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Eavesdropped by accident on mil...

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Mil has been looking after dd on Fridays for 2 months - prior to this dm did so to facilitate me working extra hour (for 10 months)

Called earlier to see if dd needed to take anything as weather forecast is quite good.

Mil rang off as her landline was ringing, but didn't gang up properly, and told her caller (dh's godmother) that she was sorry she took so long but was on the phone to ' that bloody Keith' because she has to have 'bloody dgd every Friday since her other dgm can't be bothered"

My dm has had cancer surgery fairly recently and Mil OFFERED. angry

She then said "the only good thing is Sheila, if he meets someone else he will be young enough hopefully to have some more....."

3yo Dd is a bit of a miracle - I was told in my 20's that cancer treatment had probably left me infertile. Dh is 12 years younger than me (as was fil to mil, and she had dh at 36!!?)

I hung up at that point. Before I go nuclear, is there any way I have misconstrued this horrible, not for my ears conversation.?

Sorry for typos. Have self medicated with wine as dh is working tonight and am so hurt. sad

HamAndPlaques Sun 08-Jun-14 16:24:22

well done, Keith. Sounds like you handled it well.

Sheila is shamefaced because you know that she was bitching about her DiL! Poor Simon.

diddl Sun 08-Jun-14 16:27:20

I'd have to tell her how disgusted I was with the comment about Ops mum, though.

And if Ops mum was off on a jolly, so what?

Mil didn't have to do childcare.

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