.

Roasted red pepper, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese and fresh basil.

I want to try marshmallow fluff and nutella, but I can't keep jars of them in the house as I'm utterly incapable of not eating the lot.

SylvaniansKeepGettingHoovered Thu 26-Jun-14 17:14:47

Mmmmm I love toasties

Stilton (delicious)
Cheese & onion is the very best. Onion makes everything tasty. I sometimes add red onion.

Could try mozarella

alarox Thu 26-Jun-14 17:20:04

I discovered a spinach, halloumi and red pepper combination in Pret a Manger recently. Have bought the ingredients ready to try at home!

Watches thread for more ideas...

WilliamShatner Thu 26-Jun-14 17:36:06

Cheese and marmite.

Nanasueathome Thu 26-Jun-14 17:43:07

Smoked bacon, fresh sliced tomato and red onion!!!!!!

Lozzapops Thu 26-Jun-14 17:44:59

I honestly would never have thought to put anything in a toastie other than cheese or ham! Except nutella, as pudding toastie. Anything else seems a bit strange to me! But then, I'm a bit fussy.

DH puts tinned spaghetti hoops and sausages and slices of cheese in his.


WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 26-Jun-14 17:48:44

Cheese, ham and thinly sliced red onion.
Tuna, grated cheese and thinly sliced red onion.
Pesto, Scarmorza, cherry tomatoes and thinly sliced red onion
Acorns and thinly sliced red onion.
Thinly sliced red onion.

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 26-Jun-14 17:49:43

<<hugs Nanasue and passes her some thinly sliced red onion>>

EverythingIsAwesome Thu 26-Jun-14 17:51:06


EverythingIsAwesome Thu 26-Jun-14 17:51:23

Mine is nutella & banana or corned beef & pickle.

ShergarAndSpies Thu 26-Jun-14 17:53:12

Goats cheese, cranberry jelly and pine nuts


Or goats cheese, prosciutto and spicy fig jam

FatalCabbage Thu 26-Jun-14 17:55:04

Pizza toastie - tomato puree, oregano/basil, cheese, pepperoni, onions, etc.

Ham and Emmental.

Myfanwyprice Thu 26-Jun-14 17:55:36

Got to be cheddar and sweet chilli sauce - delicious!

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