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What sort of books does your 18mo like to 'read'?

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BeanyIsPregnant Tue 24-Jun-14 08:07:47

My dd loves books, at several times throughout the day Il find her sitting on the floor flicking through one of her board books looking at the pictures upside-down

She likes books like this at the moment, when we read with her,,,9781409334897,00.html?/Who_Am_I?_Snowy_Animals_DK_Publishing

It's got 10pages of writing, I think you can see an example of the pages in the link. She's happy to listen to the words and look at the picture, and will turn the pages when prompted, but what's next?!

The 'proper' books are so much longer, and I don't think she has the patience for them...

Help!! Suggestions of titles or the sort of books I should be looking out for! I'm going to the library today weekly thing or I would be over run with bloody board books! so can have a look but I've never seen anything suitable, inlaws are always eager to buy presents so have the option to buy a few!

onestepbeyond Tue 24-Jun-14 08:16:12

At this age dd1 loved the "that's not my ...." series (lots of different textures to feel), spot the dog (flaps to lift) and the hungry caterpillar (holes to stick fingers through!).

BeanyIsPregnant Tue 24-Jun-14 08:20:45

You see, she loves the that's not my.. Books, but seems to be bored of them- she favours the longer books with more words - but obviously still wants the pictures!!! Hadn't thought of the hungry caterpillar, will keep an eye out today, thanks!!

bumbumsmummy Tue 24-Jun-14 08:23:51

Ds loves each peach,pear and plumb books there's lots to look at and they need a little bit of concentration

Also try button books they are really lovely

gemdrop84 Tue 24-Jun-14 08:24:07

Second the "that's not my" series! We got Ds three for xmas and he'll happily sit and look through them. Anything with animals in, lift the flap,any noisy books that has buttons to press. His favourite at the moment though is Chocolate mousse for greedy goose. Think we read it about 3 4 times a day! He loves it!

ShesARumUn Tue 24-Jun-14 08:29:46

My DS (18 months) loves:

Dear Zoo
There's a cow in the cabbage patch
The Spot lift-the-flap books
The Wibbly Pig books
Peppa Pig books

bubblegun Tue 24-Jun-14 08:33:08

Janet and Allan Ahlberg
dr Seuss shorter ones
Bear hunt
Meg and mog
Dear zoo
Hungry caterpillar
Shorter Julia Donaldson (or half a long one)
John burningham

BeanyIsPregnant Tue 24-Jun-14 08:44:07

Thanks so much all, going to have a look in the library for some, and il have a look around town this afternoon as well!

How much does your 18mo read? I'm not sure if it's an indication of anything but if we have the book box out dd will want to read all day, not interested in tv/ other toys/ eating/ anything else.... Literally just wants to read! Is this normal?!

MiaowTheCat Tue 24-Jun-14 08:52:41

Lifty flap books - and DD1 in particular would sit for hours in a pile of books at that age.

There's one they're both (just turned 1 and just turned 2 year olds) hooked on at the moment that'll see if I can find for you - I assume my mum got it from the book man at work probably cheaper though

The pair of 'em will sit for bloody hours with this one - the older DD will name all the animals that she knows (and make up the names of the ones she doesn't - got to love the logic in some of them) and her sister loves lifting the flaps up as well - it's stood up quite well to the battering as well - DD1 used to take it to bed to look at for a good long while and it's only lost a couple of flaps with a fair amount of use.

I tend to have two batches of books on the go though - lots of lifty flap and board books for the kids to use independently and then a batch of nice bedtime story type ones I keep in a much better condition - and I buy a lot of them from charity shops locally for about 50p.

PenelopeLane Tue 24-Jun-14 09:12:33

DS loved the Sandra Boynton books at that age.

He sounds like you DD in terms of reading, although now he's 2.8 he still likes to cuddle up with a book but it's not the 20 per day it used to be so I don't have to hide the ones I don't like anymore

BeanyIsPregnant Tue 24-Jun-14 09:23:10

Aha, I'm hoping the enthusiastic book reading is a sign of things to come, me and dp are both avid readers! although dds books are bloody dull!

Thanks so much for the links, our library has that animals one- will get it out today if it's there and see what she thinks! This seems to be a hard age range for the library's to stock for.. They have lots of 'that's not my' style books, and a massive selection of the bigger books with more words and paper pages, but none in this in between stage!

Hoping the interest in the books will last a bit longer than a few months now as they are more 'advanced' books.. Il need to remortgage at this rate!!

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Tue 24-Jun-14 09:28:59

Buster's Day
No Bed Without Ted is fabulous

AngryPrincess Tue 24-Jun-14 09:48:54

My 11 month old loves Peekaboo Moon.

(She lifts the flaps to see babies faces)

MiaowTheCat Tue 24-Jun-14 10:16:37

Also mine like lots with bits to slide and buttons to press as well - we've got a few Mr Tumble ones that came in a board book library - but my kids would have Mr Tumble for prime minister if they could, and basically anything with colours, numbers or pictures of children and babies or animals in interests them.

At that age mine loved:

Any Maisy

Jo Lodge "Going shopping" and "the farm" (or similar title), they can still be found second hand, there are lots of things to look at, amazing books.

Any lift the flap book, or touchy ones, especially with animals or babies.

Monkey Puzzle and What The Ladybord Heard are/ were big favourites with my lot at this age. DS2 is 16 months and will sit and listen to these most of the way through. Though he does get a bit cross when I turn away from the elephant page in Monkey Puzzle.

There's also a book called Cock-a-Moo-Moo which DS1 was obsessed by. He loved his books, and now, at 5, will read anything and everything. He was reading cookery books this morning before school.

Eebahgum Tue 24-Jun-14 11:29:57

Ds is 21 months and pretty much only likes books with flaps, feely bits or noises. He loves dear zoo. Oh and books with trains in. He will read for roughly 2 minutes - and cover several books in that time. Not much help. Can't wait to get him into Julia Donaldson and she does toddler friendly ones like toddle waddle and goat goes to play group. Unfortunately I fear this may also be an indication of things to come.

AngryPrincess Tue 24-Jun-14 12:00:50

Sandra Boynton ones are good too. Just listened to the Snuggle Puppy song on youtube.

IdealistAndProudOfIt Tue 24-Jun-14 12:39:59

We loved Meg and Mog (make sure you do all the noises in it, make some up!), also the 'tales from acorn woods' books by julia donaldson and axel scheffler. Dh got them a set of dr seuss books that they like too (can't say they're my favourites, but I'm outvoted). Hungry Caterpillar is a good one. Other than that, ds is into noisy books so we have a few of those (dh doesn't like them, but he's outvoted too smile).

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