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Colchester murders, any one else feeling uneasy?

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Pantone363 Tue 24-Jun-14 12:46:34

We're very close to both the locations and feeling more and more uneasy that nobody has been caught yet.

Its so terrible for both the victims to die in such a awful way with no apparent motive. I really need to go to Tesco and would usually walk but thinking i'll drive today although there is police everywhere at the moment so its probably safer than usual. But if they don't catch anyone as which point do you suddenly start walking around as normal? I'd usually run about 9/10pm at night once the DC are in bed, certainly not doing that at the moment!

WilliamShatner Tue 24-Jun-14 13:09:23

So far two murders which may or may not be linked.

I'm not trivialising the matter but you are at risk of dying caused by many things whilst going about your daily business.

It's easy to say try not to be anxious when clearly you are upset and frightened.

If you feel safer and less stressed by taking extra precautions whilst going about your daily business, then do so, but don't let it rule or spoil your life.

They are telling people not to go out alone, it stopped me going for a walk around lexden park & through the wooded area yesterday.
I saw a large number of soldiers out jogging this morning, with several female jogers tagging on behind. Better to be safe at this time.

PixieofCatan Tue 24-Jun-14 13:18:55

As you say, police are crawling around at the moment, you're probably safer now than you would have been. How close are you to it all? My family just keep complaining to me about how inconvenient it is for them as my two sisters both live in Colchester hmm twats.

Pantone363 Wed 25-Jun-14 15:07:25

Very close, about 500 meters from the second murder.

Like flat belly said police are advising not to go out alone, but how long for and in what circumstances?! I'm going for a run today but main roads, not my usual towpath/woods run.

Just hope they catch someone soon

Morethanalittlebitconfused Wed 25-Jun-14 15:11:05

It has completely set the town on edge. Everyone I know in the area is driving out of town to walk dogs etc because the second killing was in daylight I think that's why everyone is on edge.

It's sensible.

It's not worrying too much and it's not cool to be blasé about it in an area where there has been 2 brutal random knife crimes

littleducks Wed 25-Jun-14 15:14:55

Northallerton I would take a view like Alan shayne

littleducks Wed 25-Jun-14 15:24:05

Sorry I got a call and message posted.

Normally I would take the view like William but I heard the police advice not to go or alone so I think of I was local I would be complying with that. They may know more than they are saying as they try to catch this person

ShakeYourTailFeathers Wed 25-Jun-14 15:34:47

That's horrid. We had a nasty daytime rape (one of a few linked together) very close to home a few years back - all the men living nearby were DNA tested, including DH.

It was scary - I walked that way to the station every morning and my neighbour and I started waiting for each other so we weren't alone.

it was v unpleasant, but they caught him, thank god

Offler Wed 25-Jun-14 15:45:09

I usually walk through the tunnell under the railway line from New Braiswick Park (old Woods Factory Site) and through the woods and across the fields to drop off / collect dd from the childminders. My mum has told me not to (that makes me sound about 12 hmm). I'm in two minds, it's a lot longer walking round past the station...

CiderLover Wed 25-Jun-14 15:46:36

I hadn't heard about this but have just read a news article, horrendous.

Sounds like such a frenzied attack.

I would most certainly take the advice from the Police and don't go out alone.

Hopefully the person responsible will be caught shortly.

BreeVDKamp Wed 25-Jun-14 16:07:58

:-o I've not heard of these happenings! Sounds terrible, hope they catch the culprit and you all feel safe again soon.

PixieofCatan Wed 25-Jun-14 16:12:04

I never realised that they were advising people to not go out alone grin surely walking wise you'll be okay on main routes with lots of pedestrians? But getting to those routes is another thing.

Sorry to hear you're that close to it all though op, scary stuff!

IrnBruTheNoo Wed 25-Jun-14 16:13:45

I live in what I'd consider to be a fairly safe area but I certainly would never go jogging alone at any time of the day never mind 9 or 10 pm. Geezo, you're brave!!

CatnipTea Wed 25-Jun-14 16:49:03

I'm feeling a bit spooked now. Was fine till yesterday. We live in Wivenhoe, about 4 miles away from where the 2nd attack happened. Its a very different area, have always felt safe here. I've just been carrying on as normal, walking dogs on my own in fields and woods. Of course see all the police activity on the way into Colchester but no police here at all until yesterday. I wonder if they know something? Or perhaps they've just got loads of spare police.
Suddenly the town is full of them, on bikes and walking about. This morning I was in the woods at 6.30am with the dogs and met 2 policemen who said it'd be best not to walk there because of the "2 serious incidents". I asked why there were suddenly so many police around and was told "We're here to reassure the community". I was feeling more reassured when there were no police here confused.

Pantone363 Wed 25-Jun-14 16:51:21

I looked out of DPs window last night and 2 police officers were patrolling the car park!

I must have seen about 50 police walking the beat today, it is reassuring until you remember why they are there.

I think the apparent lack of any motive in both murders is chilling.

Pantone363 Wed 25-Jun-14 16:52:58

It's the only time I'm child free or I'd run in the day, headlamp in winter works wonders.

CatnipTea Wed 25-Jun-14 17:09:22

Yes Panatone, it is chilling, I hadn't really thought about it till yesterday. Horrifying that he had time to stab her repeatedly and get away unseen. possibly with blood on him, mid-morning on a fairly well used path. There was an interview with the man who found her and he said people were just walking past while he was calling the police, perhaps they were scared the attacker was still around.

IrnBruTheNoo Wed 25-Jun-14 18:12:52

I'd be considering getting thee an exercise bike or a treadmill for the home then...

I walk in broad day light but would never walk alone in the evenings, even in the summer. You can never be too careful...

IrnBruTheNoo Wed 25-Jun-14 18:14:14

Didn't even know there had been murders until reading this thread. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront. Best to be informed.

FellReturneth Wed 25-Jun-14 18:20:03

It is very bizarre, on the face of it you would not expect the two attacks to be related. In many ways they have very different hallmarks, but then again they also have much in common, namely the geographical proximity and the frenzied method in which they were killed.

I no longer live there but I know the area very well. I think the whole town has become much more seedy and violent in the last three years or so. The whole place has a much edgier feel now than when I first knew it.

Morethanalittlebitconfused Wed 25-Jun-14 18:24:01

The town is very transient. It has a high student and military presence, a very young and very elderly population (and not much in between) and is close to London and close to many major ports.

It's always going to be a bit rough round te edges

AuntieStella Wed 25-Jun-14 18:28:01

People who lived in Yorkshire cities during the Ripper years went through this.

It's a horrible, unsettling feeling when the police start the specific warnings, and it can permanently change your attitude to how you move about.

I hope the perpetrator is caught soon.

Deverethemuzzler Wed 25-Jun-14 19:38:32

The police are not ruling out a connection and this suggests to me that they think there is one. Do they not tend to scotch rumours like that pretty quickly?

Was the poor man who was murdered Gay? I ask because they have mentioned that both victims came from minority groups.

I don't blame you for feeling uneasy. I live in an area with a pretty high murder rate but they are random and unconnected. If there were two people killed in similar ways and the police were umming and ahhing about a connection I would be feeling nervous too.

Its all so awful. Those poor people and their poor families. I hope the catch the person/s responsible soon.

ihatethecold Wed 25-Jun-14 19:46:28

I'm sure I heard on the radio this eve that the police had found 27 knives whilst looking for the murder weapon.
They didn't say if any of them were the murder weapon.
I hope they catch the person soon,
I grew up in Colchester and it always had what I would call public order crime but nothing as horrendous as this.

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