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In hospital. Scared.

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Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 21:51:57

I'm in hospital. Reasons explained here
Im scared what the doctors will find. I'm more scared that they wont find anything & I'll get the pain again.
Does anyone have a minute
to 'chat'? Or just to tell me some interesting trivia or anything else to take my mind off how crap I'm feeling?
Sorry, I know I'm being self indulgent but I'm worried & in pain.

LittleMisslikestobebythesea Wed 25-Jun-14 21:53:32

Something to make you laugh, I have only recently realized that the Channel Islands are so called because they are in the channel blush

LizzieMint Wed 25-Jun-14 21:57:18

So sorry to hear, no wonder you are scared. I really hope you manage to get some answers. My H lives with chronic pain (his is explained though) and it's so draining, you must be at your wits end.

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 21:57:36

Er, you may not want to let the doctors/ nurses know your MN nickname - do you know about targets in place re infection control? grin

Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 21:58:51

Heh Just. I'm a microbiologist so they already wash their hands a million times around me. And that's just fine smile

Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 21:59:47

Oh Little. Thank you. That did make me smile smile (why did you think they were called that before then?)

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 22:00:12

Hahahahahahahaha! So you're the worst possible patient imaginable then!

Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 22:01:58

Thank you Lizzie. I was told on Friday that it might just he 'unexplained abdo pain' & I'd have to live with it but after today's episode I know I couldn't. Not that level of pain.
I was pacing the floor in A&E, crying, gritting my teeth, grunting, involuntarily begging for the pain to go.
I just could not handle that every day.

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 22:02:17

So how are they treating you (other than the hand washing)?

Which hospital are you in?

And, most importantly, have they posed the all important Friends and Famlily test yet? You'll be glad to get out, if nothing else to get away from all the bloody requests for feedback!

SlatternLovesLots Wed 25-Jun-14 22:02:22

Random idiocy from me - I thought mince pies had actual mince in them until about 3 years ago. I couldn't understand why everybody kept eating them for pud.

Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 22:02:40

Just, yes! I am! smile

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:03:24

I need a pink bike.

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:04:07

I have a beauteous expensive brand new lovely bike that i adore.

But i really need a pink one.

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 22:04:16

Why he actual fuck do you need a pink bike, Cervix?

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:04:21

Trivial enough?

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:04:40

It is beautiful.

Are you on your own?

I'll tell you my favourite terrible joke, although it doesn't really work written down:

What's the bare minimum?..... One bear.

KissMyFatArse Wed 25-Jun-14 22:04:44

I feel your pain! I was discharged yesterday from my second a& e overnite in 2 weeks. Both times brought by ambulance.

They dope you up with painkillers and as bloods come back 'almost normal' send me on my merry way.

Mines has been ongoing 4 yrs so I've bit the bullet and tomorrow have my first private medical appointment! Yay!

Hope you get answers soon! X

SlatternLovesLots Wed 25-Jun-14 22:05:28

Why do you need a pink bike? is my 4 year old Dd now mumsnetting because she wants a pink bike too

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 22:05:35

Have you seen one in particular you like, Cervix?

Emmanuel that's terrible.....

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:05:47

Bollox to pains. Bastards.

AtYourCervix Wed 25-Jun-14 22:06:33

I have my eye on a particliar pink bike. It is delightful.

LittleMisslikestobebythesea Wed 25-Jun-14 22:06:34

I don't know what I thought before, never really thought about it grin

I also only recently realized about maternal/paternal grandparents and the difference!

I class myself as a reasonably intelligent person too blush

Hope you feel better soon, kidney pain is no fun sad

Germgirl Wed 25-Jun-14 22:06:37

They used to have real meat in didn't they Slattern? Sounds utterly revolting. I remember Hugh FW made some once & pronounced them lovely. But I don't think I'd like them.

I've been treated ok so far, I have been given the F&F questionnaire but I haven't filled it in.
I'm in Lewisham hospital in SE London, it's ok, could be better, could be a lot worse. I work up the road at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Woolwich and that is dire compared to here.
Daft thing: it's 10pm. Bedtime. So why have the nurses put the 'big lights' on & buggered off?

Justfuckitupagain Wed 25-Jun-14 22:06:50

Germ have they at least given you lots of lovely drugs?

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