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What's the best way to get my DBS (used to be CRB) check?

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CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 08:05:54

I'm looking around a few websites but don't know if there is any difference - or indeed a similar scam going to that perpetrated by passport admin websites.

CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 08:21:46


gamerchick Mon 16-Jun-14 08:24:03

I alway just stick direct gov in front of everything if im not sure.

CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 08:36:44

That's an overview of how the procedure happens, I'm looking for some kind of application form.

Flisspaps Mon 16-Jun-14 08:38:32

You can't apply as an individual, it has to be through a registered body (such as an employer, or for example Ofsted if you're registering as a childminder)

Flisspaps Mon 16-Jun-14 08:39:02

So you need to ask the registered body for a form.

UnderEstherMate Mon 16-Jun-14 08:39:24

As far as I know the organisation that you will be working for has to arrange it, as you have to have one done for each company/school/whatever.

CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 08:40:10

I'm self employed and I need it for the new contract work I have just started.

CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 08:40:58

I'll be working with more than 12 companies/schools etc...eek!

Meow75 Mon 16-Jun-14 08:43:36

Tel: 0870 90 90 811

You might do better with this than their customer services e mail. They have 3 days left to answer my e mail query. Getting impatient!!!

Flisspaps Mon 16-Jun-14 08:44:24

Get one via one of the schools, they are now transferable for up to 3 months so 1 will cover all 12 sites.

gamerchick Mon 16-Jun-14 08:58:39

There's a link further down the page for when you need to get one for yourself.

CuttedUpPear Mon 16-Jun-14 22:08:48

gamerchick I can't see I being thick?

LemonMousse Mon 16-Jun-14 22:12:11

What about the LEA responsible for the schools you'll be working in? Contact them for advice.

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