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FYFest attendees! Over 'ere! I've added gin marques and NO HORSES and extra music and stackable goats and I'm not good at thread titles.

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So there was a field. A lovely field. That we couldn't use at all due to my lack of a backbone and two aggressive horses that <ahem> came with the house. But worse than the horses were the horse "carers".

Luckily mners gave me a backbone and they were successfully evicted on a wet and windy Saturday, way back when.

So the field is empty! And ready to be filled with mners and wine and gin and singing and cheesecake, and pretty much any pet you can think of (sans horses of course).

Pop in and say hello smile lurkers are always welcome, and there's some lovely wildflowers in the field at the moment.

AlpacaPicnic Mon 23-Jun-14 23:21:02

Woohoo! Found you! There is a nice public garden near me ATM which is overflowing with wild flowers and looks beautiful.
Let me post a picture...

AlpacaPicnic Mon 23-Jun-14 23:24:42

Pretty pretty flowers!

OOOOO can I bring my new barbecue? My lovely mam bought me a Landsman something or other, with a tripod and a grill that swings on chains over the fire pit and it is luffly grin
I can churn out lovely food for everyone except vegetarians including desserts grin as long as someone plies me with lots of alcohol grin
And <drumroll> I have got "magic stuff" that makes the fire in the firepit burn in pretty colours too... grin

<Runs into thread to tell everyone that they are wearing smashing blouses in honour of the late, great Rik Mayall. Runs out again>

Pombear! I have magic stuff too grin you'll fit right in! That sounds like the most amazing barbecue. You can definitely bring it. I'll get one of the dcs to be your waiter and keep you sozzled.

Alpaca, we have those lovely yellow flowers <proud>

Growingolddiscustingly grin my blouse is smashing. Woof. I still can't quite believe he's gone.

PedantMarina Tue 24-Jun-14 12:04:17

Wheeee! FYFeistival! D'ye know, my phone has that word on auto-complete, along with "twunt" and fred and LTB.

Aaahhh, prerrt flowers! Not all covered in horse poo...

Abzs Tue 24-Jun-14 12:05:43

Here you are!

I may possibly have spent the evening glaring in Ida's general direction for using up the last message on the old fred and leaving me wondering how to find you.

Lovely flowers. We have masses of fox and cubs just now. Pretty, but invasive.

NigelMolesworth Tue 24-Jun-14 12:09:46

Hello again! Can I come and sit in the field for a while? I just need to escape the removals men who are sucking their teeth whilst trying to cram all our stuff into the blatantly too small van.

Thinks wistfully of wild flowers and gin - an excellent combination...

How are you BTW?

Hello Nigel, I'm actually really well. The sunshine alone makes the world a better place (although dh's sunburn may not agree with me on that one). I haven't actually thought about it for a while... But yes, I'm ok smile

Sorry you're having to go through moving. I hate moving. I've moved 8 times in the past 10 years and now I'm never moving again (hence the necessity of getting rid of the horses).

The important questions: do you know where the kettle is packed?! In my last move I couldn't even be bothered to properly label boxes. They got the room they were going in and either "essential" or "nonessential" written on them. Apart from (of course) the very important "kettle and all things to make tea" box, which never left my sight.

I quite like unpacking. I always forget what I have, and it comes as a nice surprise.

Mission for the day is pick some more elderflowers from the field. Dh has bought me two new buckets to mix it up in.

I'm not sure I've got enough plastic bottles. But the mission is upon me smile

Hello Abzs and pedant. Sorry I failed at linking. I hope everyone wanders over at some point.

NigelMolesworth Tue 24-Jun-14 12:29:11

Glad you are ok and that things are looking up. We are moving to a very horsey village so, based on your experience, I'm torn between wanting horsey loons for the sheer amusement value and not wanting them anywhere near me!!

We have been in rented for the past 5 months so lots of stuff didn't get unpacked, so it will be a great surprise to unpack everything. The DDs will be delighted as they can finally get Sylvania back out of their boxes! The worst thing is that we haven't needed a lot of this stuff in 5 months...remind me again quite why we've got it all?!

MrsNutella Tue 24-Jun-14 12:34:59

Here you all are! I was wondering lost and alone.

<does twirl to show off smashing blouse>

IdaBlankenship Tue 24-Jun-14 12:38:19

Sorry Absz I didn't notice the 999 above the message box. I also knew that you were on the edge of your seat about the snail shenanigans wink

Morning (afternoon) everyone. Lovely sunny day here. Nigel good luck with the move - remember to check your back garden for any errant horses before you move in!

WingDefence Tue 24-Jun-14 12:48:33

Found you! I searched for you Chris but didn't find anything so I searched for Abzs instead as it was short and popped into my mind without having to revisit the old thread blush

Cloudy with no chance of meatballs here, weather-wise. I may also have just had a little rant at DH because we desperately need to get out garden sorted for the DCs (DD 15mo loves eating the gravel stones the majority of the garden is covered with at the moment hmm).

Lots of work tele-meetings arranged today so I'd better get on.

Chris, any chance you could get the last thread moved into OFBT or somewhere else where it won't disappear? Would be nice to have continuity and all that </organiser>

A funny pic for you all today. If anyone can tell me where this sign is I'll be impressed!

MrsNutella Tue 24-Jun-14 12:49:47

Oh bum, I was wandering... Gah blonde pregnant-ness
Mind you I do spend time alone wondering, also fairly lost....

Chris glad to hear you're feeling ok - hope it's at the "yeah, good actually" end of ok. Long summer days in your beautiful meadow.... Panda you can drink gin..... Ho hum....

pedant is it a feistival or a festival? I think I like the sound of a feistival... Although part of me thinks it sounds a bit painful confused

Nigel, I know, I still have boxes and it's been 7 months. I don't know what's in them, and I clearly don't need them. But can I chuck them? Ha! Never!

Most horsey people are sane, in a horsey way. Just watch out for any rescuers. I was chatting to our neighbour the other day, he's horsey people, and he said "there was this old boy, all this grass, no care in the world, more than happy. And what do they do? Put a 2 year old in with him and annoy him. Poor sod." grin

I am planning on being good and taking a load of things to the carboot sale though. Haven't quite got round to that yet though...

MrsN, it truly is smashing. And yes, the good side of ok smile

Ida, glad you found us, and snail info is vital. You weren't wrong smile

Wing, I've not a clue about the sign smile check you out with your organising ways, not sure MN want the place cluttered by my ramblings, surely?

MrsNutella Tue 24-Jun-14 12:59:23

ida I was at once thrilled with your snail update (although I hope the left behind snail didn't think any less of themselves that their partner had run off) and left bereft for want of a new thread link. grin

DS proudly put on his wellies all by himself yesterday. So I took him out in the garden to run around for a bit grin

MrsN, those are good wellies.

I've just reread the thread title... "Marques"?! Blooming marques?!!!! Marqueeeeees damnit!

MrsNutella Tue 24-Jun-14 13:06:31

He tripped a few times, since they're on the wrong feet but he was happy.

We have the loveliest workmen. They have been crashing and drilling all morning and we told them we need to put DS down for his sleep - he doesn't do a good afternoon nap anywhere except his own bed. Now they are being really good and creeping up and down the stairs smile bless them. We have plied them with cake as well, to keep them happy.

MrsNutella Tue 24-Jun-14 13:12:26

Hehehe marques smile it's one of those glorious things about the English language. When I first read it I read "marquees" it's only now that you've pointed out I see the mistake.
English is great: the grammar is a mess, spelling and pronunciation are truly not friends and yet I often here (from fellow native speakers) that it's an easy language because the rules seem so simple.

Abzs Tue 24-Jun-14 13:19:57

Wing searched for me!

<does wee dance and tries not to care that it's because mine is a rather shorter name everyone else's>

WingDefence Tue 24-Jun-14 13:32:39

thanks << there y'go Abzs, to make your day extra special an all smile

MrsN, how old is DS? You'll be the one keeping this thread alive in the small hours while feeding the new baby when it arrives grin
Your workmen sound lovely. Can I have some cake too please?

Chris YES a full audit trail of FYFeistival freds would make me very happy!

I wonder how Zombie is - her thread has dropped off my TIO list so I'd better find it...

pointythings Tue 24-Jun-14 13:44:45

Have a contribution from me!

Jux Tue 24-Jun-14 13:59:58

Hooray! As usual, I have been unable to get back onto your old fred, though I tried more than 3 times a day! It just kept crashing my silly iPad machine. Perhaps Apples like horses? Shall have to punish it......

We have been vacuuming our pond. I thought you would all like to know that. Now I shall try to catch up though I fear the end of the last thread shall remain lost to me forevermore sad

mistlethrush Tue 24-Jun-14 14:00:42

blush the Edwards is the only one of those I've not tried... But Williams is good so I should think Edwards is too blush

No, I definitely don't know everything about the garden, but I do like doing it and know a smattering. And have two parents that know quite a bit about wildflowers and birds etc. I appear to be the office expert on tree identification from photos, and an architect I work with sometimes has also sent me photos to see if I agree with his tree species! grin

OTBT threads disappear within 30 days, so moving to there would not have the effect of keeping it. Need to find a different home other than chat for them if longer life is required for more than the first two!

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