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Quick Help! Massive attack of munchies. what can I eat? This is an EMERGENCY!!!!

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AtYourCervix Sun 15-Jun-14 13:38:22

Slimming worlding. Am bored with everything. I need food - mostly bread and cheese and lots of it! Already eaten the measly amount I am allowed.

Help Me!

Whay can I eat that will satisfy my gluttony?

LoveBeingInTheSun Sun 15-Jun-14 13:40:42

Well you can but you have chosen not too. Sorry know that doesn't help, I'm hi grey to do will be usless

CaulkheadUpNorth Sun 15-Jun-14 13:42:50

I haven't done sw but the things that fill me up most are...
Sparkling water

Any of those any good?

AtYourCervix Sun 15-Jun-14 13:45:43

I want cheese.

and cake.

cato75 Sun 15-Jun-14 13:48:01

If you are doing EE could you turn the day into green or red and have your extra healthy extras?

BigPawsBrown Sun 15-Jun-14 13:48:23

If you want to lose weight you will have to consume less calories than you expend.

Therefore you will be hungry.

Therefore you need to not eat when hungry sometimes in order to lose weight.

Skinheadmermaid Sun 15-Jun-14 13:50:40

Go for a walk and sip water.
I always have a can of diet coke to stop me eating.
Or you can stir fry a few handfuls of kale and spinach, very little calories. Or munch on a carrot.
You have to suffer to be beautiful wink

Eat a carrot, nice and crunchy. Grapes? Take ages to eat and tasty. Quorn sausages? Hard boiled egg? All of the above!!!! I think they are all free.

bigpaws that's not how slimming world works. It is designed so that you don't feel hungry but eat foods that fill you up but still enable you to lose weight.

AtYourCervix Sun 15-Jun-14 13:55:08

I'm not hungry. Just have an urge to eat crisps and cake and dips and cheese.

That was a rubbish sentence - apologies for lack of grammar.....

familygermsareok Sun 15-Jun-14 13:56:10

Brush your teeth!
Not a personal judgement, it always helps me not eat when I feel boredom munchies coming on as nothing will taste good wink

AtYourCervix Sun 15-Jun-14 14:00:13

Teeth. Good idea. And will have big coffee.

elvenbread Sun 15-Jun-14 14:01:52

Lots of water. A cup of tea. A Muller light yoghurt. A banana. Agree with brushing your teeth.

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