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Jehovahs witnesses at our door with disabled child in tow

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millimat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:42:46

Is it just me, or is it exploitation to knock on the door with a severely disabled, wheelchair bound child next to them?

What did they say?

Piratejones Sat 07-Jun-14 16:45:24

I once told one off for having a child with them.
I have nothing against religion, or children in religion, but there are people who are Very abusive to door to door Jehovah’s and they were subjecting a child to it.

Nomama Sat 07-Jun-14 16:45:34

Oh! Aren't kids in wheelchairs allowed out in public?

Even JWs have disabled kids, why would it be exploitation?

headlesslambrini Sat 07-Jun-14 16:46:11

What offended you more - JV or the disabled child being outside?

MaryShelley Sat 07-Jun-14 16:47:08

Thoroughly confused by your post. It is quite usual for children to accompany JW parents. Why would a disabled child be any different? Quite bizarre OP. are you suggesting they hunted one out to 'borrow' for the day.

millimat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:48:21

I have nothing whatsoever against disabled children, I know it sounds like that. But I do have issues with people of ANY religion knocking on my door and expecting me to listen.
When I said no thank you, the said child was pushed forward neater to the door as though it would affect my decision to listen.

numptieseverywhere Sat 07-Jun-14 16:49:15

I've noticed that JWs tend to have someone wheelchair bound with them when they do door to door brain washing. It's defo for the sympathy vote (and I say that as someone with wheelchair using relatives)

millimat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:49:46

* nearer* not neater.

I told a JW off for "canvassing" with a child too. He was about 10 and was being encouraged to talk to me about my faith. I told JW the boy should be playing with kids and out having fun - not talking to me about God. I've wondered how things were for him so often. It felt very weird.

For me this isn't a disabled issue - it's a child care issue. But I don't think kids should be walked round to knock on the doors of strangers to talk about God.

ManchesterAunt Sat 07-Jun-14 16:50:31


HavantGuard Sat 07-Jun-14 16:51:03

hmm very odd comments

I strongly dislike JW. I have never noticed this. The best advice I've seen on here is to ask to be put on the 'do not visit' list.

millimat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:51:03

Why, Manchester?

Nomama Sat 07-Jun-14 16:53:16


If you don't want to talk to a JW just tell them no thanks, and ask them to stop knocking on your door.

Or say you are Catholic.....

Deverethemuzzler Sat 07-Jun-14 16:58:41

I don't see the issue and I have a real problem with JW knocking on my door.

There are people who think that children shouldn't be taken to political events and protests or Pride etc.

But their parents want to bring them up with knowing about their beliefs and I have no problem with this. So I would be a hypocrite to object to JWs or anyone else doing similar.

People are not wheelchair bound btw

I had a WatchTower carrier (that's JW , I think? ) at my door with a very elderly lady ( when I say very elderly , I mean she looked 85-90. )

The elderly lady didn't speak, she looked exhausted.

OK you might say as an adult it was her choice but perhaps, like the child, there was no-one to care for them at home, so there was no option but to take them?

I did feel bad because my door opens outwards and sticks a bit. They were so close, I didn't see them behind the door and nearly sent her flying sad

Mrsantithetic Sat 07-Jun-14 17:10:09

I would be pissed off to open the door expecting them to be needing help or looking for someone to then be tied into being polite for the sake of the child

dawndonnaagain Sat 07-Jun-14 17:10:39

My dd comes on political marches etc with me. Is that a problem milli?

TiredCassandra Sat 07-Jun-14 17:11:06

Why do you say wheel chair "bound"? In my book a wheel chair is an aid, which can be used as and when and not something that I am bound to.

I would not like them coming with a child for reasons already stated, JW's get abuse and not right to subject children to that.

A parent of a disabled child has to care for that child the same as any other, and if they would bring another child then why not the disabled child?

exexpat Sat 07-Jun-14 17:11:47

The JWs round here sometimes send a couple of children to ring the doorbell while they wait out on the street - I think that is really manipulative.

If the adults came to my door I would just tell them very plainly that I don't believe in god and think the bible is a work of fiction, but somehow don't feel I can be quite so blunt with children who are stuck being brought up with all that nonsense.

TiredCassandra Sat 07-Jun-14 17:12:12

We are not in AIBU, so loose the YABU stuff, this is chat where you have a discussion not make a four letter judgement.

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Sat 07-Jun-14 17:17:46

I'd be miffed if a religious person turned up with a child in tow.

I really don't think religion is for children. Not at all. It's a grown up issue.

The wheelchair is neither here nor there. One child being dragged door to door to guilt peddle people is much the same as another...

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 07-Jun-14 17:18:12

We were out all day with a disabled child in tow.

Its called taking our child with us when we do stuff.

TiredCassandra Sat 07-Jun-14 17:22:01

Does anyone know where wheel chair bound came from? I heard a professional say it the other day and it annoyed me. Bound to a wheel chairs sounds so helpless. I think of a wheel chair as an aid. Sorry for the derail.

Nomama Sat 07-Jun-14 17:24:27

Ooh! Sounds Victorian, may have been literal... off to look...

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