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What time is it acceptable to start DIY at the weekend?

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Sudocremegg Sat 14-Jun-14 09:01:50

Just that really, is 9am too early? For a bit of drilling and hammering. Should it be left a little later so people can have more of a lie in? We're in a flat if that makes any difference.

Freewheeeling Sat 14-Jun-14 09:04:16

Yes I think 9am is a bit too early, I'd probably say about 10am.

FreeLikeABird Sat 14-Jun-14 09:05:42

I would say 10am.


CoilRegret Sat 14-Jun-14 09:07:37



rockybalboa Sat 14-Jun-14 09:10:56

I'd say 9am is fair. Annoying but still fair.

CanaryYellow Sat 14-Jun-14 09:10:58

I think 9am is fine.

dietcokeandcadburys Sat 14-Jun-14 09:12:40


RelocatorRelocator Sat 14-Jun-14 09:13:08

In a flat I'd say definitely 10am.

Also depends a bit on who your neighbours are. If they have little kids they are probably up anyway. Ours are up early and off out to the gym so we prob wouldn't bother them.

Sudocremegg Sat 14-Jun-14 09:15:56

Ooh, an even split. Though I like CoilRegret's response!

DH was asleep and I was reading when our new downstairs neighbour started drilling at 8.55. I was wondering if I was being a bit precious about him doing it - it has been going on all week, which doesn't bother me much, but I thought he'd give it a rest at the weekend. I can't nip down and say "mumsnet says it's too early" can I! grin

hollyisalovelyname Sat 14-Jun-14 09:19:22

10 am
Unneighbourly at 9 am

Beaverfeaver2 Sat 14-Jun-14 09:19:40

Next door neighbours started at 8am this morning

Yesterday it was 7am

Greenybrownish Sat 14-Jun-14 09:20:44

Someone round here started cutting hedge/strimming garden 7:05 am last sat - grr!!!!

Sudocremegg Sat 14-Jun-14 09:21:29

He's bloody stopped now. So 20 minutes at 9am - I think that makes it worse!

Beaver you have my sympathy. 8am is just so inconsiderate.

Cocolepew Sat 14-Jun-14 09:21:33


offtoseethewizard64 Sat 14-Jun-14 09:23:35

FWIW I think Planning Regs normally say 8.00am on a Saturday for building works - although they have to stop at 1.00pm. But then again they are not allowed to build on a Sunday but nothing to stop DIY (as opposed to builders) doing anything on a Sunday or indeed at any other time.
Our workmen started at 8.00am today although boiling the kettle and drinking tea doesn't make that much noise but didn't start the cement mixer up until 8.30.

Beaverfeaver2 Sat 14-Jun-14 09:27:35

It's bad, but I'm used to bein woken up at 8am every weekend by their kids screaming out in the garden anyway.
cant wait to move!

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