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Had a bit of a scare today

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gutted2014 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:53:54

We have been staying at PILs this weekend. Just opposite where they live is a smallish park which comprises around 20% play equipment, a BMX track & a large open grass area.

Today, we took our DSes (5.5, 3.2, 16 weeks) for a play in the park. They played on the equipment for a while, then played a game of chase on the large grass area. They were laughing & calling to each other quite loudly, as small boys do when they get excited grin They had been doing this for a couple of minutes when 2 young dogs came haring over out of nowhere. The dogs jumped up at DS1, who is nervous around dogs anyway, and wouldn't get down when I commanded them to, they just kept on bouncing off him, iyswim. He didn't get knocked down as I was holding him. The poor boy was in tears, he was very scared sad. Then one raced over to DS2, knocked him over & carried on treading/jumping on him, until my DH chased the dog away. The owners were over the other side of the park (about 25m away).

The sign outside the park has a picture of a dog in a circle which is crossed through, but there are dog litter bins in the park, so I assume it means no dogs off leads? People do walk their dogs there which I totally understand as it is a lovely green space in a residential area. I also have no particular objection to dogs off leads if their owners can control them. My family had a boxer & then a Jack Russell when I was growing up, so I am familiar with dogs & how to behave around them and I'm trying to pass this on to my DSes.

I am pretty certain that the dogs did not mean any harm - they were not baring their teeth or growling etc. The owner, when my DH spoke to him afterwards, said these dogs are only 7 months old & just wanted to play with my DSes. However, it upset me to see my DS so scared, and I was also very aware that an over-excited dog (or any animal, really) could potentially get carried away and nip. It is probably just my over-protective maternal side coming out, but my heart was racing for a moment today!

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 15-Jun-14 23:50:50

That sounds horrible, I hope it doesn't affect your son too much in the long term.

I have two dogs (puppy is a recent addition, we've has her for 3 weeks tomorrow, from a rescue). I've always been careful about my older dog being around children (well, all people really). Because she's tiny and nobody sees her as a potential danger. She has a lovely temperament, never had an issue doesn't hurt to be careful.

Puppy is exuberant, nervous of other dogs and sometimes people. She yaps and growls, down to fear. We are obviously taking steps to combat this. But, for the moment she is only ever off lead in quiet corners of parks.

I would be utterly beside myself mortified and apologetic if either dog behaved as though two dogs did with your ds. Because it would be my fault. The words "she was just being friendly" will never leave my mouth.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 15-Jun-14 23:52:13

Posted too soon!

I don't think you were being over-protective at all and were very restrained with the selfish owner, who doesn't seem to have been bothered at the distress the dogs caused.

AlerieVelaryon Sun 15-Jun-14 23:54:20

I am glad the kids are Ok (might be even more scared of dogs now). the owner was unreasonable in having young excitable dogs off the lead in that park. I hope you feel more relieved than upset now.

Pancakeflipper Mon 16-Jun-14 00:07:21

Sorry to hear about your scare.

My DS2 had 2 incidents in a week - like you in a park, dog bounded down the hill and hit my DS2 who somersaulted in the air. Big dog. Then a smaller dog knocked him into a planter at a friend's house.
DS2 is now 5 and struggles still with dogs. He wants to like them and says hello to them but if a larger dog he's scared. We are currently using friends dogs who are great with children to help him overcome his understandable fear.Slow process.

I hope you children are ok.

that would have scared me too, hope they're okay.

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