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who bought a new cot mattress for a 2nd baby?

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Keenoonvino Fri 06-Jun-14 14:53:45

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby. My first will be 3 in a month. He has been sleeping in a cotbed since he was out of the moses basket and the cot was recently converted to a bed. When the new baby arrives I was planning to buy him a small toddler bed and then use the same cot he is now in for the new baby.

I've heard you have to buy a brand new mattress with each baby, but not sure exactly why. I know it's meant to reduce risk of SIDS, but can anyone explain why?

I don't want to risk anything, but how many people bought a brand new mattress for a 2nd or subsequent baby?

Itsfab Fri 06-Jun-14 14:56:23

We bought a new pram mattress for each baby (3) and a new cot mattress as well. iirc they were £90 each but they were non negotiables for us.

eltsihT Fri 06-Jun-14 14:56:31

I didn't but when ds 1 stopped using the cot (5months before ds2 was born) I made sure the mattress was stored in the spare bedroom and not in the loft or garage to avoid mould spores

crazykat Fri 06-Jun-14 14:58:04

I think it depends on the age of the mattress and what type.

I used the same mattress for ds1 and dd2 as it was a thick sprung mattress and ds had only used it for a year and there was no indent from where he'd laid on it.

If its a foam mattress or there's a an indent from where your ds has laid on it then I wouldn't use it again. If its a sprung one and there's no indent I'd use it.

If its a cotbed mattress an you're going to get your ds a toddler bed you'll need the same size mattress anyway so you could get a new mattress for the new baby and put the one you have on the toddler bed.

ThereIsIron Fri 06-Jun-14 14:58:42

Same mattress for all 3 (8 years between eldest & youngest)

Sparklingbrook Fri 06-Jun-14 14:58:56

DS1 was a very sicky baby. I got DS2 a new mattress when the time came as I thought it for the best.

I didn't, I did was eltsiht did. DD was out of it for about 4 months when DS went in it. Not sure if this is helpful but I noticed home bargains had a cot mattress in for £25 today, not sure if it's just in my local one but it might be worth a look if you want to change but are short of cash.

BikeRunSki Fri 06-Jun-14 15:00:33

I got a new mattress, buy only because we got a new cot. And that was because we gave the old one away / we weren't going to have another baby!

katandkits Fri 06-Jun-14 15:01:59

I personally think that if the mattress is not very old and has not been in storage it is fine to use again. Even more so if it has had a waterproof mattress protector on it the whole time. What I wouldn't do is use one that came from another family with a second hand cot. With a large age gap I would also buy new as the mattress would have been stored somewhere.

However a toddler bed is usually the same size as a cot bed. Put DSs cotbed mattress on the toddler bed and put the new toddler bed mattress inside the cot bed. Problem solved!

MargotLovedTom Fri 06-Jun-14 15:04:36

Nope. Ours was a very pricey mattress and got used for all three dc in succession.

Although tbf they were born close together so the second two didn't actually get to use it until they were at least one, so the risk of SIDS was reduced then anyway.

Keenoonvino Fri 06-Jun-14 15:07:47

Didn't think of the same mattress on toddler bed. That could be an option.... but now wondering whether to buy a toddler bed or a kid's single bed, as he's already 3 and worried he'll outgrow it too quickly...

The cot mattress has never been in storage, however our icandy pram bit has stored in our loft... perhaps it's more important I get a new base for that??

katandkits Fri 06-Jun-14 15:12:21

I would get a single bed. Toddler bed will be outgrown too quickly. I would replace the pram mattress if possible.

hugoagogo Fri 06-Jun-14 15:12:36

Yes, but it was visibly mouldy <bleugh>

If it hadn't been we might not have done.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Fri 06-Jun-14 15:15:21

#1 and 2 had the same mattress; we replaced it for #3+4, but there had been quite a bit of use by then!

TobyLerone Fri 06-Jun-14 15:15:51

I've bought new crib and cot mattresses for each baby. It wouldn't have crossed my mind not to.

mejon Fri 06-Jun-14 15:20:44

No. There's 4.5yrs between my two but we had a decent sprung mattress that had always had a waterproof cover on it so I had no worries about using it again. I also had an iCandy Apple pram and reused the carrycot mattress - it had a washable cover and the inner foam had never got wet so I did not see a problem.

3dolls Fri 06-Jun-14 15:24:00

i used the same one for all 3 over a 10yr span. it was a sprung one with a zipoff washable top and under that was a wipeable surface. it was stored in a warm dry place and had no stains/mould/mildew so i had no qualms about reusing. however when we passed the cot on to sil we disposed of the mattress.

WeeClype Fri 06-Jun-14 15:29:15

My DC 4 is using the same mattress that my 1st DC used.....but all have my DC's spent more time in our bed than in the cot so it was barely used.

bonzo77 Fri 06-Jun-14 15:37:23

Yes. New mattress. I'm a worrier. It was one less thing to worry about. And if the worst had happened, one less thing to blame myself for.

When DS2 arrived, we got DS1 a full size single and cheap mattress. Came to about £200 all in. He'll get a better mattress once bed wetting is well behind us he has a waterproof mattress protector but you know...). Didn't see the point in a toddler bed when we'd need a full
Size one eventually.

RoseberryTopping Fri 06-Jun-14 15:40:11

Expecting DC2 now and bought a new mattress even though the old one still has lots of support left. I didn't want to leave anything to chance. Everything else is 2nd hand but a mattress is v important IMO

MrsPear Fri 06-Jun-14 16:48:45

I bought new pram and crib mattresses. Cot bed was too expensive for us but ds2 was 11 months actual, 9 months corrected, before he slept in it plus I washed the cover and gave it a good airing even though it had not been stored.

HappyMedium Fri 06-Jun-14 18:53:50

my two used the same mattress, 2.8 years apart.

beccajoh Fri 06-Jun-14 19:02:00

Same mattress. 18 months between them.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 06-Jun-14 19:06:01

DD will be going into a single bed when the baby is six months old (and dd will be 3.6). New baby will go straight into the cotbed (with sides on) and same mattress the day after dd moves out of it.

Ive gone for a crib and mattress for dc2 as the moses basket was put in the loft and has been there for two years so im not happy to use that again.

Keenoonvino Sat 07-Jun-14 13:15:35

Hmmm...a mixture of people getting new ones and not...

But why do they say it can contribute to SIDS if you don't have a new one? Is it mainly to do with the way it's been stored and possibly having mould on it? Or is it the indent of a heavy body making the mattress lumpy??

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